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Dan: 04-Dec-2020 09:23:00
The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. - John F. Kennedy

Dan: 13-Nov-2020 07:25:28
In Matthew 12:25 Jesus says: “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand."

Dan: 10-Nov-2020 09:30:35
"We can ignore reality, but we can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." MilwaukeeMark ZeroHedge

Dan: 20-Sep-2020 05:18:43
'Do you realize that a "No sex until you pass 4 semesters of Calculus Rule" would ensure civilization on this planet for the next million years, and colonization of nearby planets!" by Pete4Hegemon WND James Dobson Sex Ed article pushing teaching sexual abstinence in schools 2020-09-19. Brilliant, true, and very funny.

Dan: 06-Sep-2020 00:22:48
'Its(journalisms) core purpose, the only thing that really makes it matter or have worth, is reporting what is true, or at least what evidence reveals." Glenn Greenwald via The Inercept

Dan: 22-Aug-2020 08:34:44
"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. Men may not get all they pay for in this world; but they must pay for all they get." - Frederick Douglass

Dan: 15-Aug-2020 21:07:45
"I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." -John Bernard Books- The Shootist

Dan: 07-Aug-2020 17:03:38
A political observation: All voters lives matter regardless of their skin color.

Dan: 20-Jul-2020 01:26:41
"If you can't question it. It is not science." comment by New Darwin The Sordid History Of Science, Zero Hedge July 19, 2020

Dan: 18-Jul-2020 07:17:00
"the key component to civilization is civility and I don’t see much of that anymore." George Critch July 17 2020 Caitlan Johnstone .com comment.

Dan: 15-Jul-2020 08:35:45
Clearly "Black Lives Matter" isn't true for these phony marxist protesters when someone can accurately say this: "BLM (Burn/Loot/Murder) is into full bear-poking mode. Rule #2 is "DON'T POKE THAT EFFING BEAR!!!!" Zero Hedge 15-07-2020 NYT Chief Threat To Democracy; Eric Weinstein......

Dan: 14-Jul-2020 05:16:29
Only politicians placating criminals would vote to defund the police; giving criminals the power to take from the now defenseless their property and lives.

Dan: 11-Jul-2020 07:40:47
"The Safety Of All Lives Matter" Traffic sign in Melrose, Mass. The democratic mayor Paul Brodeur ordered it taken down.

Dan: 11-Jul-2020 05:34:22
Racism is when one skin color or defined group is given legal advantage over others. e.g. Affirmative action that takes away the need to compete on an equal basis. Entitlement based on skin color is like being a spoiled rich kid who thinks they hit a home run by being born on third base.

Dan: 11-Jul-2020 05:28:56
Equal justice for all means all lives matter equally.

Dan: 10-Jun-2020 21:38:31
"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." George Orwell

Dan: 01-Jun-2020 01:30:01
Use free reliable ad blockers too. AdBlock, uBlock Origin, and Ghostery free version is an unbeatable combination. by Moving and Grovving ZeroHege cpmment

Dan: 16-May-2020 11:51:46
"The police state and tyranny is brought to you by those willing to follow commands, regardless of the morality of the command. Tyrants can’t have power without people willing to enforce the tyranny. If there are no order followers, there are no orders." Mac Slavo SHTFfan.com

Dan: 11-May-2020 04:30:32
"Survive By Bringing Lying Leaders to Justice" The howto raises two questions: Identifying the tools establishments use like Peer Review, and Never Admitting I Am Wrong to No Penalties For JUDGES Who Violate Explicit Due Process. e.g. General Flynn and the FISA judges who knew they had been lied to. Un-elected lifetime judges get senile for a fact.

Dan: 11-May-2020 04:25:00
"Thus, in the interim, our best hope may be an ancient legal doctrine that extends back to Roman law in the sixth century. “Volenti non fit injuria” means “no wrong is done to one who consents,” and it became the solid foundation for what we know today as “assumption of risk.” The doctrine encapsulates the concept of personal responsibility and choice. Thus, any economic opening precisely requires not liability but choice." Zero Hedge by Jonathan Turley 2020-05-10

Dan: 08-May-2020 10:30:33
The only kinds of fights worth fighting are those you’re going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins. I. F. Stone

Dan: 24-Apr-2020 08:49:48
"When we wish to correct with advantage, and to show another that he errs, we must notice from what side he views the matter, for on that side it is usually true, and admit that truth to him, but reveal to him the side on which it is false. He is satisfied with that, for he sees that he was not mistaken, and that he only failed to see all sides. Now, no one is offended at not seeing everything; but one does not like to be mistaken, and that perhaps arises from the fact that man naturally cannot see everything, and that naturally he cannot err in the side he looks at, since the perceptions of our senses are always true." Pascal

Dan: 14-Apr-2020 10:22:56
"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." John Swinton, preeminent New York journalist, at a press banquet,1880

Dan: 18-Mar-2020 07:05:16
The question is stark. "Will we ACT to become civilized?": "Why would a free people endowed by our creator with unalienable rights tolerate our public servants, hired and elected, ever deliberately lying or negligently withholding relevant facts from us?" To allow them to do so is a choice. Clearly the voting majority of us has tolerated our public servants lying to us up to now. That can only mean most of you don't want to take on the duties required to create a real free civilization of equals before the law. Will we choose to stop public lies from leaders? Deeds speak, talks cheap. Dan Alter

Dan: 17-Mar-2020 10:15:30
" Money is supposed to measure the profit of a voluntary exchange between two actors with productive advantages in different goods or services." Tom Luengo---

Dan: 05-Mar-2020 09:57:51
Robert F. Kennedy, delivering an extemporaneous eulogy to Martin Luther King, Jr., the evening of April 4, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana, said, “Aeschylus wrote: ‘In our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.’”

Dan: 22-Feb-2020 09:22:48
Lets restate Planck's statement below as a question: " How do we now unconsciously and thus automatically organize our perceptions from the universe we live in?" Dan,.....Thus scientifically discovering and objectively showing how we we automatically organize our perceptions is the fundamental scientific discovery required to understand and explain how our universe works objectively using now visible causes and effects upon ourselves.

Dan: 22-Feb-2020 09:16:34
What Planck pointed out was that a scientist is common to all scientific assertions about the universe.

Dan: 22-Feb-2020 09:06:49
"In dealing with the structure of any science, a reciprocal inter-connection between epistemological judgements and judgements of value was found to arise, and that no science can be wholly disentangled from the personality of the scientists." Max Planck

Dan: 22-Feb-2020 07:04:04
Science is about making life better for all; scientists save lives, we don't take them.

Dan: 22-Feb-2020 07:01:18
“The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire” Robert A Heinlein

Dan: 09-Feb-2020 13:56:26
The First Amendment is not needed for flattering, agreeable speech, it protects criticisms, disagreements, insulting speech that expose BS.

Dan: 27-Jan-2020 05:32:38
" I would rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that cannot be questioned."- unknown

Dan: 16-Jan-2020 08:55:54
If we can find the strength to find a "why" to live, we can bear almost any "how".Nietzschee

Dan: 13-Jan-2020 11:12:38
iccolo Machiavelli truthfully said, “There is nothing more difficult, more perilous or more uncertain of success, than to take the lead in introducing a new order of things.”

Dan: 12-Jan-2020 10:20:00
" In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations." - Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Dan: 27-Dec-2019 15:48:26
Journalism is printing what someone else does not want primted: everything else is public relations. George Orwell

Dan: 23-Dec-2019 08:52:32
All true statements rest on one unalterable foundation, the facts contained therein or implied are accurate.

Dan: 30-Nov-2019 14:21:08
"If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment." - Ernest Rutherford

Dan: 29-Nov-2019 16:07:26
"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." Albert Einstein

Dan: 26-Nov-2019 10:08:40
The Truth is not Arbitrary or a Matter of Opinion, but can be Investigated, and Those who Earnestly Search for the Truth will Find It. The Truth is Hidden to the Blind, but he who has the Mental Eye Sees the Truth. - Buddha - The Three Personalities of Buddha, XCVIII

Dan: 24-Nov-2019 10:47:40
Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions. Thomas Paine

Dan: 24-Nov-2019 02:55:46
“Men will not accept truth at the hands of their enemies, and truth is seldom offered to them by their friends” John the 1st

Dan: 13-Nov-2019 01:09:56
“But goodness alone is never enough. A hard, cold wisdom is required for goodness to accomplish good. Goodness without wisdom always accomplishes evil.” – Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

Dan: 13-Nov-2019 01:09:15
“A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Dan: 17-Sep-2019 09:19:00
Critical thinking skills are used to seek truth by resolving objective disagreements over what is.

Dan: 10-Sep-2019 04:02:45
Scientific discovery uses what we do know to show us what we don't know. (Shorter and better Dan)

Dan: 08-Sep-2019 06:42:37
Scientific discovery is driven by what we don't know; we use what we do know to show us what we don't know.

Dan: 31-Aug-2019 11:41:19
" Science advances one funeral at a time." by Spandrell in Hong Kong article 8-30-19 Checkpoint Asia: In my case, I hope not.

Dan: 26-Aug-2019 06:17:44
A society that does not seek the truth is a society doomed to die.

Dan: 23-Aug-2019 10:20:22
When you do science you are always forced to look at yourself, and you always get the same answer; nobodies perfect.

Dan: 12-Aug-2019 07:40:03
"Life on Earth is based on carbon: No carbon, no life." jm64ZeroHedge comment to :The Tyranny Of The Socially Self-righteous.... ....." 8-11-2019

Dan: 06-Aug-2019 23:08:15
To teach, you must first teach yourself.

Dan: 04-Aug-2019 05:48:19
The world is too interconnected to leave any winner standing atop smoking ruins. All will fall, so figuring out how to get everyone health care and a social safety net including meaningful work might be a good idea unless you like having a stew pot in your future you being inside. Nothing is going to get solved with everyone going off in different directions. Unity and solidarity is needed or the future is barren and bleak. K-Dog, comment on Kuntslers "Things To Come"

Dan: 04-Aug-2019 05:38:05
“Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting.” John the 1st

Dan: 25-Jul-2019 07:49:18
Acting as God is doing love of us, one to one.

Dan: 07-Jun-2019 21:53:34
"Those who have failed to seek the truth have missed the purpose of living" Buddha

Dan: 13-May-2019 11:24:39
If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it. Marcus_Aurelius__

Dan: 13-May-2019 11:06:30
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. Marcus Aurelius

Dan: 06-May-2019 23:36:44
“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” ― Lord Acton

Dan: 30-Apr-2019 06:07:35
There is one action the tolerant can not tolerate, intolerance.

Dan: 24-Nov-2018 18:58:03
"They know things aren’t right, but to admit the truth would shatter their delusions and require them to act." by Jim Quinn of 'The Burning Platform' blog.

Dan: 20-Aug-2018 00:54:46
Freedom of speech means the freedom to disagree with anyone peacefully, privately or publicly.

Dan: 15-May-2018 23:53:53
"Societies are far gone in depravity when toleration is considered good in itself, without regard to the thing tolerated." A. K. Chesterton

Dan: 27-Mar-2018 12:37:27
MilwaukeeMark Tue, 03/27/2018 - 04:20 Zero Hedge: Experience has shown me, when lied to people are presented with the truth, they build a tsunami of anger and expletives and hurl it back towards those who are trying to expose the failure in their logic. Americans have successfully been Balkanized and getting through to those who have been lied to now is almost totally impossible; God knows I've tried. When reality finally arrives, it will be in the form of a mushroom cloud, or closed banks, or empty grocery store shelves, or as they are loaded onto rail cars. We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.'

Dan: 12-Feb-2018 05:39:00
Zerohedge comment by koan Sun, 02/11/2018 - 19:12 I'll sum up the article for you; "Think for yourself" and "Question authority". You may have heard of the Descartes proposition "I think therefore I am", but it was written out in a fuller form by Antoine Léonard Thomas. dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum or in English: "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am". Doubting makes all the difference in the World.

Dan: 23-Jan-2018 15:16:47
“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.” - Nietzsche

Dan: 21-Dec-2017 13:32:34
"questioning scientific hypotheses, even scientific theories, is what all scientists should do, if true science is to advance. That is why the Royal Society’s official motto is “Nullius in verba,” Latin for “Take nobody’s word for it.” Ironically, the Society rarely practices this approach when it comes to climate change." Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris

Dan: 13-Dec-2017 22:44:35
"The hardest thing to see is yourself."

Dan: 06-Dec-2017 19:45:43
"Seek truth and all else follows."

Dan: 03-Dec-2017 00:35:11
Back to Ishkabibble's observation that we are in fact 'one world', there is no outside unless we plan on exchanging with other E-T worlds. So the question is raised: What system of Laws do we live under? Obviously wars between nations would be prohibited. Clearly with only one worldwide market, just individuals exchange or groups of persons who freely associate to XC with anyone else worldwide. Wowsers!!! that means politicians are to protect the freedom for all free people to engage in uncoerced XC with other free people. i.e. protect the peace between us. Gee willikers, hmmm; it seems that duty has escaped at least American politicians hasn’t it? Whose fault is that in a purported democracy??? Peace between we citizens of Earth is a political choice. It is time we acted like grownups, don't you think???

Dan: 02-Dec-2017 13:24:35
"Russian Insider 12-01-17 Western politicians are like schoolyard nerds who, fearing the tough kid, huddle together to look bigger. Every Russian kid knows that seeking safety in numbers is a surefire sign of a scared wimp."

Dan: 02-Dec-2017 13:20:39
Russian Insider 12-01-17 "As for the EU it is “enjoying” a much-deserved irrelevance while being mostly busy absorbing wave after wave of society-destroying refugees proving, yet again, the truth of the saying that if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air."

Dan: 01-Dec-2017 17:58:01
Ishkabibble Nov 30, 2017 at 6:17 pm ALL of the individual national economies of the world must NOT depend upon exporting or importing stuff — whether that stuff is TVs or weapon systems or terrestrial resources or food. The logic of this recommendation is easier to understand if one thinks of the entire world as only ONE nation with only ONE SINGLE economy. Looking at the world in this way, if importing and exporting is vitally necessary for ANY economy (including the aforementioned macro-economy) to survive and thrive, to and from just exactly WHOM would this true macro-economy “export” and “import” — the people of Mars? No. This one-economy-world (the one we are actually living in right now) will at some point HAVE to figure out how to “go it alone”. NOT having accepted that this is necessary is IMO exactly why “the world” is going through what it is going through today. And this is why all of the individual national economies of the world should IMMEDIATELY, DELIBERATELY start “figuring out” and then implement the design of an economic system in which they “go it alone” while providing a decent standard of living for their citizens.

Dan: 12-Nov-2017 21:01:13
This quote says it well from "Do Disclosures of Atrocities Change Anything?" By ALEXANDER COCKBURN Counterpunch, July 31, 1010. twitchy questions such as that asked by The Nation’s Chris Hayes on the Rachel Maddow Show: “I wonder ultimately to whom WikiLeaks ends up being accountable.” The answer to that last question was given definitively in 1851 by Robert Lowe, editorial writer for the London Times. He had been instructed by his editor to refute the claim of a government minister that if the press hoped to share the influence of statesmen, it “must also share in the responsibilities of statesmen.” “The first duty of the press,” Lowe wrote, “is to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation… The Press lives by disclosures… For us, with whom publicity and truth are the air and light of existence, there can be no greater disgrace than to recoil from the frank and accurate disclosure of facts as they are. We are bound to tell the truth as we find it, without fear of consequences – to lend no convenient shelter to acts of injustice and oppression, but to consign them at once to the judgment of the world.”]. I can not say this better. We seek the truth as individuals and when enough of us do in public then we become a civilized society. I know it does not have to be a majority, but it must be at least a few percent of us; then the exemplars lead us all.

Dan: 16-Oct-2017 09:40:44
In thinking more on the following entry, only a quarter of the inner surface of a single twist M have a Bowtie Line; thus extending these lines to the outer side of the M surface equals half the sueface. So the question is "What pattern?" and "What amgles with the center point of the M?", and "which of these centerpoint lines extend to another point on M surface?": Dan: 22-Jul-2017 09:47:54 geometric discovery on Moebius Strips; a Moebius Geometry Theorem: All points on the inner surface of a Moebius have a Bow Tie Line. Inner surface = one can draw a straight line to the center of the Moebius. Passing through the center point is not required to generate a BTL.

Dan: 30-Aug-2017 05:33:09
Burning Betty Zero Hedge August 29, 2017: Time for that good ol' GDP joke: "Two Keynesian economists, John Maynard Keynes and Paul Krugman, were walking down the street one day when they passed two large piles of dog (edited). Keynes said to Krugman, "I'll pay you $20,000 to eat one of those piles of (edited)." Krugman agrees and chooses one of the piles and eats it. Keynes pays him his $20,000. Then Krugman, feeling richer, says, "I'll pay you $20,000 to eat the other pile of (edited)." Keynes, feeling bad about the money he lost says okay, and eats the (edited). Krugman pays him the $20,000. They resume walking down the street. After a while, Krugman says, "You know, I don't feel very good. We both have the same amount of money as when we started. The only difference is we've both eaten (edited)." Keynes says: "Ah, but you're ignoring the fact that we've increased the GDP by $40,000." And as someone stated as a comment to this joke; "That is really all you need to know about GDP… it's all dog(edited)."

Dan: 28-Aug-2017 12:27:52
a french writer remarked, American civilization has passe from barbarism to decadence without once knowing civilizatiom." ; Memoirs of a Superfluous Man

Dan: 28-Aug-2017 11:45:11
"A person engaged in mindless pursuit must always be in pursuit of mindlessness." ; That is my new second favourite quotation from Cognitive Dissonance, with this quote first: "The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled." ReturnOfDaMac' ;s picture

Dan: 20-Aug-2017 14:50:57
Francis Bacon: “Men prefer to believe what they prefer to be True.”

amir.bukhari: 26-Jul-2017 13:19:38
Very Happy Rolling Eyes

Dan: 22-Jul-2017 21:47:54
geometric discovery on Moebius Strips; a Moebius Geometry Theorem: All points on the inner surface of a Moebius have a Bow Tie Line. Inner surface = one can draw a straight line to the center of the Moebius. Passing through the center point is not required to generate a BTL.

Dan: 28-Jun-2017 10:07:29
I have thought long on Hammer's proposal. We need to start with a clean slate, but only after we set example as "Hammer of Justice" demands. We can't punish all of our leaders who have done crimes, but we must set swift ruthless examples with the worst. Once this is done, then we can actually begin with a clean slate. This means we must do a general amnesty. How is simple. We have to politically agree to start No First Cost politically everywhere on Earth. This amnesty coupled with actually practicing No First Cost will stop the tit for tat cycle we are presently on. "Forgive us our trspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"..................."Hammer of Light Jun 27, 2017 4:54 PM Either Trump gets this one right on the right side of life or Trump is history.......... It is his alone to keep the peace here in the US and let peace breakout across the world to give everyone on earth time to heal. The US is absolutely in an Illegal war, ........ all our leaders who have supported these illegal wars must be brought to justice so they may be tried and executed following sentencing. It's time to go to the Hague and petition to open a line of communication to begin war crimes against humanity starting with the leadership of the UK - Israel and the United States... Not to worry Saudi Arabia... we won't leave you out of this! We the People have had enough of this insanity. It's time to start cutting the head off the snake.".

Dan: 19-Jun-2017 11:58:49
Consciousness chooses and God is the higher consciousness and prunes his garden. We judge ourselves by choosing NOT to judge ourselves.

Dan: 19-Jun-2017 11:52:49
The physical universe, Planck argued, "is an objective entity existing independently of man; the observer and the observed are not intimately coupled, as Bohr and his school would have it." Max Planck

Dan: 19-Jun-2017 11:34:38
“I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Max Planck

Dan: 23-May-2017 09:40:51
"Courage is doing what you are afraid to do." Edciie Rickenbacker

Dan: 14-Apr-2017 10:24:59
"There is but one straight course and that is to seek the truth and pursue it steadily." George Washington

Dan: 12-Feb-2017 00:16:54
The philosophy of freedom = liberalism as originally defined is: Liberty and justice for all, above all. Our governments fundamental job is to protect freedom, not tell us what to do or what not to say or how to say it. - Dan Alter

Dan: 08-Feb-2017 10:05:57
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman

Dan: 11-Jan-2017 16:15:31
Are we a noble people who seek truth?

Dan: 18-Oct-2016 11:58:58
Chris Chuba, consortium news 10-18-16 God isn’t on our side. Pride comes before a fall. “A troublemaker and a villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth,…who plots evil with deceit in his heart – he always stirs up conflict. Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant; he will suddenly be destroyed—withou t remedy.” Prov 6:12. I don’t think that it is a stretch to say that the Foreign Policy establishment(USA) has prevailed on us to do all of these things.

Dan: 09-Sep-2016 09:05:43
From ZeroHedge, THE NEW CHICAGO SKYLINE comment by WestVillageIdiot Sep 8, 2016 5:10 PM "My years on this planet have taught me that the vast majority of people who feel they have been held back in life can locate their number one oppressor simply by finding a mirror. I realize, at this point in life, that nobody has done more to hold me back than ME."

Dan: 13-Aug-2016 13:41:54
Zero Hedge; Son of Loki bamawatson Aug 12, 2016 11:28 PM " Es würde viel weniger Böses auf Erden geben, wenn das Böse niemals im Namen des Guten getan werden könnte. There would be much less evil on earth , when evil could never be done in the name of good."

Dan: 10-Aug-2016 10:36:50
Most major news media reporters are lazy and thus corrupt, so they do not work to seek the truth by challenging misstatements and they ignore anything that discomfits their political biases. In short, fools for showing us by their public deeds they are paid for liars.

Dan: 17-Apr-2016 18:47:54
The path to objective scientific truth requires answering dissent in public. It takes at least two of us to create an objective fact because we have to agree we perceive or measure the same thing. Science is even harder, as any of us have to be able to potentially confirm or disprove a scientific conclusion like e = mc^ or the Beer/Lambert Law.

Dan: 06-Apr-2016 09:42:25
It is a moral question we(I) face. Comment from Clusterf--k nation " amb April 4, 2016 at 11:28 am "The majority of people don’t get that this American political and governmental system is tainted and corrupt beyond repair. It has grown and festered over decades like a cancerous malignancy that is impossible to cure. Only a major crisis and a full reset would give us the opportunity to take a new path and build a better system. Although it could be a dysfunctional path—since it is common for people to NOT learn from their mistakes and repeat history, or at least rhyme with history as Mark Twain so eloquently stated. A great American philosopher made some cogent statements. To paraphrase: “The public will always elect their executioner.” “The resolution of civilization, society, government, politics, etc. depends solely on the resolution of the human mind.” To me, it is truly a spiritual and or mental solution that is required. Why has every empire disappeared into the annals of history? Because of a lack of personal ethics, and a plethora of immorality, greed, self-interest, differentiation and so on. These are the “viruses” that have reared their ugly heads and destroyed man’s creations throughout history. And we are in that process again with the great experiment (the USA). It is all about human behaviour. The human mind. Until man understands himself and has the tools to cure himself of his weaknesses we are doomed to repeat history. This to me is the basics of all basics.". We can not politically cooperate to disconnect our A-M debt unless we become moral. Only dire necessity, death for most of us first, would make that possible and a surviving N1CL. God demands truth from us and we are not a civilization of truth seekers. Only honestly using a public way to resolve disagreements on what any of us say to all will allow us to survive. 5.5 million hits without a question or comment from a stranger. Wowsers, you are such cowards.

Dan: 05-Dec-2015 06:45:21
Liberty is a moral question. Answering it requires we publicly agree on the necessary Do's and Dont's that freedom for all requires. Dan Alter

Dan: 05-Dec-2015 06:42:44
There is only one essential component of all truthful statements, the facts contained or implied therin are accurate. Dan Alter

Dan: 27-Nov-2015 00:05:16
There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily. George Washington

Dan: 13-Jul-2015 06:27:57
OC Sure Zero Hedge comment 07/12/2015 "America We Have A Problem" The system is only "debt based" because there is a monopoly on the "monetary" system. This has everything to do with capitalism. If this were a capitalist system then the monopoly would not exist and, yes, institutions would fail. You are correct in this respect but for the wrong reason. The essence of capitalism versus all the other *isms is its moral premise. The counterfeiting system is only possible because of the use of force by the "government" i.e., the monopoly. That civilization flourishes under capitalism and the end result is that there is the highest abundance of values produced is only a bonus. It is not the economics that determines capitalism, or any other *ism. It is the use of voluntary exchange versus the use of force which determines the former and latter respectively. Again and as always, capitalism is a moral issue (that is, what are individual rights?) and the positive economics is just icing on the cake!

Dan: 02-Jun-2015 10:17:12
Man can never be a woman's equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her. Mahatma Gandhi

Dan: 02-Jun-2015 10:08:22
"Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality." Mahatma Gandhi

Dan: 24-May-2015 06:51:49
"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." Helen Keller

Dan: 15-Mar-2015 19:49:40
"I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act." Buddha

Dan: 05-Mar-2015 18:56:46
Something most americans don't seem to realize, partly why we let our leaders lie to us. "To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race." Calvin Coolidge

Dan: 08-Jan-2015 12:10:34
Doing real FTL star ship travel depends on redefining how we use zero in an Moebius geometry universe. Once you see its fundamental relationship with matter then what variables you must control become self-evident making building a FTL ship possible with present technology. Patentable of course. Who wants a ride off this rock? We can build a Noah's Ark simultaneously with ships needed for disconnection.

Dan: 05-Jan-2015 23:13:33
Admitting we have a conservation debt in public has always been a moral question. Does original sin exist? It turns out it does for life forms to exist.

Dan: 29-Dec-2014 03:00:09
To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. -Voltaire

Dan: 23-Dec-2014 22:53:28
What is the E-T's agenda? Natural law says as life forms they are to promote life, yet they only give us the minimal warning that Earth will be vaporized? Since FTL travel is required to prevent, giving us FTL in our present rapacious state of non-civilization would be unwise for them. So they are saving our genes, what they can, and waiting for us to grow up. Growing up means politically, publicly forcing our politicians to cooperate in public, admit to us they have been doing secret business with E-Ts, and then select a leader to ask the E-Ts nicely for their help preventing our Sun explosion. Boy asking the USA's sociopathic leaders to give up being murderous, torturing, thieving war lovers is asking a lot especially since they have been doing business big time with the E-Ts. Maybe they think they have a ride off this rock. Our leaders are supposed to work for all of us. The people can force the political solution required. Developing FTL navigation and technology ourselves in time is problematical. So the E-Ts agenda is pray we grow up and ask for help in time. The only way we can organize this over the, I hope not certain resistance of our leaders, is use the N1CL. They can not block it.

Dan: 16-Dec-2014 11:27:57
Man I am slow witted, the Earth has to lie on the straight line between asteroid conjunction in Missing Earth crop circle and what actual center of Sun would be on the date when Earth will be vaporized as shown in Missing Earth. Note that line will also cross the center edge of circle representing the Sun that is pushed closest to Mercury's orbit in Missing Earth crop/clock circle. I am putting my money on July 16, 2024 with July 17, 2021 being my second choice. Obvious after you see how clearly and simply they showed us with the conjunction when M debt will arrive on Earth's orbit. Redshift 5 will clear this up. Using Redshift 5 showed me why I did not see that the conjunction and Earth generated a straight line to center of Sun on arrival date of A-M debt. Because the picture of ME was taken from an angle from above, this angle caused strong foreshortening causing the Earth to look like it was not in line with conjunction. I imagine we have a computer program to fix foreshortening and show that conjunction and Earth generate a straight line to center of Sun.

Dan: 02-Nov-2014 15:04:02
The essence of macro economic analysis: Abraham Lincoln "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.&quo t;.

Dan: 02-Nov-2014 14:58:25
Abraham Lincoln "Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose - and you allow him to make war at pleasure."

Dan: 31-Oct-2014 07:09:41
"If there is any presumption it is... against the holders of power, increasing, as the power increases!.... Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men (and nations) are almost always bad men (and nations), even when they exercise influence and not authority" - Historical baddass, Lord Acton The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks. Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity. The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern. There is no error so monstrous that it fails to find defenders among the ablest men. There is not a more perilous or immoral habit of mind than the sanctifying of success. The strong man with the dagger is followed by the weak man with the sponge. Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought.

Dan: 20-Oct-2014 06:44:54
It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear. Douglas MacArthur

Dan: 03-Oct-2014 21:57:34
I finally figured out the inverse relationship between mass and the distance it takes G to go instantaneous. i.e. At a h unit of mass G is propagated instantly to all other masses in universe, and as Mass increases then the distance to instantaneous increases predictably until it reaches one Edge Width. EW can be deduced for any generation of M starting from an initial M diameter of h.

Dan: 09-Sep-2014 08:02:15
We can envision some Wallace type character leading the charge in self sacrifice, but the reality is that all we require is the sacrifice to unity for a common cause. Can it happen? I doubt it". Oldwood zero hedge 9-9-14.

Dan: 08-Sep-2014 06:40:06
"Between the moments there is an interlude." Kathleen Wacker 9-1-14 i.e. zero has two sides/ends like all units. Thus all points on inner surface of zero sphere become possible. Units/moments in any coordinate system have a start end = closer to zero and a second or ending end.Zero in a coordinate system is where direction can change in less than Planck's Constant. (h).

Dan: 12-Aug-2014 07:02:03
"Art has a double face, of expression and illusion, just like science has a double face: the reality of error and the phantom of truth." Publilius Syrus

Dan: 23-May-2014 02:30:22
“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. – J Robert Oppenheimer.

Dan: 23-Apr-2014 23:06:26
Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Dan: 15-Apr-2014 06:36:41
We must say that there are as many squares as there are numbers. Galileo Galilei, Itis just that by inspection there are more whole numbers that are not squares than are. A Godelian result.

Dan: 15-Apr-2014 06:32:06
Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so. Galileo Galilei

Dan: 13-Mar-2014 05:54:08
"The more the laws the more corrupt the nation" -- Tacitus

Dan: 22-Feb-2014 09:17:21
“In so far as a scientific statement speaks about reality, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality.” Karl Popper

Dan: 10-Jan-2014 00:08:28
Since 1998, more than 31,000 American scientists from diverse climate-related disciplines, including more than 9,000 with Ph.D.s, have signed a public petition announcing their belief that “…there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” Included are atmospheric physicists, botanists, geologists, oceanographers, and meteorologists." http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2013/12/03/yes-the-overheated-climate-crisis-debate-is-settled-so-chill-out-and-relax/2/

Dan: 07-Jan-2014 01:19:45
"ANOMALOUS GRAVITATIONAL FORCE A discussion of this phenomenon appears in the 4 October 1999 issue of Newsweek magazine (See also the December 1998 issue of Scientific American.) The mystery of the tiny acceleration towards the sun in the motion of the Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11 and Ulysses spacecraft remains unexplained as of 2006. A team of planetary scientists and physicists led by John Anderson (Pioneer 10 Principal Investigator for Celestial Mechanics) has identified a tiny unexplained acceleration towards the sun in the motion of the Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, and Ulysses spacecraft. The anomalous acceleration - about 10 billion times smaller than the acceleration we feel from Earth's gravitational pull - was identified after detailed analyses of radio data from the spacecraft. A variety of possible causes were considered including: perturbations from the gravitational attraction of planets and smaller bodies in the solar system; radiation pressure, the tiny transfer of momentum when photons impact the spacecraft; general relativity; interactions between the solar wind and the spacecraft; possible corruption to the radio Doppler data; wobbles and other changes in Earth's rotation; outgassing or thermal radiation from the spacecraft; and the possible influence of non-ordinary or dark matter. After exhausting the list of explanations deemed most plausible, the researchers examined possible modification to the force of gravity as explained by Newton's law with the sun being the dominant gravitational force. "Clearly, more analysis, observation, and theoretical work are called for," the researchers concluded. The scientists expect the explanation when found will involve conventional physics. An article in http://www.space.c om/scienceastronom y/mystery_monday_0 41018.html discusses the current thinking on the acceleration anomaly." from this URL http://www.nasa.go v/centers/ames/mis sions/archive/pion eer.html#.UsqyLRDH Igo

Dan: 21-Dec-2013 08:15:05
A prime purpose of the List is to prevent missing data with a permanent public record; http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/12/20/the-vast-majority-of-raw-data-from-old-scientific-studies-may-now-be-missing/

Dan: 21-Dec-2013 08:06:30
Steve Oregon says in Watts Up With That: December 20, 2013 at 7:06 pm “Greg Laden appears to be expressing a belief, not knowledge, which is a common trait among global warming alarmists.” Dear Mr Laden, You’ve been “Peer Reviewed” It’s a new day fella. You need to be more careful . If you and your brethren are going to express yourselves you better consider how little control you have over who checks your work for accuracy. If you can’t back it better keep it to yourselves. Otherwise it ends up in the light of day and “Peer Reviewed” by people who have no allegiance to you. Now I am certain your lofty selves scoff at the notion of non-distinguished people critiquing your opinions and work but you could just tell the truth if you try harder.

Dan: 11-Dec-2013 09:42:08
"Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better." John Updike

Dan: 02-Dec-2013 21:49:19
"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." Galileo Galilei

Dan: 02-Dec-2013 21:48:03
"Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not." Galileo Galilei

Dan: 21-Nov-2013 07:15:51
"If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it." Marcus Aurelius

Dan: 28-Sep-2013 02:14:50
Our civilization is defined by the dichotomy between these two statements. The high academic scientist/teacher who asked not to be named said, ""You, sir, have an obligation to demonstrate that your ideas are worthy of consideration in the public domain by submitting them to the peer reviewed scientific literature. If they are accepted and published, then we have the basis of a discussion. This is in fact the way of science.". In short a self selected group of insiders can censor and block who criticizes their work. Real science rests on open public criticism. This statement shows how our present 3MS scientific establishment is blocking us from preventing this confirmed "objective" date certain prediction from the bible; "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?" 2 Peter 3:10-12 (KJV):: I can scientifically prove that this event is near and I know how we may be able to stop it. We judge ourselves. God,the universe, whatever, has given us the minimal chance to save Earth. What follows on the N1CL is the best "objective" description I can make in twenty one years from unexpectedly being shown this event was soon. It is no longer a thief in the night. Are you, are we going to rise to the challenge?

Dan: 20-Sep-2013 21:27:58
"He who allows oppression shares the crime." Desiderius Erasmus

Dan: 07-Sep-2013 06:49:39
"Too much mercy... often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent victims who need not have been victims if justice had been put first and mercy second." Agatha Christie

Dan: 26-Aug-2013 02:11:25
Akarc zero hedge 3-26-13: Vigilance, accountability and retribution. Without such constraints the kleptocrats will never stop and we will continue to pay for their bonuses.

Dan: 25-Aug-2013 06:51:59
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." MLK

Dan: 16-Aug-2013 07:18:02
Neat bible quote, never read it before. "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?" 2 Peter 3:10-12 (KJV)

Dan: 11-Aug-2013 08:19:53
"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." Winston Churchill

Dan: 11-Aug-2013 08:18:43
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

Dan: 30-Jul-2013 15:55:00
The value for c the speed of light, is a fundamental property of any Moebius Strip universe, and can be directly determined in h units(Planck' s constant) from a geometric relationship expressed as an equation c = (its simple once you know the relevant geometric relationships). Combine this equation with the tests confirming the relationship of G to mass and one can immediately write the base navigation equation for FTL. Interplanetary FTL becomes fast to do, relatively cheap, and useful. I wonder if that would be valuable????

Dan: 22-Jul-2013 03:23:42
"Prejudice is a learned trait. You're not born prejudiced; you're taught it." Charles R. Swindoll

Dan: 20-Jun-2013 03:03:34
Subject line 3rd email, "Solar Tidal Bulge arrival times will show Gravity propagates Faster Than Light(FTL)."

Dan: 18-Jun-2013 21:33:48
Sent second email to Lisa Randall left phone message again with aide, Kevin Herwig Jefferson 457 (617) 384-9345. I went through Dept secretary next to reach Mr. Herwig, she asked me "who should I say is calling?" I gave my name and got answering machine again. It looks like a 3MS in action, I am not to be heard. May I be wrong.

Dan: 23-May-2013 06:14:58
John Adams put it this way: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Dan: 17-May-2013 05:49:36
Figured out the distance to instant G for our generation of Moebius universe. Once seen it is obvious. A must be so. It is all just geometry. I flash on why and how anti-gravity and FTL, patentable of course. For now the distance number will remain x. You figure it out, since once I know it then the log function that describes G speed increasing to instant is defined.

Dan: 14-May-2013 15:53:28
"Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin; to say that you are weak, or others are weak." Swami Vivekananda

Dan: 30-Apr-2013 08:53:05
Stanton Friedman, who has two degrees in physics, said: “If there were something announced, say by the pope and the Queen, what would happen? Young people would see themselves as Terrans and would lose their allegiance to nations. No government could allow that.”

Dan: 24-Apr-2013 08:50:19
How the people have forfeited their duty to govern themselves.

Dan: 16-Apr-2013 01:47:41
"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

Dan: 15-Apr-2013 10:34:54
Rob JM says: April 14, 2013 at 4:33 pm Easterbrook uses an incorrect argument in his reply though. Increasing CO2 has very little warming effect not because there is so little of it, but because there is so much of it that it already absorbs most of the energy available, ie its close to saturation. The first 30ppm absorbs 50% of the radiation, then each doubling absorbs half of the remainder as per the beer lambert equation. Of course the IPCC claims each doubling causes the same forcing because some idiot doesn’t know the difference between absorption and absorbance!

Dan: 15-Apr-2013 07:10:37
As soon as I get asked a question by a stranger, it will be said well enough.

Dan: 12-Apr-2013 21:02:47
H.L. Mencken warned us “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

Dan: 12-Apr-2013 14:01:58
runningman18 Zero Hedge, 4-12-13 "Prains, you have confused collectivism with COMMUNITY. They are not the same thing. Collectivism subsumes the individual and turns him into a piece of the machine. Community respects the liberty of the individual and thrives through voluntary action. Collectivism solves nothing. Community solves everything. Sadly, there are many ignorant people out there who cannot tell the difference between these two ways of living, which is why we are in so much trouble today."

Dan: 10-Apr-2013 01:29:10
"No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings." Peter Drucker

Dan: 06-Apr-2013 08:14:24
"The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it." H L Menchen

Dan: 06-Apr-2013 07:27:31
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Marcus Aurelius

Dan: 05-Apr-2013 23:13:33
Eg. It is the volume between the sides of surface that defines it. Equation is an identity, e.g. e = mc^, since volume vaies as surface area expands to Max Surface Area = 2D^ Phi, as Edge Width is about 1/20,000 MSA at maximum, then that constant, i.e. EW is the clue.

Dan: 02-Apr-2013 04:13:56
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once." Albert Einstein

Dan: 02-Apr-2013 04:12:07
"I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone." Audrey Hepburn

Dan: 27-Mar-2013 10:56:49
Akarc zero hedge 3-26-13: Vigilance, accountability and retribution. Without such constraints the kleptocrats will never stop and we will continue to pay for their bonuses.

Dan: 03-Mar-2013 11:20:59
The warmists are the key, they are so earnest and sure of themselves in the face of overwhelming data falsifying their predictions which shows they don't understand what causes what in Earth's climate. None of us do now, but you sure can put up some odds on warmer or colder. I think I know why. They believe deep deep down they are doing good. They are saving Earth; thus they are entitled to ignore all counter data. Thus those who disagree with them are bad and by inference anything you say, especially showing data that shows their predictions are wrong = your bad= crazy = greedy. Doing real good, doing science actually requires a ruthless search for the truth, Data speaks, not your exalted belief you can do no wrong because you are "for the good" in your imagination.

Dan: 28-Feb-2013 06:39:22
On advertizing without being full member, we have advertizing Q&A forum, N1CL gets paid per click through and you agree to answer questions from anyone about just what you advertize.

Dan: 24-Feb-2013 03:03:15
We don't have the time to pamper our egos, we get honest about the facts that show us wrong, or it will be our funeral.

Dan: 24-Feb-2013 03:00:00
Max Planck “Truth never triumphs — its opponents just die out. Science advances one funeral at a time.”

Dan: 22-Feb-2013 11:24:38
Def. of Capitilism = a free society: Author Profile Page mistified replied to comment from SCyankee | February 18, 2013 3:05 PM | Reply " Capitalism is, always has been and always will be ruthless, brutal and lacking any altruism by its nature." What a load of rubbish. The following definition of capitalism is from wiki. "Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of capital goods and the means of production, with the creation of goods and services for profit." For one, capitalism by its very definition, cannot exist within a dictatorial form of government. That fact, in and of itself, gives credence to the validity of capitalism. The definition of capitalism does not suggest that those practicing it may not be rogues, thieves or scoundrels but these are certainly not requirements. A person who makes an item or provides a service for others will not do so unless there is a profit at the end of the finish line. For you not to agree with their expectation of a profit is your problem not theirs. You are more than welcome to give away any damn thing you wish. But to label their expectation of a profit as "ruthless, brutal and lacking in any form of altruism" is moronically myopic.

Dan: 21-Feb-2013 05:12:31
Our sworn leaders are grifters, especially our two main political party leaders: "grift (gr ft) Slang. n. 1. Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle. 2. A swindle or confidence game. v. grift·ed, grift·ing, grifts. v.intr. To engage in swindling ...". We need to clean house and put these criminals in jail or the ideal of Liberty and Justice for All is dead in the USA.

Dan: 14-Feb-2013 00:42:47
Q&A fix and upgrade should be done soon.

Dan: 05-Feb-2013 11:57:11
"Truth uncompromisingly told will always have its ragged edges." Herman Melville

Dan: 05-Feb-2013 11:51:21
"Justice is rather the activity of truth, than a virtue in itself. Truth tells us what is due to others, and justice renders that due. Injustice is acting a lie." Horace Walpole

Dan: 22-Jan-2013 11:16:35
"Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.", "What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man." Robert Green Ingersoll

Dan: 14-Jan-2013 10:30:53
"Corruption is just the direct result of a society whose morality has been removed." From the The Immorality Crisis not lack of Transparency caused the Financial Collapse By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | DECEMBER 5, 2012.

Dan: 12-Jan-2013 13:57:50
"A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts.", "No one can be happy who has been thrust outside the pale of truth. And there are two ways that one can be removed from this realm: by lying, or by being lied to." Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Dan: 01-Jan-2013 11:28:32
Quotes by Galileo Galilei, "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. Galileo Galilei", "Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.", "It vexes me when they would constrain science by the authority of the Scriptures, and yet do not consider themselves bound to answer reason and experiment. ", "Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not.", "In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.". In short, Show and tell, and let the chips fall where they may. Only the objective truth can enable Earth and Homo Sapiens to survive. .

Dan: 26-Dec-2012 22:46:42
Good tidings to all, may our awakening be as gentle as possible. May it be soon, as I am not getting any younger.

Dan: 11-Dec-2012 23:38:53
A review of how we got here. That must be personal, only a relative few(million or two) know of this prediction. Yet I know it is spreading, people I told years ago are starting to ask in ways that show they are going to the site. Persistence wins the day. It feels so strange to not be pushing. Until I did know for sure the date shown us by the E-Ts I could not rest. Now letting up feels like someone stopped pushing back and you fall on your face. All kinds of details come clear, from parts of a Moebius geometry to starting to see why not a single question or comment from a stranger about this prediction. A fact that still stuns my wife and I, but it also means my conclusions are mine alone. As a scientist, no feedback feels very not nice, but you learn to trust the data, trust yourself knowing in the end facts speak. So at last I stop to take stock, to look at my actions with no time pressure but 2024 and staying healthy til then. I give thanks for the time my rush into 2012 gave us, gives me, to change our perceptions. Now I go to sleep and dream on what to do next and realize that the rest of you will wake up. Then you will try to rush me. Fat chance. We have the time, to take the time, to do this right the first time. We won't get a second chance.

Dan: 29-Nov-2012 23:26:51
Finally figured out why Edge Width(EW) between two sides of Moebius surface relates to phi = .618. = its ratio to Maximum surface area(MSA) of a Moebius(MSA = 2Diameter^Phi + EW)

Dan: 15-Nov-2012 01:13:49
I can see how our Moebius geometry spirits must intersect with matter on the base universe Moebius surface to make our life forms move about = anti-entropically. I have all the pieces of our base GUT equation now. all I need to do is keep jiggling until I see how it generates self-awareness. After all God must be self-aware.

Dan: 08-Nov-2012 00:44:24
Planck's constant h is the key. The first Moebius has to have it as its base measure. That must be its radius. since a M is a circle based geometry, then 2pih = 2piradius. Hence all subsequent measurements and ratios of all sub divisions of our initial m will reflect 2pih. Ergo, we can deduce why c is 300,000 kms and what the width between the two sides of the surface of our present M universe by determining what it's generation number is. I suspect over 100. Determining why c = 300,000 kms will determine generation number.

Dan: 21-Oct-2012 00:59:26
I have figured out the basic objective ratio that links h to c. The speed of light and Polankk's constant must be related at the base of any GUT that ultimately uses c to make all its comparisons with.

Dan: 12-Oct-2012 09:03:03
"Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself." Havelock Ellis

Dan: 11-Oct-2012 00:57:06
Another test has occurred to me. It ijnvolves the distance between the two sides of a Moebius surface = edge width(EW). .The EW goes up in a Fibonacci sequence at each doubling/replicati on by division of a Moebius. Given that h Planck's Constant was the original EW, then our present universes EW and c the speed of light are directly related by the formula Max Surface Area of M/EW in h length units should = c.

Dan: 04-Oct-2012 11:21:32
"In the beginning, ....."; that's what the equation describes, by showing how we expand from one to many by cycling through a basic process fed by splitting matter repeatedly. What holds and reassembles this split matter is Gravity, our conservation force, so we can split it over and over again, ad infinitum.

Dan: 29-Sep-2012 20:51:00
I can see basic three step process base GUT eq. describes. Expansion requires an input because effect demands a cause. So how expand and still maintain conservation. Now I see how. As usual simple after you finally see it.

Dan: 17-Sep-2012 09:01:41
Gravity is the only objectively observed force common to all mass, thus it must be the conservation force. Since conservation implies that all e = mc^ reactions be balanced instantaneously, confirmed by entanglement, then a universal simultaneous NOW must exist. = G moves instantaneously. Simple experiments can confirm G moves FTL. If G moves FTL, then so can we.

Dan: 09-Sep-2012 07:33:11
Gravity is the key, our physicists have not measured it. If Newton was right and I think he was, then it moves instantaneously = entanglement speeds between the two sides of our Moebius geometry universe. This solves some discrepancies in General Relativity.

Dan: 31-Aug-2012 22:52:47
"Integrity means admitting when you are wrong about something." From a comment by Bwakfat Fowl on a news story.

Dan: 30-Aug-2012 02:08:41
Been thinking of changing forum software, but in process of looking around I maybe found a way to keep dragonfly. In writing what list does I came up with some ways to change layout and start public confrontations.

Dan: 17-Aug-2012 19:07:04
FTL depends on two things: First deducing a coordinate system for describing where you are on the surface of a Moebius geometry universe; and second, knowing what objective dimension to manipulate so as to simulate going zero with respect to the speed of light denoted as c.

Dan: 15-Aug-2012 13:03:23
The N1CL is the "Public interface for identifying scientific and other disagreements."

Dan: 24-Jul-2012 20:23:32
John Kenneth Galbraith: "The modern Conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."

Dan: 11-Jul-2012 23:20:54
do we get a summation circle on July 16th. So far very few if any E-T made circles. Especially this month.

Dan: 11-Jul-2012 10:40:17
Good news, I finally figured out the two objective date/time measurements I could not explain in the Missing Earth crop circle. 1. Why placed down on June 26, 1995 and 2. Why the July 17, 2003 date shown by the positions of the remaining three planets? It reveals the basic logical structure of this language and how they tie objective measurements into a common geometric language rational life forms can easily understand. It is essentially analogue, by consciously translating perceptions into objective measured descriptions we each can verify for ourselves.

Dan: 09-Jul-2012 12:17:27
"If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us." Francis Bacon

Dan: 01-Jul-2012 03:56:21
We are fried unless the E-Ts lied. Never could figure out why they the E-Ts would misrepresent the date, but I don't know all that bears on what they decide to do.

Dan: 26-Jun-2012 11:05:09
There is one last possibility for a summation crop circle, on the anniversary date of the Missing Earth circle, June 26th, today. That would give us barely enough time to organize a lie down by all of us for an hour. maybe even one practice session. No see it, can only mean the E-Ts are letting us die. Given the response to my warnings, its hard not to understand that decision. We'll see.

Dan: 20-Jun-2012 10:36:24
Basic questions must have simple answers.

Dan: 20-Jun-2012 03:24:03
The entire astrophysics/astro nomy department and Penn state astronomy department received email today requesting they check out asteroid conjunction in Missing Earth and Anti-Matter particles in cosmic Rays. At least 150 scientists. This will be my last warning sent out. Thinking is not our strong suit. In hindsight, I don't know how much more I could do. I didn't figure out enough of the details soon enough. But then none of you want to look. Don't blame you. It is what it is, we are what we are.

Dan: 16-Jun-2012 20:53:27
Demosthenes, "No man who is not willing to help himself has any right to apply to his friends, or to the gods. ".

Dan: 11-Jun-2012 19:27:55
Insted o "Just another doomsday prediction" this is a "Stop Doomsday Prediction".

Dan: 10-Jun-2012 03:50:23
Castaneda said Don Juan and other seers saw that our energy bodies, our shells penetrated into the ground like a sail boats keel unlike other species.. That makes sense when we are connected to our A-M debt with our spirit. The other end goes up into the sky,, "the silver cord". Maybe we don't have to get over half the multi-cellular spc ies to die, just half plus of us. We can simulate death be lying down and not moving for an hour all of us at the same time. This was my first idea for a disconnection, but I thought we had to get half of all multi-cellular spcies and could not figure out how. Possible, can we prove in such a short time. We could have "seers or claivoyants" verify and see if other long lived species like elephants or whales or dolphins share the 'keel' characteristic.

Dan: 07-Jun-2012 20:00:42
"Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world." Robert Kennedy

Dan: 04-Jun-2012 13:53:25
"my" what a difference one word makes. "my" public record, not 'the public record'. Now members can comment on others N1CL public record to make suggestions, comments, etc without answerinf questions. This opens up everything to public discussion with Questions reserved for the unresolved by comment process.

Dan: 01-Jun-2012 19:33:32
After some thinking about how far to push warning, I have decided that no 3rd warning circle by E-Ts, there is no point. My warnings using the first two circles have generated no response, and for sure no one among friends or family is giving help or feedback. Lets hope the E-Ts are BSing us about when or they do it for us. Although without a 3rd summary warning, I think they have decided to let us die. May I be wrong.

Susan1: 27-May-2012 08:02:20
The Universe is huge; of course we are not alone. It takes a huge blind ego to think otherwise. Also, the Earth is a living planet that supports life. X planets like Earth are extremely rare in the Universe, and they are to be taken care of. The Earth is not for profit and personal abuse. All species have souls, and have the right to survive on this spaceship we call Earth. We as humans have thumbs; we are the worker bees. We are required to increase our knowledge of Earth's systems and ecology so we can care for them and all can survive. If IT's are watching and warning us, it is because we are abusing this rare and beautiful living planet that could be lived on by ET specie that would take care of it. We can no longer be complacent about our greedy and destructive ways. This is life or death.

Susan1: 25-May-2012 01:55:57
test 46

Susan1: 25-May-2012 01:52:35
test 45

stacks: 24-May-2012 23:20:43
testing 123 four uh .... five?

Dan: 24-May-2012 00:55:26

Dan: 24-May-2012 00:50:02

Dan: 15-May-2012 13:48:18
We are all in denial, especially me. I don't want to die without a try. Me, you, my wife, our children and grand children, evryone we know, all of us, without a try? This can't be true. The E-Ts have rubbed our noses in there existence, yet we do not see. Like the Indians who upon seeing a sailing ship for the first time could not "see it".The mark of a civilized planet is aknowleding and seeking the truth about the universe and our place within it. The universe kills those who refuse to become civilized.

Dan: 29-Apr-2012 12:19:47
"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all." Oscar Wilde

Dan: 29-Apr-2012 00:53:10
The third part of E-T warning must show when and where A-M debt arrives by combining Barbary Castle and Longwood Warren aka Missing Earth crop circles.

Dan: 28-Apr-2012 13:03:53
But we need when A-M debt arrives on Earth's orbit, i.e. where is the wormhole opening1/2500th of a second before A-M arrival.

Dan: 28-Apr-2012 09:30:56
"We don't need three warnings, we already have enough data, except for when down to nano-second."

Dan: 21-Apr-2012 07:16:39
Eq. progress, now that I have coor. system, writing the GUt eq. is tricky, the eq describes an inequality, it only turns in one direction. It must to define how our universe maintains a universal now. Ergo universe is alive since God is alive and God id everything.

Dan: 15-Apr-2012 12:40:24
From zero Hedge comment by knukles to "Why the market is slowly dying' on 4-15-12 , "Because we as a society have destroyed everything that matters; ethics, morals, character, and have no intention of admitting our faults and making necassary amends, setting things right". Hit the nail on the heaD.

Dan: 11-Apr-2012 21:53:48
An "objective" observation showing why we won't act to save Earth: We don't, especially our public figures, judge ourselves. Self awareness is in fact, the action of doing just that. It drives evolution. Don't consciously do this action or the Laws of Conservation kill you. It is not, "judge not others, lest you be judged."; it is, "Judge yourself objectively, or die.". Why is simple, we went from religious based morality which overlaid the Golden rule with superstitious nonsense to secularism and the phony pseudo objectivity of western science which directly led to no moral standards which led to no self judgement. Ergo, we are the walking dead now.

Dan: 10-Apr-2012 01:26:52
Equation: Any new base eq. requires a new symbol and logical operation. e.g. Newton invented calculus to describe the effects of gravity. I have the action the symbol describes, Putting the symbol into e = mcc is the trick now.

Dan: 07-Apr-2012 19:59:31
Lovely article on Fukishma reactor 4 spent fuel rods. A waiting "On The Beach" event. Our leaderships are juggling more and more environmental disastors. Odds of a disconnection are not lookung good right now.

Dan: 04-Apr-2012 12:58:31
We had a bug, fixed. The delay of a cou-ple of days stopped me from deleting more. thank God, I have been circling around how to say my "last warning". It is going to be the last so I must say it well.

Dan: 31-Mar-2012 22:41:43
I am finding it harder and harder to write and edit this Front Page. Once this is sent out to Congress.org etc, I am done with this matter. The no feedback is really getting to me and I must prepare my soul for the crossing over to where, I can only speculate.

Dan: 22-Mar-2012 10:48:26
Its too late for the Macondo re-leak to save us even if it does happen, no matter how big it is. I prayed that it not happen. My wife says I should have prayed for what is best, after all some surviving is better than none. But now, even though it still may happen, 50% plus dying in less than four months does not seem possible. To "simulate" 50% plus of the large life forms dying would require the survivors to cooperate by sleeping or being very still for an hour on July 16th to ensure the disconnection. Under the horrific physical conditions we would face, that would require true self-sacrifice and cooperation by almost all of the people remaining alive. Only our present political leaders could make that possible by presenting unanimous vocal public backing for my plan. Given they won't even look for the conjunction shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle, them looking now seems most unlikely. You non leaders are no better, you avert your eyes and minds and understanding. I understand why. The event seems so huge, and if true, unstoppable even though the theory that predicts these events directly implies disconnections are possible which the reported evidence confirms. The end of the world predictions you do acknowledge are just conjecture and have no evidence proving exactly when and how as my prediction does. Well our conservation debt is not unstoppable. Previous disconnections must have happened by the fact our universe is so large and that Long Term Gamma Blasters frequency increases with duration. Disconnections of A-M debts are the only way a Moebius geometry can grow. I don't know what the rest of you will do, but one thing I do know for sure is that this is my last attempt at a public warning. I must spend time with my family and friends. I wish everyone the best when we all crossover on July 16th. I will try to write a short article on what I think we can physically expect as conscious spirits after Earth is vaporized. After all, we still will remain a part of God's creation and he must love us to have created so many of us. It can't be for our brains.

Dan: 17-Mar-2012 07:14:27
The purpose of exchange is to save all parties their time.

Dan: 14-Mar-2012 01:11:03
Need to check bottom topography around Macondo. Bonnie and Al Jaseera both report the large and growing slicks about two miles East NE of Macondo. A re-leak is likely to go miles from wellhead, so is it still in box canyon? If not then probably the gas is being dispersed into wider Gulf = no firestorm. That leaves us with "Drop ship down wormhole" method. Four months to finish navigation eq. and get our governments to show us any captured E-T ships they have. Boy that looks like a low probability event right now.

Dan: 12-Mar-2012 04:00:56
The window for a re-leak firestorm to get the job done by july 16 is closing fast, say March 16th. I dispiese over half of us dying that way. Now its drop a ship" down the wormhole" method. there must be a way to wake us up and look in public. Maybr the E-Ts do it for us without telling? Possible but unlikely.

Dan: 28-Feb-2012 22:01:17
I have been weighing how much to say, how big a warning to give. As I consider our situation, we must save as many as we can. That can only mean, no evacuations beyond essential people to places with enough food and from around the Gulf. Those deemed essential will be people required to rebuild, medical, skilled craftsmen, scientists, & engineers, etc. mechanics and maintenance people who know how to maintain, fix, and rebuild our infrastructures. The vast majority of us must agree to stay in place. We can't waste energy and food moving people from a shortage to a shortage. Shared sacrifice must be the norm. Those who are prepared by foresight, location and luck must be helped, not hindered, for they are in the best position to save others. Many of us are going to sacrifice our lives so that women, children and the essential people may live. Some is better than none.

Dan: 20-Feb-2012 22:23:57
In researching the sedimentary amounts of methane clathrates(several hundred meters), free methane gas (hundreds of meters more below the methane clathrate layer) that Macondo drilled through, I was struck by there massive quantity. Penetrating the sea floor here, especially drilling through a salt dome into a very large 40% plus methane 65,000 psi oil field was most unwise. Given the water pressure, the amount of gas and clathrates that will accumulate on the sea floor before the gas starts its explosive eruption is many orders of magnitude larger than Lake Nyos. Please God, let the field exhaust itself first.

Dan: 18-Feb-2012 12:13:34
Been doing some pencil and paper calculations on the size, speed, and consequent effects of Macondo's blowout. It could kill over half of us in less than four months. Please God make it not so.

Dan: 14-Feb-2012 01:28:46
Explaining where the dark natter/energy is resolves all the major issues for creatng a GUT theory, and it gives us FTL travel to most of the universe.

Dan: 08-Feb-2012 11:36:50
Now with the help of some good mathematicians, we have FTL navigation, and a good idea where to look for our bearings. These will be basic margins defined by electromagnetic and quantum frequency intersections(ratios) that uniquely define all points on a Moebius surface; as seen by any observer that wants to look from the logical objective center of all Moebius strips.

Dan: 03-Feb-2012 00:43:56
Equation news & todo: What the objective identity described in MT below does is provide ..................................?? I will explain the deletion after Q&A Procedures are fixed.

Dan: 29-Jan-2012 03:17:52
Equation news: figured out the base objective equality that defines the precise center of a Moebius geometry with respect to all points on its surface. From which the "neutral observer watches", the objective observing point. Where God would sit. It is, as usual, as obvious as the nose on your face once pointed out.

Dan: 28-Jan-2012 00:59:53
Watching the Republican debates is refreshing. They are so childlike in there greedy hypocrisy. They claim to be Christians but cheer for attacking and starting wars for no other reason than they think the USA is too strong to be defeated. They better hope Christ is not an actual piece of the Godhead who said,"There are no commandments greater than these two, "Love God with all your heart, mind and body; and Love your neighbor as yourself." Lying to start a first strike war is in direct violation of those two commandments. Wow! These false Christians better hope their God is not a vengeful one as many of them proclaim. That God loves to punish greedy stupid cowardly hypocrites who violate God's commandments.

Dan: 15-Jan-2012 09:32:40
Bingo, Robert Heinlein shows the dividing 'action or inaction' that explains our political leaders public behavior. "Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire." Robert A. Heinlein. I can't, nor would I tell you what to do. You by nature or choice have to choose to treat others as equals, worth of love and respect. That is the path of life, making others do what they do not choose is certain societal death.

Dan: 12-Jan-2012 13:19:16
Ghandi, "Disobedience to the law of the State becomes a peremptory duty when it comes in conflict with the law of God.".

Dan: 09-Jan-2012 08:18:37
Locate yourself on a Moebius Eq: You only need three ravs from a zero point to describe a 3-D coor. system, A Moebius has two sides to its surface, so any pair-points sitting 'back to back' necessarily have 3 rays on each side of M. The question is, "What does this do to the 'plus/minus relationships between this two sided coor. system?

Dan: 02-Jan-2012 10:35:58
"In fact, it is not "Judge not, lest you be judged."; it is, "Judge not yourself, and be judged.". Each of us acts or does not act according to how the particular circumstances we face affect our self-interests. Your self-interest, as mine, rests directly on the continued existence of life on Earth.

Dan: 26-Dec-2011 10:36:14
What our central banks are doing to cover up our big banks bad debts: "A person who can't pay gets another person who can't pay to guarantee that he can pay. Like a person with two wooden legs getting another person with two wooden legs to guarantee that he has got two natural legs. It don't make either of them able to do a walking-match." Charles Dickens

Dan: 25-Dec-2011 12:01:54
"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." Sun Tzu The USA is a good example.

Dan: 24-Dec-2011 20:27:37
"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." Theodore Roosevelt

Dan: 24-Dec-2011 20:19:06
"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people." Theodore Roosevelt

Dan: 21-Dec-2011 02:19:07
No news from gulf. Somebody must be seeing slicks and corexit flights.

Dan: 03-Dec-2011 13:56:17
"What to say & do next", that is the question. As usual silence in the media about BP well re-leak. It must be getting completely out of hand. Something will happen to force their hand. I wish there was something more I could say, but I am out of words. Events must speak.

Dan: 28-Nov-2011 12:16:12
BP confirms they are investigating "natural seeps" from seafloor to surface with at least nine large ships. Some context you will not like at [url=http://no1stc ostlist.com]No 1st Cost List[/url]. I have not posted about this before because I wanted more confirmation. [url=stuarthsmith. com]Stuart H. Smith[/url] has the story posted November 24, 2011 [url=http://www.st uarthsmith.com/bre akthrough-in-the-m acondo-mystery-bp- admits-to-new-acti vity-at-deepwater- horizon-site] BP admits it is investigating 'natural seeps" going up from seafloor to surface[/url]. For the context story read down below the explanation of what the No 1st Cost List is. Since the field pressure is at least 110,000 psi, these "seeps' are going to get much larger fast. A firestorm is a certain result once natural gas concentrations on surface reach combustion/explosi ve levels. All it will take is a spark or a lightening strike. I would not remain anywhere near the Gulf Coast.

Dan: 26-Nov-2011 20:39:41
The time is now for Macondo to blowout and burn, to wait much longer means that method probably won't have enough time to succeed by July 16, 2012.

Dan: 13-Nov-2011 20:25:42
Free people, remember this maxim: we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Read more: http://www.brainyq uote.com/quotes/au thors/j/jeanjacque s_rousseau.html#ix zz1dbDNzW7B

Dan: 12-Nov-2011 23:31:40
"Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do." Jose Ortega y Gasset

Dan: 11-Nov-2011 02:56:47
The market, elections, and Repub debates are all starting to coalesce around "no bailout of banks in Europe or here. A bunch of lies from BLS on economy, and election results that do not favor Repubs.

Dan: 11-Nov-2011 02:56:15
Ignoring direct eyewitness reports of pedophilic sodomy by Paterno at Penn State exemplifies our Three Monkey Society.

Dan: 03-Nov-2011 14:37:26
On Macondo re-leak. It should be finally acknowledged before end of month. I pray for strength, we will survive and live on.

Dan: 03-Nov-2011 14:32:52
MF Global "liquidated"; all accounts and transferred them to Goldman or a subsidiary. Corzine was Goldman's CEO. My God are we in trouble. Obama is owned by these people. No immediate arrest of Corzine or at least some little people will prove that.

Dan: 20-Oct-2011 09:38:58
BoA's transferring tens of billions of losses in derivatives from its investment side to its FDIC insured depositors is pure and simple theft of public monies. Any political or appointed government leader who does not immediately demand BoA be prosecuted is a knowing accomplice in that crime.

Dan: 14-Oct-2011 19:23:33
The retail sales numbers release showed a 7.9% increase year over year and over 1% last month seasonally adjusted and without adjustment for inflation. The problem is that every single category was actually down in dollar terms at a 5% rate. God does not help liars to all.

Dan: 12-Oct-2011 21:17:01
Black hole in the oceans that suck down ships big and small is possible mechanism for how BP well re-leak will work. Simulated in big water tanks: Natural gas forms bubbles on bottom and when reach certain size the now large bubble rises to surface and ships up to 400' fall into the hole created when bubble reaches the surface. One helluva surprise, you suddenly free fall a hundred feet into ocean and walls collapse over you.

Dan: 06-Oct-2011 09:37:01
Amazing 400 point last 45 minute rally yesterday. Nasdaq was positive all day. A sign of a short-term bottom and then shorts covered. In almost 50 years I have never seen anything like this seesaw action in stock market. High vibration imply high stress.

Dan: 04-Oct-2011 07:28:46
Market is accelerating. Interbank lending rates are moving higher. Fed lent 16 trillion to banks, home and abroad. On what collateral? This is getting good.

Dan: 01-Oct-2011 21:42:10
Markets dumped on last day of quarter. Our delusional leaders think that their hot air and BS pronouncements actually do work. Fascinating! Bof A announces a five dollar charge to use a debit card. Insane PR. We are on verge of major bank runs. Cash is so much cheaper and safer.

Dan: 27-Sep-2011 20:20:10
Been callin "natural resources committee" in Congress teeling them about Macondo. Giving them Wings of Care site etc.

Dan: 27-Sep-2011 20:15:15
DJ up 260, the Greek prime minister is having a working dinner with Merkel. Amazing, end of quarter rally. All markets are correlated 100% now. All up or all down at same time. This is truly scary. Absolutely no correlation to underlying real world differences between countries and markets. Wowsers this crash is truly fascinating.

Dan: 27-Sep-2011 00:33:48
This crash is getting more scary all the time. Mkt up over 200 on proposal to pump trillions more in borrowings into bankrupt European banks. Our corrupt leaders are truly crazy. They refuse to bear or enforce any accountability through bankruptcy. Meanwhile Maconsdo and other Gulf wells are leaking at an increasing rate. God help us.

Dan: 25-Sep-2011 20:13:51
It looks like BP is putting Corexit on surface near Macondo. Wings of care has video of a ship spraying al arge whit swath of something over side of its ship, maybe an 1/8th of its length wide.

Dan: 25-Sep-2011 20:08:26

Dizfunkshunal: 20-Sep-2011 05:14:07
You still around?

Dan: 12-Sep-2011 10:04:33
At least 9700, but more likely crack 9500 on Dow. We are getting ready for bank run. Why keep cash in a possibly failing bank at zero interest when FDIC has zero reserves. Where is Congress going to get the money. Answer "No where"" Just like social security, we have 'looted' the trust funds by putting in general fund and spending it on wars etc. We are literally bankrupt and that must be acknowledged in public, politically with actual legislation and a "throw the bums out election" for us to learn this lesson.

Dan: 10-Sep-2011 01:59:10
Ron Paul msnbc poll republican debate winner at 57%.

Dan: 10-Sep-2011 01:56:36
Market getting ready for big dump.

Dan: 08-Sep-2011 04:02:18
09-07-11 Changed "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To Solicit & Record Our Public Questions & Disagreements.&quo t; to "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To Solicit & Record Our "Objective&qu ot; Public Questions & Disagreements.&quo t;. Should I change Solicit to Create? Creates it is. "brings into existence" Google dictionary.

Dan: 06-Sep-2011 10:58:00
Consciousness arises from self-awareness. That means the path to enlightenment comes from watching and recording what you actually do. The not-dos are implied.

Dan: 24-Aug-2011 20:07:19
BP denies leak says ROV found nothing, but we have pictres of the oil on surface over Macondo wellhead. Wait and see.

Dan: 20-Aug-2011 12:23:27
Bad news. My least favorite disconnection method. The BP well is leaking and BP is sending many ships to its site to try and contain the surface slick. My God have mercy on our souls. Log it tomorrow.

Dan: 14-Aug-2011 02:58:59
Catastrophic crash proceeding to model. We should see big rally in stocks about 50%. Should be fast done by labor day. congress will be back and the deadlock will be revealed as still there.

Dan: 14-Aug-2011 02:53:34
More pruning FP. Seeing end of editing. Putting useful news at top really has helped.

Dan: 07-Aug-2011 08:22:55
I added Daily News to top of FP so I can change frequently. Then put "No Questions From Politicians And Reporters News:" The news is what the N1CL is about, collrcting testable, verifiable news reports from anyone not fraid to stand behind what they report.

Dan: 02-Aug-2011 00:11:25
The debt ceiling vote is down to final hours and it is a two step raise. Not good news even if done.

Dan: 30-Jul-2011 01:13:52

Dan: 30-Jul-2011 01:12:54
Gorgeous crop circles this year

Dan: 25-Jul-2011 23:10:39
Looks like no debt deal. Irreconcilable differences. A crash is our only out. The repubs are actually asking for defense increase

Dan: 23-Jul-2011 08:53:31
Its funny, we are down to asking blind on the internet. After talking with so many of you about our A-M debt, you do all remember our conversations I have noticed, even from almost twenty years ago, but no questions or real help. You like me hate the idea, but it is what it is. It is my profound belief that we truly ae ignorant, that we do have good hearts, that we are a planet worth saving, we just have to grow up,very fast appearantly.

Dan: 23-Jul-2011 08:42:51
I have not pushed this warning to the establishment. I waited until our only out is Ask For E-T Help. That means we must use a Captain to ask. I think that once I exist and state I am acting Captain, they are obligated to help. I get another piece to their warning message. Plus our leaders can confirm contacts with E-Ts, This truly is in God's hands, our hands. We are 'all in'. As Captain, I am asking for E-T public help. Answer please, I know you monitor the internet, presumably for a Captain to show up in the last year.

Dan: 22-Jul-2011 01:30:44
In looking at being Captain, his powers and duties are the simple part, but getting them in a few short months seems right now politically impossible, an understatement. I can say this a bit better but saying it is not the problem. Our species lives in a fantasy world based upon ignorance of who and what we are and expedience. The E-Ts need to give us a big nudge for us to take our A-M debt seriously, but given what we are and given my hypothesis that we are mad dogs to the E-Ts; Why would they help us now? Letting us die seems the necessary way out for them. I do pray that my efforts have not gone unnoticed by them and they give us something more than two crop circles and a not verified asteroid conjunction or two.

Dan: 20-Jul-2011 06:28:09
It looks like no deal on debt ceiling. We are polarized. Lets pray so, without a shock, we have no chance of doing disconnection. They raised defense budget, no cuts proposed. More war, no help from E-Ts,

Dan: 17-Jul-2011 23:28:20
No fate but what we make, the trouble is I did not see this Captain job coming. Being in charge of a disconnection was like a movie. It left out almost all the nitty gritty.

Dan: 15-Jul-2011 10:43:32
Boehner says dems withdrew any entitlement cuts last Friday and Saturday. The dem's base said sell us out on SS etc and we walk. Obama's sell out turned into his spine of steel upon hearing "Do that and you and the dems are history.". So of course once they called the Repubs bluff, we may get a deal by Monday; or this will blow up in Repubs face as their hardliners won't let a deal be made in time. Boehner says it like both sides are from different worlds. Most interesting,complete polarization = no deal. We don't default on debt but we now decide Guns or Butter. Whooppee!!

Dan: 09-Jul-2011 21:37:07
Sure don't like the implications of this Captain job. The first one has way too much todo and right now, I am alone without any feedback. or help. Send this out to Vatican Observatory directors tomorrow. It will have to do.

Dan: 09-Jul-2011 03:44:54
The dems will blow this budget deal up. Obama is toast, throwing the entitlement programs under the bus to keep our war machine going seals his fate. Finally, the guns or butter choice on a planet that can not afford more imperialistic wars.

Dan: 08-Jul-2011 02:32:19
That Alllington circle looks like a hoax, it is not perfect. Why the hoax, and why the date?

Dan: 07-Jul-2011 07:18:50
Hits up, CL is starting to come clear as to what put in.

Dan: 02-Jul-2011 04:18:27
On Captains log, I have been keeping a note copy of it. I have to figure out hw e to integrate into FP.

Dan: 28-Jun-2011 13:05:21
Some time off, todo Start Captains log in morning.

Dan: 25-Jun-2011 23:15:47
Market, it looks like the crash is upon us. We will see, a lot of strange little tech pattern breaks.

Dan: 22-Jun-2011 03:51:55
todo: Powers & Duties of Captain & how pay for.

Susan1: 15-Jun-2011 20:32:21
I appreciate the Captain of the ship idea. After all, the Planet Earth is a ship in space. It is about time we gave up our ridiculous sibling, petty squabbles and united. It is about time we individuals cleaned up something besides their own back yard. We would require local government, but we need someone to represent the Earth and all the people's best interest. The people on this tiny world (small planet) in this small solar system in this Galaxy, the Milky Way, in this huge Universe have to wake up and realize we have no reason for our arrogance. When you look at how small we are, our differences become insignificant.

Susan1: 15-Jun-2011 20:13:46
Hi Dan, You require a spellchecker and grammerical checker in the message tree that is good enough to catch basic errors. Smile

Dan: 13-Jun-2011 09:32:55
Once I set the conditions I require to work as Captain, then I only answer questions regarding verifying conjunctions and the powers, duties, and goals of a planet Captain. We are out of time for palaver. Even if the E-Ts do not interfere with us using captured E-T technology to do a disconnection, there is no time for anyone else to direct the research needed coming in cold. I think it very unlikely we can do this without E-T help and they will not give it to an objectively vicious war making society like ours. We become objectively moral and non warlike or they will let us die. There planets survival depend upon not letting societies like ours loose with FTL. I am sure they do want us to live, but the price is grow up. It must be my way or I can not help. I will not participate except to wish you success. I will not participate further, unless I am made Captain with the powers required to succeed.

Dan: 03-Jun-2011 07:12:53
todo: How amateurs can find conjunction asteroids and learn a lot about running telescopes at same time: Starting with biggest asteroid, Verify each ones position down to 200th. If conjunction(s) exist, you will find two or four out of position, probably in first 100. Once you know which ones must be part of conjunction, then verify the two pairs forming conjunctions and thus the two time/dates. Easily done by amateurs independent of establishment government controlled astronomers. We need people whose word we can trust.

Dan: 02-Jun-2011 18:19:48
"Why won't the E-Ts help after so graphically warning us? 6-2-11 Because we have not agreed on an objective public Rule of Moral behavior towards each other.

Dan: 29-May-2011 22:24:20
A captain for Earth absolutely requires the invention of a N1CL. Wasn't what I invented it for, but the use is implied. Planet Captains must be able to hear from anyone in public. Country leaders who have agreed to do as the Captain asks must have a public place for a Captain to demand, "Do as I ask."; for certain some will balk. Captains must ensure and protect individual liberties above all, therefore what people do personally, privately, in business, say, associate with is literally not the Captain's business; it is only leader felonies that concern him. But he is the Last Word on matters that affect the survival of ship. Our present set of 3MS leaders must be brought to heel. They do love to tell other people what to do. With a List, upon two citizens = objective charge of a felony by a elected or appointed government or corporate leader, then Captain will investigate and when charges are verified then Captain sees prosecuted immediately, at Hague or in neutral court. The people watch our leaders, not the other way around as it is at present. Captain must have power to pardon, commute anyone's crimes and order forgiveness of any and all debts public and private including countries. It in the Bible for good reason. Those who can will re-up on their debts.

Dan: 24-May-2011 10:15:54
as if i am earth's Captain. Since until I said this the position did not exist implies I am and must act so. No getting out of it.

Dan: 23-May-2011 05:48:08
22 May 2011 2 152 years ago today, the elegantly-mustached gentlemen Sir Arther Conan Doyle at age of 27, in a short story he had taken three weeks to write was published in the Beeton’s Christmas Annual.The story was entled ‘A Study In Scarlet’ and it introduced the world to both the author, Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes. From a speech Holmes gives to his faithful companion, Dr. Watson: “There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”. Until we unravel, isolate, and then bring to justice the perpetrators, we will not disconnect our conservation debt. A help condition for me. Any planet that tolerates open public murder by its elected and appointed officials will not be allowed to live. I assure you the E-Ts are well aware of our officials actions and will do what is necessary to stop any real disconnection attempt. Therefore, you bring G.W. Bush to justice or I will not help beyond demanding we verify the two conjunctions and arresting Bush NOW. I much shortened a quote from zerohedge about Doyle, What Holmes said is at the core of our headlong destruction of our civilization, we tolertate and do not verify, isolate, and bring to justce our murderous public officials and there big business/banking accomplices.

Dan: 22-May-2011 21:10:23
I have been sick, head and chest cold, lost 18 lbs so far. Now that the Rapture did not occur, we can get on with a real 'end of the world' prediction that can be objectively verified. Since our political leaders reflect their people = not to bright with a zero second time hoeizon for anything that affects the General Welfare, I am going to concentrate on astronomers and business people. That implies an article on Why we are so Stupid on things that affect the General Welfare.' Time to awaken them.

Dan: 16-May-2011 11:39:22
Our leaders are totally self serving. Any real threat to the planet is not acknowledged by them because that would mean they would have to give up power to the common good. Personal power and control is their ultimate goal so any real threat is ignored, false ones are encouraged because fear is their preferred tool to keep us under their thumbs. Ain't Three Monkey Society leaderships wonderful? Here we are the evolved brain for Earth and we literally think like a baby in the womb, me Me ME! never we. Yet by inspection we live by XC,thus we do know deep inside that without we, any of us I firsters are dead. There must be a way to make you say "OUCH!, my God we are all going to die."

Dan: 15-May-2011 10:35:09
Sent this in my Facebook friends requests, "I am a scientist with warning of a very real immediate danger to Earth that can easily be verified or disproven. It can be prevented with some want to, and I am praying that you will become my friend on Facebook to help with persuading astronomers to verify/disprove the absolute confirmation of the prediction. My profile will explain what needs to be done.. This prediction was a theoretical deduction, subsequently reports by scientists and astronomers confirmed directly every causal link in the theoretical model. Dan Alter "

Dan: 10-May-2011 21:09:39
It dosen't, the equation is a location framework that describes the constraints between plus/minus pairs on the surface of spacetime. How gravity and magnetism work are direct implications.

Susan1: 10-May-2011 20:38:30
Gravity Probe B Confirms the Existence of Gravitomagnetism. How does this affect your calculations?

Dan: 09-May-2011 10:20:20
I can not help save us without public agreement on what public Law of Morality we will live by.

Dan: 07-May-2011 11:23:44
Eq. It has always rested on direction; " How do we objectively tie two variables together in a fixed relationship, e.g. e = mc^, so that direction of all possible relationships between any subset(s) of base units is defined?". Looks like I have the subtle little sweetheart. We can use time alive and money defined by Walras Law to do it. We can describe all objective relationships on the surface of the NOW.

Dan: 30-Apr-2011 09:09:30
Todo to FP: Why won't the rest of you ask me a question or make a comment after well over a million hits. Ignorance that you are real spirits, copies of God's base geometry and fear. You can't ask without exposing yourself to criticism, unlike ever other forum on internet. Are we really this cowardly? Fear is the destroyer.

Dan: 25-Apr-2011 13:55:01
FP conclusions: What do I want? What must be done for a disconnection to succeed? Earth is a spaceship with no Captain, so I must be made Captain.

Dan: 23-Apr-2011 23:19:44
It is highly probanle that unless I can buy some astronomers to verify conjunction, it is unlikely to be done. My oh my, that seems a most dreadful statement, but no questions or comments speaks loudly.

Dan: 21-Apr-2011 11:18:06
Eq: Time spent on production creates time to consume production in the future and time consume creates more time to produce where time consume/time produce ratio is maximized by all xcs or actions implying life forms must be own time cost minimizers to stay alive. We minimize time spent on production.

Dan: 21-Apr-2011 10:49:59
Eq: Buddha said, "To Hear is to Forget, to See is to Remember,to Do is to Understand". I have been predicting a catastrophic financial collapse that takes less than a week for twenty years, and unfortunately I have the put receipts to prove it. I said it had to be mechanical, completely out of the control of the Powers that Be. In short the market actually is bigger than any subset of us, no matter how powerful. The problem is I did not know what 'mechanical' arrangement of debt backed paper used by our markets would cause this "Cash Call". I knew i would recognize it when I saw it. My God, the Fed writing naked puts on the long b0nds they sell, transforming a 30 years in the future payment into close of business margin call to the tune of trillions causes understanding. They actually do think that they can write some symbols to hide themselves from the market, that's all of us. We certainly can not pay off of these puts, they were criminally issued, and the buyers, big sophisticated banks, hedge and pension funds had to know no one had the cash to pay off these puts when the market went against the put seller, the Fed.

Dan: 07-Apr-2011 08:56:52
Patrick was sure right about me, I have been dodging the edit bullet. The second crux point. Since Strict Liability for the time we cost others must be the objective basis for our criminal Laws; then, by inspection, our leaders are behaving like criminals. That means I must say so in the second crux point on FP.

Dan: 30-Mar-2011 10:29:40
Patrick Henry, "It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth -- and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.".

Dan: 27-Mar-2011 23:51:23
The crux purpose of the List is to create trusted info from govts, corporations and anyone else: "by dasein211 on Sun, 03/27/2011 - 14:00 #1105939 Wait I have a WAY simpler way to figure out the actual measurements. Take a Geiger counter put it near the containment area AND FUCKING READ THE NUMBER!! Then report that! I really am waiting for the world to come unglued soon. We can't trust any government anymore. It's the market versus the peasants. Ireland can't trust theirs. We can't trust ours. China,japan any government. Trust is the number one currency and we're on our last pennies. We can't print trust.". from zerohedge

Dan: 26-Mar-2011 11:56:34
I have a plan. The crux of our situation. That title change on boiling water reactors.

Dan: 26-Mar-2011 11:47:44
From Prison Planet: My God, weapons grade plutonium. We are so screwed, if it blows, up go 1700 tons of uranium. The fallout would be worldwide at huge levels. These people are truly sociopaths. God please let this not be true. "revealerofsecrets Says: March 25th, 2011 at 5:53 am My niece is being treated for thyroid cancer as we speak. She was a Baby when chernobyl happened and lived in the USA. Makes me wonder. ??? things that make you go HUMMMMM. This disaster is made only worse by the level of obstruction that the japanese Govt is going to to hide the facts. May they be sued out of existance. Their may be a breach . Oh really you think. I can see that from my house in South Carolina. They knew this when they sprayed thousands and thousands of gallons of water on the reactor. It’s the only way they could cool it down enough to work around it. Of course it’s Melting down. What about the 500 lbs of enriched Plutonium sources are saying they stored illegally in the spent fuel pool in reactor bldg 3. so not only MOX to worry about but 500 lbs of enriched weapons grade Plutonium. "

Dan: 23-Mar-2011 22:36:54
So now we are seeing the MSM pushing nuclear hard. My oh my, they say look the Japan accident proves they are safe.

Dan: 19-Mar-2011 02:03:42
I have gone back n forth on addressing nuclear disastor in Japan, but the more I learn the less I like our prognosis. I don't know how this relates to A-M debt warning, but it does I think. We will see.

Dan: 17-Mar-2011 03:40:32
Todo: Why GE Boiling Water Reactors are Atomic Bombs in waiting.

Dan: 14-Mar-2011 03:36:02
it is fascinating how little we like to talk about death, especially Americans. I have been thinking about this as a moral problem, but that is not quite what it is. If I am right and consciousness is conserved, then it is a choice problem. Morlity is a decision to do 'right' choices to advance what? That must be life or why would we work so hard to keep bodies trotting. Now that I have a good idea of what all basic components to doing FTL are, I have been in no rush. I think it is because it can not be just up to me. So where is the help going to come from. I will start poking some more.

Dan: 09-Mar-2011 10:35:34
Signs of extraterrestrial life published in Journal of Cosmology, "Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites". Very niclly demonstrated.

Dan: 04-Mar-2011 05:04:08
This MT is implied by the previous one. There are three possible sources for the Faster Than Light(FTL) ships that we must use to disconnect our Anti-Matter conservation debt ranked by easiest to obtain. First, the blinkships our government has captured according to some witnesses. I saw them in action myself in a ABC news video from 1975. Second, build one ourselves, this is within our technological capabilities and given the research our govt has done so far, possible within a year, just possible. Third, the E-Ts can give us a couple. I consider the last almost a zero possibility event.

Dan: 04-Mar-2011 04:49:20
I finally saw the key geometric relationship that must exist for FTL to occur. The first precondition is to be able to drop your velocity to zero with respect to the speed of light = c. The second precondition is the ability to manipulate specific frequencies so that this geometric condition is simulated between two sides of the surface of our Moebius universe. In short create a wormhole between where you are and where you want to go. With enough power, the right combination of frequencies, and dropping to zero with respect to c, off you go.

Dan: 01-Mar-2011 12:13:52
I have been going back and editing. I have written a lot. Except for clarity's sake, I am not changing anything. The evidence, arguments, and conclusions have not changed. One thing is for sure, all we have for now is my plan of action. A keyhole we can pass through only with public, willing, conscious, cooperation by our politicians and other leaders. Right now, except for confirming reports that further my conclusions, I can see nothing to change in my plan except say this better so you will act. Our chances are fifty/fifty, the plan works or we all die. A lot better than the zero chance of not trying.

Dan: 26-Feb-2011 21:06:24
Beyond fleshing out the mathematical mechanics of navigation at FTL, the two fundamental requirements of a interplanetary faster than light(FTL) spaceship are 1) measuring your speed as a percentage of the speed of light = c; and 2) controlling the frequencies around your spaceship that represents your % of c speed and your location on our Moebius universe surface. The basic geometry of this ship's form will kill both birds with one stone.

Dan: 25-Feb-2011 11:10:06
Time is running out. I have been going over the technical requirements of building an interplanetary FTL ship in time. There is still time, but unless we put a lot of smart want to do it people together by July, I think the odds get much longer against us.

Dan: 19-Feb-2011 13:10:08
I know what to ask for now and why the E-Ts will not not help us do a disconnection. I never do anything until the last second. Life lives by death. The question as always, who and when?

Dan: 19-Feb-2011 02:57:50
The question "Should we?" is deadly serious. I don't nor do others have to respect the majority who I think will choose to let us die without a try. It is no accident that there are so many of us Homo Saps on Earth right now. I think many of us are suicide wishers who think unconsciously that being vaporized will get them out of immortal consciousness. My bet is on . Close but no cigar. Think well on your poll choice, I am indifferent to which choice should prevail. Look up what "indifferent" means to an economist.

Dan: 14-Feb-2011 11:36:38
A fascinating error. In my question I put the A-M debt arrival date as July 16, 2009 instead of July 16, 2012. No wonder no one questioned me. You had to go into one of the articles to see the discrepancy. I must have read over the 2009 a hundred times. Now that I can explain the4 equation, I actually need response. I was not ready until now. So much for being in control.

Dan: 12-Feb-2011 20:34:56
ToDo contract URL and Why either way is a win/win for us. Why because both alternatives are something new, Self awareness is impossible to get out of without doing it whole hog first. Clearly this is a seed pod bursting event we are trying to stop. That would me4an more life forms become possible in the fullness of time. On th eother hand, we allow our base sub-universe to split in two, both doubling in size and we would rise individually and as a civilization to to a higher level of consciousness. A society consciously based upon no first cost.

Dan: 09-Feb-2011 12:14:30
About our civilization. We don't in the main really work at practicing no first cost to each other, do we? At least it seems our leaderships don't. They do like to cheat. Our problem is that we tolerate them doing so, the worst first cost of all.

Dan: 05-Feb-2011 12:56:37
A clue on Edge relationships. As presently mathematically described, A Moebius has only one edge that maintains a predictable straight line angle between opposite edge sides. Of course with two sides and a real required Edge Width(EW), there are actually 4 edges and 2 opposites and two katy corner opposite vertices between the edges. Here is the 1-31-11 MT that gave the clue. "How you denote time in the NOW is the key. It has to have two(lovely discrepancy 2-4-11) edges, two sides to it. It has a past and future and one always leads to the other. So that requires w respect to what zero, origin, the center. A Moebius bends back upon itself, seeks to split itself.".

Dan: 04-Feb-2011 14:07:10
Some good news on Gulf Oil Spill. The January 21 Science in "A Persistent Oxygen Anomaly Reveals the Fate of Spilled Methane in the Deep Gulf of Mexico" says methane eating bacteria have eaten all the CH4 and that basically none of the BP well methane reached surface. Measurements indicate extremely rapid growth of methane eating bacteria when given a food stock. It would take a massive breakout for it to reach surface. God help us should we smell methane on Gulf surface this coming April-May.

Dan: 01-Feb-2011 07:06:31
Walras Law is a crucial form for eq. The numeraire, the nth commodity is time alive spent on any XC. I will work on that first.

Dan: 01-Feb-2011 07:03:04
How you denote time in the NOW is the key. It has to have two(lovely discrepancy 2-4-11) edges, two sides to it. It has a past and future and one always leads to the other. So that requires w respect to what zero, origin, the center. A Moebius bends back upon itself, seeks to split itself.

Dan: 31-Jan-2011 01:51:37
Arguing from a base premise like h/2PiR to show why FTL is possible is in some ways harder than going down through FTL to discovering the premise. That is a matter of clear explanation for me. Hits are up, hits on articles are up, but January has been a heavy month for past few years. Still not a question or comment.

Dan: 29-Jan-2011 12:33:05
Started paper, my son said maybe E-Ts will do the disconnection for us and just not tell us. Answer, then why warn us?

Dan: 24-Jan-2011 11:40:15
Time to write an abstract of Why & How We Can Go FTL.

Dan: 20-Jan-2011 23:41:55
Should we stop Our Anti-Matter(A-M conservation debt from striking the Sun on July 16, 2012 vaporizing Earth? Our first public N1CL question. I am not going to make this decision alone.

Dan: 15-Jan-2011 11:46:05
Don't do anything until the contract is signed. By who? Only full members of N1CL count. Todo: I will sum up by setting contract terms for my further help in this matter.

Dan: 15-Jan-2011 03:51:36
Equation: I keep going back over it and all I do is keep reinforcing it. Put it to the test with Professor Lee at UW. We will see.

Dan: 09-Jan-2011 12:35:09
I have a prediction pair that demonstrates that a conserved geometry universe like a Moebius geometry one must have two origins tied together by a common ratio, h-bar. You can see it for yourself. I need to get this prediction/demonstration confirmed next week. My last chance to be wrong.

Dan: 07-Jan-2011 14:08:59
After more thought on mechanics of building an interplanetary FTL spaceship, that is much simpler than a true FTL starship; mainly because of power requirements and duration in space. What we do need is strong and for interplanetary hops, weight is much less of a consideration so we can build for strength with fairly cheap off the shelf materials. The Repulsive Force can do much of the work.

Dan: 04-Jan-2011 12:09:17
Now that I have the base framework of the FTL navigation equation, I am as always confronted with the question, "How much do I show the rest of you, while insuring that doing FTL is not blocked by our governments or other not so nice people?" Since this equation is essentially a description of how a Moebius describes itself with respect to itself, it takes someone wanting to know how self-awareness is objectively created. Hmm! As always you have to ask, would our government leaders use the technology to save a few or to save Earth? Most people give the same answer, our political leaders are not to be trusted. I think that once they actually look at the evidence, they will do what must be done. Which is to join in with everyone else who wants to do FTL within the next 18 months. Done by signing a contract paying me $$$ in this way coupled with complete access and control over any people or materials required to build two or more working FTL ships of which one will be dropped down a wormhole to our A-M debt on July 16, 2009. I get to keep the first four incl delivering #1 to blow up A-M conservation debt, the remaining three will be used to explore and go where I direct off Earth, After that I get 10% royalties on all gross revenues from patents. I will only negotiate with members of the No 1st Cost List. I suspect there are many private parties who prefer to keep Earth alive and also themselves.

Dan: 01-Jan-2011 23:22:41
Once you can locate yourself on the surface of a Moebius with respect to its only possible origin, then you can do Faster than Light. FTL does have constraints, you do not get to go behind yourself in time, nor into the future, but all areas outside of your own light cone are possible. Just need a ship, navigation, power, and knowing what vibrations to change. The rest is implied detail. The two biggest details are getting the right people interested and enough money to do this in time for disconnection.

Dan: 01-Jan-2011 23:16:42
Equation, we have a navigation eq: Once the base conservation form of eq. is defined with respect to c, the speed of light; then one can deduce the two possible physical ways paired matter/anti- matter frames of reference can meet. Since being directly opposite one another on the two sides of a M surface are prevented by the straight line Repulsive Force, that only leaves the other possiblility. Which is when the two Frames are 180 degrees apart from there starting point. In Earth's case, that would be when the first sexual Eucaryote cell was created ablut 2 plus billion years ago. By defining where these two points are with respect to a M origin, then we can dedeuce how to measure how the angle of our point location on surface is with respect to origin of M as no two M surface points can share same angle.

Dan: 29-Dec-2010 10:22:11
Added confirmation to my topic, "Why BP well still has a growing leak! 12-26-10 confirmation" .

Dan: 28-Dec-2010 11:27:36
Yet increasing materials cost can only do two things - it can show up in final prices (price inflation) or it can be absorbed (margin destruction.) Those are the only two possibilities.

Dan: 28-Dec-2010 11:17:50
Got the final clue to equation and wrote it in its base conservation dimensions. That directly describes when any life bearing planetsn conservation debt made of anti-matter becomes due. Now to add location and when to it and Joila! I am done. Then we applyb it to our situation. Buggers gals and guys, you are not going to like that. No fate but what we make.

Dan: 27-Dec-2010 12:52:57
Our hits are way up. People are looking at the articles more. I suspect I am not far from my first question from a stranger.

Dan: 27-Dec-2010 12:51:23
12-26-10 When I show people they are unconscious 'own time cost minimizers' i.e. we life forms try to spend as little of our time as possible to obtain what we require to stay alive, I conclude by saying, "We each have one unit of time alive per unit time as measured by the speed of light(c),\, Notice I just plugged us into e = mc^.". They always say or nod yes. So the real question is how does c measure for time alive? How do we use c as a clock? Answer: Since a clock cycles = vibrates at some frequency goes back and forth between ends of some unit like going repeatedly around a circle, or ping ponging back n forth between ends of some fixed unit; then defining the unit length is crucial. With respect to what base measure? That's us folks, we are the measure as we are the observer and measurer. We unconsciously define the ends of any measure we choose. Since we are doing this unconsciously up to now, What is our base unit of time? That must be "How fast does our 'clock' vibrate when we move at zero c? Right back to where we started.

Dan: 26-Dec-2010 22:14:53
From comments; "12-23-10 Todo: Write topic "What Does a Grand Unification Theory(GUT) Do?" Strangely enough, I have not seen anyone discuss that question, even though the answer seems obvious. A GUT must link all forms of energy and matter, i.e all possible frames of reference as defined by Einstein with a single common to all objective measure. Which raises the question, "Whats the measure?", and then "How do you use it". Once answered, you have a GUT that can be improved. ".

Dan: 19-Dec-2010 13:35:23
I find that all I think about now is the equation and the choice i face, as a scientists duty is to save lives, save life, all life not just locally. I will be damned if I know the answer yet, or even if I can.

Dan: 19-Dec-2010 13:32:34
EQ description: I don't know if you have been watching on the N1CL, but the equation I have been trying to figure out for over 20 years is down to answering this question: What form does it take on to solve for a very precisely defined number?: "How fast do our clocks tick when we are moving at zero percentage of the speed of light?". I know all the components that are used to create this equation, I just have to put them in the right order. I hope I said that clearly. I am saying this in as many ways as I can to as many people as I can, but most especially to me. Answering that question is crucial to our survival.

Dan: 16-Dec-2010 05:29:02
Thank God I have done all this work, I would not want to redo it.

Dan: 14-Dec-2010 23:14:05
Now that I know we can navigate at FTL, who is going to ask for my help to do so. I expect it will depend a lot on who asks and who they are working for. Time to finish my summary article.

Dan: 10-Dec-2010 12:09:23
"Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve." Erich Fromm. True, or all die.

Dan: 10-Dec-2010 11:45:51
Start with October 26th MT time entry and list all eq MT posts first to last. Write a thesis statement and abstract. Do article and solve for the frequency of the fastest clock which moves at zero with respect to c..

Dan: 10-Dec-2010 06:07:46
Objective is by definition a created reality as at least two of us have to agree we see the same things with our properly operating sensory apparatus. When this fact is recognized enough of us then one must also realize that means we speak to each other on public matters by using a No 1st Cost List. Otherwise we are sure to fry.

Dan: 10-Dec-2010 06:05:14
With this last 'objective all statement', All forms of energy and matter that share the same 'frame of reference' do move at some percentage of c. I have discovered the last piece of the puzzle which means we can solve for the equation. General relativity and special relativity had a disagreement of which clock is going faster with respect to the other, when observers move at different percentages of c. General relativity says that to the faster moving clock(smaller percentage c observer), the gravitationally accelerated clock always looks slower. So we can ask the question; "What is the difference in clock speeds between moving at c = no movement clock, and clock moving at zero c = fastest possible clock?". That is a real finite number. For now we shall define it as our x and create an equation to solve for it. TaDa. II will list all the pieces of puzzle like the 'Repulsive Force' and e/phi ratio in circle, etc, later.

Dan: 06-Dec-2010 21:35:49
Equation is premised on a simultaneous NOW for all things in existence, This means everything is measured with respect to c. i.e how fast does each thing go with respect to c. Thus we keep Einsteins two postulates, the Laws of physics are the same everywhere, and especially c is a constant with respect to all observers. A simultaneous NOW means that everything has a precise location with respect to everything else that is conserved in less than h-bar. So as long as light has not reached from an elsewhere, e.g Alpha Centauri, then we can go there FTL to its actual NOW which your starting location shares with it.

Dan: 04-Dec-2010 19:49:27
This quote describes many Americans. "Maybe this old Arab proverb warrants respect: People who lie to others have merely hidden away the truth, but people who lie to themselves have forgotten where they put it."

Dan: 04-Dec-2010 18:50:45
I am losing hope for us. America is literally becoming a police state. Bush doing 911 to us has borne fateful fruit. We are being exposed as a docile compliant population. You can see why Germany acceded to Hitler. My moral choice remains, help disconnect or don't. Give out the equation or not. Star navigation or not. Given our hits on the site, I assume someone is watching from the PTB although that may be wishful thinking. Maybe part of my reluctance is that no one else wants to help. No feedback is a killer. Still not a single question or criticism or attaboy.

Dan: 02-Dec-2010 22:13:24
Its funny, I have been poking holes, raising objections to my identity and all I have wound up doing is confirming it. Walras Law winds up coming into it. We are an exchange based universe. With Walras Law it is the one that is of interest. Our base unit.

Dan: 28-Nov-2010 11:17:04
An identity that equals one. This fixed point of reference for all observations that can only be experienced by any self aware observing life form = universal observing point for all scientific = objective explanations of how our universe works. By inspection, it is a mirror to see who and what we are = independent free willed spirits whose self awareness is eternal when one remains unconscious of how we perceive the universe, i.e. by how fast we move with respect to c.

Dan: 26-Nov-2010 23:17:06
The base eq. question is tying the identity described below into e = mc^. Done. Now to expand this into Einsteins special and general relativity equations.

Dan: 23-Nov-2010 11:06:21
Equation is an identity equalling one. I have discovered the identity. Will do eq log entry.

Dan: 16-Nov-2010 22:23:34
Equation: The base identity is at the observer's ends of c. Moving at zero with respect to c and going at c. By inspection both are limits. Einsteins equations blow up at the ends because he does,not include how the observer fits into relativity.

Dan: 11-Nov-2010 16:45:53
Added this comment to "Shown by Where Light Is" topic: 11-11-11 Synchronized General Relativity clocks separated by less than a meter can show differences in a gravity well. In the same inertial frame of reference Special Relativity clocks do not; ergo by combining clock pairs at right angles in the same inertial frame of reference = a spaceship; then that ship can measure where it is with respect to an outside gravity well.

Dan: 09-Nov-2010 21:01:36
Time and space are one, an old idea going back to the Greeks and Mayans. Special relativity says that independent observers see the others clocks slow down when the speed difference between observers increases. iGeneral relativity says both observers see the clock higher in a gravity well go faster or the clock deeper slows down. Good expoerimental confirmation to differences in gravity well hight of less than a meter. Ergo, a measure of the strength of a gravity well can be built and placed upon a spaceship etc.

Dan: 03-Nov-2010 10:33:38
Election came out as predicted. Dems keep Senate, Repubs now get to cut spending and protect corps. IMOP by 2012 we are gfoing to be sick of both parties unless dems grow a spine which seems unlikely.

Margaret: 02-Nov-2010 12:35:22
Yea its election day. what will be all learning from this for yrs to come? Shocked

Dan: 01-Nov-2010 11:28:02
Latest addition to topic "Equation clue, a discrepancy between relativity clocks" raises this question; How fast does a clock go at zero with respect to c?

Dan: 31-Oct-2010 05:22:16
Equation clue: In special relativity when two observers start from same location with synchronized clocks and share the same gravitational acceleration; then when one goes faster than the other measured as percentage of c, the faster persons clock goes slower and they see the slower ones clock also go slower. When astronauts return their clock has slowed down with respect to Earth clocks. Obviously despite seeing the Earth clock go slower, it did not. BUT when we use the same starting conditions and then let one observer be accelerated by gravity like to a neutron star, there clock also slows, but it sees other "non accelerated clock speed up????? Resolving this discrepancy gives us the field over which the Moebius geometry coordinate system explains. It answers the question, "Why is c a constant with respect to all observers?" Einsteins crucial unanswered question.

Dan: 29-Oct-2010 10:29:09
US election, watching Obama self destruct is quite worrisome. His appearance with JohnStewart was telling. He was apealing to the young and he is so obviously over his head. God help us.

Dan: 27-Oct-2010 08:46:58
Time is funny. Everyone seems to think we can time travel. In fact we do if going faster than something else is time travel. But in the sense of going into the past in sci-fi books, not a chance. Only the NOW exists. We of course can go FTL to other parts of the now as long as we do not violate your personal time-line. Since this is testable, we shall see.

Dan: 24-Oct-2010 05:23:06
To contact: Statement by James K. Galbraith, Lloyd M. Bentsen, jr. Chair in Government/Busines sRelations, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin, before the Subcommittee on Crime, Senate Judiciary Committee, May 4, 2010

Dan: 24-Oct-2010 05:00:35
The awakening is upon us. This election will show us something. It looks like there may be a big surprise in the outcome. USA and China have reavched a currency deal. Buy the dollar, it is going up.. The stock market will not like it.

Dan: 19-Oct-2010 20:23:59
To Do: write topic on time and how handle. Edit FTL topic and Spirit topic to talk about time and conservation.

Dan: 19-Oct-2010 02:26:19
The rule of Law has been lost as if we really ever had it. Only the fact that the "theft" and legal screwing was at a relatively small level hid the reality that we never really had an honestly enforcer Rule of Law. Now with the massive buble econ0omics of our government, the absence of any real attempt gy our governing cvlass to enforce the Rule of Law is exposed. Well now we migh after paying the price, try actually enforcing it. Some bib politicians need to go to jail pronto.

Dan: 16-Oct-2010 20:28:36
I so want to be wrong about Macondo still leaking. So far no report of leak reaching surface. I will give until the 26th and then I will pull topic off of front page and thank God they sealed the well.

Dan: 16-Oct-2010 10:08:09
As a matter of fact, the disintegration of our republic was predicted succinctly by a Democratic-Republi can named Andrew Jackson on July 10, 1832. To wit: It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. Distinctions in society will always exist under every just government. Equality of talents, of education, or of wealth can not be produced by human institutions. In the full enjoyment of the gifts of Heaven and the fruits of superior industry, economy, and virtue, every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society-the farmers, mechanics, and laborers-who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their Government. There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses. If it would confine itself to equal protection, and as Heaven does its rains, shower its favors alike on the high and the low, the rich and the poor, it would be an unqualified blessing.

Dan: 15-Oct-2010 09:39:37
Bernanke is about to do something stupid. Our idiot leaders actually think the rest of the world will acfdept our toilet paper currency and can not transact trade in other currencies or forms.

Dan: 11-Oct-2010 05:14:34
The dems are closing the gap. It is amazing what fighting back can do for you.

Dan: 09-Oct-2010 10:10:36
ur government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. Louis D. Brandeis

Dan: 09-Oct-2010 10:09:58
Those who won our independence... valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty. Louis D. Brandeis

Dan: 09-Oct-2010 10:08:32
We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both. Louis D. Brandeis

Dan: 09-Oct-2010 10:07:14
"In the frank expression of conflicting opinions lies the greatest promise of wisdom in governmental action." Louis D. Brandeis

Dan: 07-Oct-2010 23:00:32
Big todo on th Notarization bill House bill 3808. Complete hogwash. Needed to be noe a long time ago. It will not pardon false notarizations etc. instead it will be a strong preventative in the future.

Dan: 04-Oct-2010 09:51:32
This is one big joke. The reason nothing major gets past is not because of two parties and a third party will make no difference. The problem is simply that we as a county honestly do not agree on either the problems or the solutions. It's not special interests and it is not conservatives or liberals. We don't agree. That is what the whole problem is. Arguing with people does not change their minds. Arguing is just a way to blow off steam and feel good. If anyone wants their agenda to pass the only way to accomplish it is to educate other people that your definition of the problem is correct and your proposed solution is the best.

Dan: 04-Oct-2010 09:50:19
As usual the Republican party is way ahead on how to reform itself. It's had internal movements all the way back to Goldwater's which have led the day to changing its mission / message. The Democratic party on the other hand is built up out of interest groups. It's not possible to introduce an idea to the party without someone strategizing if it can get through this or that interest group which has a de-facto veto (and demands it) on its area. Ideas lose out to the Democratic "Gotcha!" ; game. In the Republican party, "Gotcha!" ; doesn't end discussion at all. Look at Ted Olsen ....

Dan: 01-Oct-2010 10:14:22
Each generation should be made to bear the burden of its own wars, instead of carrying them on, at the expense of other generations. James Madison

Dan: 30-Sep-2010 18:43:35
Todo: "Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms".

Dan: 27-Sep-2010 23:48:17
Those raids on anti-war activists were done by Fitzgerald, the Chicago US attorny. there may be more to them than I thought. Most strange.

Dan: 27-Sep-2010 05:38:58
Unless I stick to my guns, there can be no disconnection by we humans, which means I think we fry unless the E-Ts lied about when. Not a single question or comment by anyone, friend, family, or stranger now. I will not make my family and friends ask or say anything anymore. It seems impossible that I have not said one thing that deserves at least a comment, but it is true up to now. You can see our society start to come apart at the seams because there is no agreed upon objective standard of value, and no desire to know what that standard is. It is as if having the last word is more important than life itself. I am no longer sure that saying, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." applies. It seems almost without exception that " We know not, and do not want to know." the worst form of ignorance. I suspect a mortal sin. Our Sun exploding is a replication event so I would imagine ignorant seeds are best.

Dan: 27-Sep-2010 05:27:39
Its almost funny, I can see the coordinate system and the set of differences a self-aware Moebius can see using the coor. system; but it is becoming harder and harder not to judge us. The lack of curiosity by human beings is most striking. We all seem to be locked into our own insular universe, no matter how much the actual sensory inputs from our universe disagree with what people judge or more precisely wish the universe to be. Isn't that a lack of good will?

Dan: 26-Sep-2010 05:05:22
Market looks like a parabolic blowoff top. Dollar is collapsing, USA interest rates must rize. Fascinating. Bernanke and the Fed are this stupid. Dis they actually think they could borrow ar less than a 1/4% forever?

Dan: 24-Sep-2010 08:39:04
"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." Socrates

Dan: 24-Sep-2010 05:46:56
I have been using this MessageTree as sort of a blog. I feel a need to explain what I have tried to do with the list more clearly.

Dan: 22-Sep-2010 04:24:41
It is the filibuster that is selling out our democracy. 56 to 43 for Don't ask, don't tell and it fails. End the filibuster or our democracy goes to fascism. This is how a determined minority can take over and dstroy a constitutional democracy. We must demand the dems get rid of it or start a third party that will.

Dan: 21-Sep-2010 03:31:17
..."our current capitalist system that is not actually a free market but socialism for the rich and hell for the rest of us." by donna says: September 19, 2010 at 12:46 at Zero Hedge

Dan: 20-Sep-2010 22:16:47
Bp & govt announce Macondo is plugged and now we all can go our merry way. God wish that be true.

Dan: 19-Sep-2010 11:01:35
On AM 1090 11PM news said "Should the pressure test be OK this weekend, then the well is plugged". My son said he heard on radio last week that they were going to push in a relief well at about 6,000 feet below seaflood and inject cement in 10 days to two weeks. Apparantly now only a p-ressure test is needed. Standard Operating Procdue for plugging a well is a bottom plug injected by a relief well. Hmm!!, no magnetic signal from Macondo well casing at 15,000+ feet dept of first relief well??? = grind up and we still have a major leak. I really wish they would do something that excluded that possibility.

Dan: 18-Sep-2010 05:51:56
Eq. log entry on origins of M.

Dan: 16-Sep-2010 21:14:02
Sent email to Stephanie Joye, Univ of Georgia requesting info on new oil sediment layer on Gulf floor.

Dan: 16-Sep-2010 03:43:55
The 2" thick new oil sediment on Gulf floor spread over thousands of square miles, and they have not yer looked close to BP well is very bad news. If the concentration is only 10% oil then the amount on Gulf floor is massively larger than amount reported ejected by blowout = big leak. Lets hope the oil concentration is 1% or less.

Dan: 14-Sep-2010 09:57:20
Equation log entry on where origin of M

Dan: 10-Sep-2010 06:40:05
BP's Effort to Permanently Plug Its Gulf Well May Be Delayed Until October By Mark Chediak and Noah Buhayar - Sep 8, 2010 11:29 AM PT

Dan: 04-Sep-2010 15:33:48
After posting warning about Macondo to Deeepwater Horizon Hesponse and on Congress.org I received a few hits. As per usual, no questions. There is still the eq to finish. Simultaneous/local ??? The many from one. Remember, it is a loction/navigation w respect to the Bowtie line = both ends simultaneously.

Dan: 31-Aug-2010 09:09:48
"Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy." Dwight D. Eisenhower .

Dan: 28-Aug-2010 07:52:16
Eq: We locate ourselves between two boundaries with a 'no can go direction' and a preferred direction on or ahead of M surface. M twists back on itself forced by 'no can go direction' = violate conservation. Prefered direction is towards a 'split', a replication by sub-division; but subdivision does not catch what is going on. When a M divides it expands in circuference and surface area. Maybe call the process 'expand by division' while not fiolating conservation with respect to base input.

Dan: 27-Aug-2010 09:02:20
"Do we Earthlings deserve to live, deserve to be helped by the E-Ts and thus me?" The answer is of course, a resounding yes. I, you, the E-Ts are duty bound as self life lovers; since we live by XC. I, We just have to ask them to help the right way. So what is the way???? Use the List, that has to be key. Ask, "Will you help us verify that Earth faces a mortal danger?".

Dan: 27-Aug-2010 08:44:43
I have spent the last year trying to get out of doing this disconnection with a whole heart like my "we are too bad to live" ala Avatar. We make our future always, that is what staying alive requires. There is always an out, always at least two alternatives, you just have to see the 'split' that creates the alternative, starting with the opposite possibility. Anyway, I can't wiggle off the hook, it is do or die as life always depends on adapting, adjusting, improvising to change the "particular circumstances of time and place" Hayek, in a way that keeps Us alive.

Dan: 21-Aug-2010 10:28:08
But we are all copies of God = little Moebiuses, just not big enough or old enough to be self-aware; so is Mother earth self-aware, as we life forms aggregate many independent cells symbiotically?

Dan: 20-Aug-2010 00:11:42
[b]Why this well from hell?[/b] Mother Earth is using us to try and kill off over half the biomass on the planet in less than one year beginning July 16, 2011. To use us this way means we are not very conscious of what is really going on.

Dan: 18-Aug-2010 00:46:26
New problem w BP well. There is something causing a plug. They are worried about over pressure???? On Drudge. "Final Gulf oil well 'kill' plan on hold amid pressure fears", "WASHINGTON (AFP) – A long-standing deadline for sealing the ruptured Gulf of Mexico well deep below the seabed will be missed as US officials and BP tackle concerns about debris lodged in the well. BP and US government representatives had hoped to complete a "bottom kill" procedure and officially pronounce the well dead by mid-August, but the US pointman on the oil spill response said Monday the bid was on hold. Admiral Thad Allen said that an earlier successful process sealing the well from above may have wedged cement between two layers of casing, trapping leaked crude inside the void.".xxxxx In short, they don't know what is going on. Come on, please give us a plugged well for real.

Dan: 17-Aug-2010 16:45:49
Obama is self destructing. a perfect opportunity to show he is for the first amendment and religious freedom and he temporizes. He is an empty suit.

Dan: 15-Aug-2010 01:27:47
Why does BP well still leak? Since they expected 9000 psi after capping well, but got 6450 psi rising slowly to 7000 pse; then there are three possibilities. 1. a leak with a grindup from bottom that reduces weight of oil/gas in well bore above intake; 2. no leak, but field pressure is increasing; 3. A leak, but rock formation is gradually sealing itself off implying exponential pressure increase as formation seals off. The second possibility, field pressure increasing gradually seems unlikely in any biotic field, where 2#psi per hour would be fast I would think. Whereas an abiotic field = very very large would be constant implying possibility one = A big leak!!

Dan: 13-Aug-2010 11:42:37
Changed "How We Life Forms Measure Personal Value and Thus the General Welfare" to " How We Measure The General Welfare With We Life Forms Common Measure of Personal Value."

Dan: 13-Aug-2010 11:33:33
Todos: 1. Write " Why BP well still has a leak."; 2. " Why we will lose over half our army in afghanistan should Israel attack Iran.". 3. "Why we are co-equal pieces of God.".

Dan: 13-Aug-2010 00:15:31
Obama is upset because "professional leftists" critcize him. My oh my, we live in a Boss Party state, not a democracy.

Dan: 10-Aug-2010 09:32:53
The numberw do not make sense on the BP well. Given my calculations are correct shown in my BP well topics; then the cementing could not have occurred as they say. BP spokesman says it went out ogf intake and up annulus??? Agains 100,000 field psi??? How about out a deep leak at 14,000 feet, a weak point they said sometime ago. Once they cement it; then the gusher from the leakm first seen as seeoage could appear miles (1.83) mile away seep) perhaps; then they can say it is natural. "What, who me!". They evade liability. Need to get BP well oil analyzed, that must surely have been done; then compare with nearby seeps we will see.

Dan: 07-Aug-2010 06:49:18
"Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge." Abraham Joshua Heschel

Dan: 07-Aug-2010 06:43:28
"Man is a messenger who forgot the message." Abraham Joshua Heschel

Dan: 07-Aug-2010 06:41:36
"Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself." Abraham Joshua Heschel

Dan: 07-Aug-2010 06:40:13
"Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason." Abraham Joshua Heschel

Dan: 06-Aug-2010 17:33:31
BP cemented well without waiting to finish relief well which they say is four feet away. The new cap was holding?? Relief well was that close quite some time ago. They do not want to finish relief well because they can't?? This has a bad smell to it. May I be wrong.

Dan: 05-Aug-2010 10:19:12
BP well new top kill, all I hear is silence. 2000 barrel well bore capacity = 84,000 gallons times 13.5 lbs cment capacity per gallon = 1,134,000 lbs of cement in bore. Too much pressure to plug with a leak.

Dan: 03-Aug-2010 10:32:08
Equation premise: Transaction Costs for exchanges(XCs) between us are how we can see how the Natural Laws of our universe affect us staying alive.

Dan: 26-Jul-2010 00:14:21
On BP well, a wee4ks delay at 36' per day grind up is 252' minimum up. My oh my, we shall see. Now all I pray for is another wrong prediction.

Dan: 25-Jul-2010 23:03:26
"He who is taught to live upon little owes more to his father's wisdom than he who has a great deal left him does to his father's care." William Penn

Dan: 18-Jul-2010 02:21:00
Market is starting to crash, the news has truly been awful. Even the govt totally bogus statistics are showing the accelerating contraction.

Dan: 09-Jul-2010 04:43:14
"Doing is a quantum leap from imagining." Barbara Sher

Dan: 08-Jul-2010 17:17:32
Eq. To only see 90 degrees Euclidean as a Moebius geometry spirit is the base assumption and implies all else.

Dan: 29-Jun-2010 09:44:28
Equation: We predict our future location based on info from past arriving at c, To live we must change positions = move to stay alive = faster/slower than present position trajectory. Ergo the position of the observer must be off or just on = tangent to surface = sense position w respect to two Bowtie points on ends of Bowtie line. Entanglement means psir points can not be over 90 degrees Euclidean rotation of surface from each other.

Dan: 29-Jun-2010 05:10:06
Equation: Four things need to be tied together, 1. The area of simultaneous NOW that we all share(see eq. fopr maximum surface area of Moebius), 2. balance between two sides surface of M is done in h-bar no matter the distance apart implied by simultaneous(a side is with respect to an observer), 3, area where light has not reached observer from yet, 4. we look backwards in time coming at us as light at at c.

Dan: 25-Jun-2010 23:20:02
This is the crux of our predicament: "What is the worst crime in a democracy?" When we are equals be definition with equat inalienable rights and equanls before the our elected Laws; then not enforcing felony Laws on leaders is totally destructive to the durvival of democracy and equal rights. Here is where I must attack.

Dan: 20-Jun-2010 03:46:44
It is apparent that BP's and Obama's only plan is to wait for relief wells, use dispersant, and collect as much as they can with top hat. They just had to shut that down for 10 hours for "maintenance". Please do not let it erode up from intake. BP went cheap every step of the way. Once it gets outside of casing below relief wells we are screwed, and that is assuming relief wells can work which is doubtful.

Dan: 18-Jun-2010 02:15:04
I need to put in a followup on contract proposal.

Dan: 18-Jun-2010 02:14:25
The BP president looked deeply depressed. I also suspect he knows how bad this could get.

Dan: 15-Jun-2010 06:24:29
contract proposal to Deepwaterhorizon.com to plug and control well flow submitted today.

Dan: 14-Jun-2010 08:40:45
Equation entry. We brace against ourselves, turn basck upon ourselves withe respect to bowtie line, thus we have automatic plus/minus, matter/anti-matter balance. Only the direction of opposition matters. Are we left or right hand?

Dan: 12-Jun-2010 06:16:04
"To execute great things, one should live as though one would never die." Luc de Clapier

Dan: 10-Jun-2010 11:16:21
We may finally get a baseline well output measre on BP spill.

Dan: 07-Jun-2010 10:05:15
BP has delaiberately chosen not to measure well flow. That is criminal since the intake is eroding wider open. The field will certainly unszip on us like the Yellowstone Caldera and cause among other things a masive firestorm when the natural gas ignites, probably by lightening. BP thinks not measurig exempts themj from Liability, no it is criminal. See Washington Post May 14, 2010 '5,000 or 26,000 Barrels a day: Size of gulf oil spill is a guesstimate': "BP, however, could try to measure the flow directly with off-the-shelf instruments routinely used in research on deep-sea hydrothermal vents and cold hydrocarbon seeps, according to scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They said devices that can essentially take a sonogram of the plume could be strapped to one of the robotic submarines that BP has deployed around the damaged well. "You can use this type of technique to determine the velocity of the particles, and if you know what the area is, it's relatively straightforward mathematics to determine what the volume is," said Andy Bowen, director of the National Deep Submergence Facility at Woods Hole. BP representatives have spoken extensively with Woods Hole scientists about using scientific instruments to measure the flow. But a BP spokesman, David Nicholas, said the company has decided to focus on stopping the leak rather than measuring it. "I don't think an estimate of the flow rate would change either the direction or the scale of our response to it," Nicholas said. "

Dan: 31-May-2010 20:49:37
How we can use Gulf wells own pressure 70,000 PSI to stop oil flow. I asked Sam Hanson how would he do it. Sam is a master machinist and tool and jug maker. Among other things, he builds fixes for the boats seen in Deadliest Catch. He answered immediately, "Use the wells own pressure to seal it.". "How?" I asked. Make a cone with a base of 17" tapering up to 4-6+ a few feet long. Use a hydralic rod on small end to push it big end first down the well. Next, we build a 'female cone' that our male cone can fit into. Make female in loosely attached sections like an orange with serrated edges where it would rub up against pipe wall. Push 'female' cone down over male cone. Release hydralic pressure on rod holding male cone in place. The pressure from oil coming up will push 'male' cone into female thereby pushing serrated 'femal;e' ; cone outer edges up against well wall with great pressure. The pressure will hold this plut in place. I would make the serrations at an angle to well wall so the force would attempt to corscrew this plug up making it even tighter. Sam says he can make in 3-4 days with proper makchine shop. He knows which ones have gig enoug tools to do the job here in Seattle. The forces involved are enormous which makes. 250 square inches of pipe opening area times 70,000 PSI = 17,500,000 lbs of upward pressure that will wedge our cones into pipe walls. There will be a little leakage arolund the edges of sections of female cone, probably around 5%.

Dan: 28-May-2010 08:11:41
The "top hat" can only make things worse. Once they slow or stop flow for a bit the pressure rises to 70k psi throughout system. Any weak points blow out and there must be many by now. God help us if the intake hole at bottom enlarges. The whole resovoir 100 x 50 miles would erupt on us until pressure equalizes.

Dan: 28-May-2010 08:03:14
Market did what I expected, nice rally to short.

Dan: 24-May-2010 09:13:28
Almost a certainty oil spill blows out big, and goes catastrophic on us. I think there is only one way to stop it, and that will take months. We are going to get a lesson in letting our sworn leaders get away with not enforcing our Liability laws upon corporations.

Dan: 19-May-2010 22:45:34
“He who defends everything defends nothing.” – Frederick the Great our housing market is an example.

Dan: 17-May-2010 04:13:06
We have potential for a gap open to downside Monday. 10537 was low Friday on DJ; so anything decisively below 10500 makes the pattern. These gaps will not fill until this market if fundamentally reformed. The thieves must be prosecuted, the liars must be outed or we all die.

Dan: 16-May-2010 10:06:20
In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another. Voltaire

Dan: 15-May-2010 14:09:28
Signs of waking up, but can adversity unmake monsters?

Dan: 14-May-2010 04:17:24
Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters. Victor Hugo

Dan: 13-May-2010 11:06:49
Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. Albert Einstein

Dan: 13-May-2010 04:39:28
Sent Vatical Observatory email today.

Dan: 13-May-2010 02:12:08
The trillion dollar bailout of Europe with $500 billion of US money is going to kill us. Congress is completely complicit in this bank fraud visited upon us. The govt statistics are all lies. We are screwed and when this collapses I pray we wake up.

Dan: 10-May-2010 07:50:32
I have the first sentence. The concept of the 3MS is spreading and understood.

Dan: 08-May-2010 20:42:20
Volume increase on Monday and market is in full crash mode.

Dan: 05-May-2010 20:09:36
Time to send Vatican email.

Dan: 19-Apr-2010 05:07:53
time is always measured from a single observer's point that sums up where you sit on the surface of the NOW.

Dan: 15-Apr-2010 11:26:35
I wrote out equation in one stroke tonight. It drips implications.

Dan: 15-Apr-2010 04:17:12
"Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government." Thomas Jefferson

Dan: 12-Apr-2010 07:37:29
I just put my argument togeter on FP. Sum pu. Morally obligated not help stop A-M debt unless we show by election we are no l;onger a 3MS.

Dan: 11-Apr-2010 04:20:09
David Brooks · 2 days ago "Alan Greenspan famously bragged that what has caused quiescence among labor union members when it comes to striking for higher wages or even for better working conditions is the fear of being fired and being unable to meet their mortgage and credit card payments. One paycheck away from homelessness, or a downgraded credit rating leading to soaring interest charges, has become a formula for labor management." "...until they trace effect to cause, until they see how they are fettered... their struggles and outcries are in vain. Till they use the reason with which they have been gifted, nothing can avail. For them (men) there is no special providence." Henry George

Dan: 10-Apr-2010 07:41:33
We stop being a Three Monkey Society(3MS) or die; it is as simple as that. The E-Ts nor I could let loose a 3MS loose between the stars. It would be ethically equivalent to releasing ebola in 100 airline terminal hubs simultaneouly upon Earth. We grow up or die; it is azs simple as that. Fortunaltely, we can prove we are not a 3MS anymore by electing only leaders who will NOT tolerate any sworn leader committing a felony, by deed. We stop our leaders committing the most heinous crikme of all, and we get the help we need from the E-Ts to disconnect our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M).

Dan: 09-Apr-2010 20:45:50
from Magna Carta, paragraph 39: No freeman shall be captured or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go against him or send against him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.

Dan: 08-Apr-2010 08:25:14
There is no distinction made between pulic and private courses of action in our society. It is only private "power" that determinesm the outcome, not what is best for all. Since we life forms can only live by exchange = unconscious symbiosis, we had better wake up to How and When to put We 1st. It is ordinal, specific to the actual cir(edited)stances.

Dan: 04-Apr-2010 10:58:50
No 1st Cost sisters and brothers.

Dan: 04-Apr-2010 10:58:15
Nietzsche, "All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values." Friedrich Nietzsche

Dan: 04-Apr-2010 10:53:05
Nietzsche, "All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses." Friedrich Nietzsche

Dan: 03-Apr-2010 23:25:33
? at end of previous MT: Why does surface of M = the NOW always turn in same direction = times arrow runs in one direction? Ans: As independent Ms we cut through base surface of our large M universe at 90 degrees inplying our 'twist' are allosed to face in only one direction with respect to large M surface. So how do the twists face, left or right with respect to one another??

Dan: 02-Apr-2010 11:30:08
Been rereading Palle Yourgrau on Goedel and Einstein. The "geometrization" of time is what they failed at. Goedel was right, our 'intuitive = primitive = felt sense of what time is' can not be defined, but it can be described with the right geometry, i.e. a Moebius strip; but more importantly by explicitly including where the "observer" or creator of a M must sit to see itself(s). We must sit outside = off the big M universe's surface and as independent Mobius strips we go through at 90 degrees. Time passes because when we are in a body we are anchored into the surface of space time. So question: Why does surface of M = the NOW always turn in same direction = times arrow runs in one direction?

Dan: 29-Mar-2010 00:23:43
Eg. h-bar and c are both constants. h-bar between sides of surface where all info(entangled particles and anything that drops to zero with respect to c) goes up to 90 degrees around surface twist of M in h-bar and c across surface. Relating these two constants is the clue to eq.

Dan: 29-Mar-2010 00:20:57
Despair is setting in. Paul Craig Roberts wrote a "Goodbye" article. He says no one seems to want to speak the truth. Clearly some of us do and we will win.

Dan: 26-Mar-2010 09:32:01
Market: they are going to wring oput the last dfollar from people. Another week. bonds are starting to shake. Once Greece is forced into default as the Germans must, then there goes the US and then China. The chaos will be a sight to behold, and the anger will follow.

Dan: 23-Mar-2010 09:44:02
To see the jump this July 16 in planetary spirit line we need to look at 90 degrees, i.e. perpendicular to absolute zero. We see these frequencies in Kirlizn photography, but to measure them precisely we have to look where a life forms spirit goes through the surface of what we see = perpindicular. Why the cold is the question, I hunched this last night after waking from a dream. In one sense that is like dropping down to zero with respect to c.

Dan: 22-Mar-2010 09:17:50
Conservation implies movement, movement implies times arrow runs in one direction, but that means we(like our universe) predicts, knows the future at some base level. That be "God". So as chips off the block, are we defined as Leibniz's Monads? Free will would imply so.

Dan: 16-Mar-2010 13:56:44
I have the key to the equation: what is it that spirits "eat" geometrically = objectively = scientifically to create lifeforms that increase the surface area of past 4-D space-time? Once Newton stopped focusing on 'what?' gravity was, and instead asked: how does it work between known objective measurements. i.e. mass and distance between masses; then knowing this "how it works' leads to answering the question, "What causes Gravity?". God does, we do. God can only create life when the universe is conserved; which we must consciously do by acting together to maintain life forms in our universe. We are in "heaven" and there is necessary "love for each other work" to be done. Ignorance is an excuse, we need to start with a general absolution. We spirits = 'copies of God's base geometry' live in a life form, we are physically separated from our past memories and so necessarily "ignorant" or our true nature. A real break in continuous memory is a necessary step to seeing our true nature objectively. How else can we see "How life works for ourselves?". We are all participants in creating God and God can do anything when we choose to 'make it so'.

Dan: 14-Mar-2010 11:23:24
All virtue is summed up in dealing justly. Aristotle

Dan: 13-Mar-2010 10:35:09
The List's base function which leads to real civilization. "Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things." Winston Churchill

Dan: 13-Mar-2010 10:16:51
I couldn't resist. "One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important." Bertrand Russell It is not that my work is terribly important, I do that because I love the discovering and it is useful to the rest of you should you decide to survive. At first I thought it important, at least for me and mine's survival, but now that it is up to the 'rest of you', I get to finish the 'equation' that describes our location in our Moebius universe just for myself.

Dan: 13-Mar-2010 09:57:12
Market did a another 45 point trading range on low volume. I think the people who bought this market up are left holding the bag. They forgot the one thing you must do to actually make money with stocks, you have to sell them first; otherwise they are just a number on a ledger.

Dan: 09-Mar-2010 10:31:44
Thr stock market did the strangest price/volume action I have ever seen. Only a 45 pt DJ trading range while staying between 7-8 up to 7-8 down on the print. A knocked flat line that held -7 until less than 5 minutes to close, then finished down in a rush at -13 plus.

Dan: 08-Mar-2010 13:33:43
The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once. Albert Einstein

Dan: 08-Mar-2010 12:18:29
"In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same." Albert Einstein

Dan: 08-Mar-2010 11:56:23
My God Three Monkey Society(3MS) leaders are predictable. The "Hurt Locker" wins best picture. They hate Avatar's message that "we are brutish life destroying exploiters.". Three Monkey Society leaders are just that, brutal life destroying exploiters, and they own the major media lock, stock, and barrel. As the Ice Save vote in Iceland shows, over 98% of us do not want to be forced to pay off someone elses fraudulent stupid loan, most especially crooked loans made by corporations and banks run by 3MS leaders. What they are doing is in your face stealing of innocent people's money and livelihoods, nay they by ignoring and lying, steal any possibility of a civilization based upon equal application of our laws against stealing. The best you can say about a free citizen of a democracy that would put up with that is, not very bright.

Dan: 07-Mar-2010 07:19:56
Describing our situation winds up forcing me to look very carefully at myself. As usual, I am at my margin of incompetence.

Dan: 01-Mar-2010 11:26:33
Crash looks imminent, could be key reversal day tomorrow. The smaller aAsian countries are raising interest rates. China has reaised resrve requirements and sold dollars, both massively deflationary. Whose currency will hold?

Dan: 01-Mar-2010 08:03:07
The certain objective implication of what Goedel proved: Niall Ferguson at Information Clearing House.info in 'Empires On The Edge Of Chaos', "Some theorists of complexity would go so far as to say that complex systems are wholly nondeterministic, meaning that it is impossible to make predictions about their future behavior based on existing data.". xxxx What Ferguson said implies saying this, 'I(we) don't know what causes these collapses.'. As Goedel proved, then we need to objectively = by deed change and/or add to our "theoretical description" to eliminate the unexplained. Discovering the needed 'objective logical premise and/or changes' describes exactly what scientists have to do to achieve the objective public purpose of science: To create a theory(logical structure organized by objective cause and effect) that ultimately makes perfect objective predictions. Perfection being what it is, we won't run our of work, and it can pay well.

Dan: 28-Feb-2010 08:32:06
The question for our elected representatives is simple: Why are we borrowing money to buy what is known to be BAD Paper? Why am I being ask to pay off a private party or business or governments Stupid loan. We will bankrupt ourselves and our children and destroy this countru unless we make our elected representatives stop this criminal activity now.

Dan: 25-Feb-2010 04:09:43
No way I can let us die without a try. But I can not give FTL to our 3MS leaders, put in hands of privae interests means you can not trust them to not try to save themselves and leave the rest of us in the lurch. Help, I need help so lets ask for it. Besides, I don't have the eq. finished, but I do have its symbols and its form.

Dan: 22-Feb-2010 12:25:04
Anyway you slice the E-T warning message: Either they don't know how to do a disconnect; or they do know how. But out of necessity, and morality arises directly from necessity; in either case, a Three Monkey Society(3MS) can not be let loose upon other life bearing planets. The reason is clear why the E-Ts would not under any circumstances show us how to do FTL. 3MS leaders will save themselves, not us. They always put themselves first. The solution is obvious, end our 3MS. Do the do, we must set an example, George is perfect. I, you, the E-Ts want Earth to live, but not as vicious predators.

Dan: 22-Feb-2010 10:11:08
Why we are individuals but share one mind. Separate but one. We are Moebiuses, the base logic form of God.

Dan: 22-Feb-2010 10:06:22
Speaking on the List is personal. No one else spaks for you. It is for serious things, true things, beautiful things, funny things, the truth, and that is not always easy to see. But we can always try to speak it, so speak from the heart.

Dan: 20-Feb-2010 10:27:58
Will I be honest with myself? I keep forgetting my first gut hypothesis about E-Ts, "they did not know how to do a disconnection, and so necessarily, they gave the minimal warning"; 'Why ruin the rest of our days?'. Boy I sure still do want to walk away from this. My moral argument boiled down to "quitting is the right moral decision because we will be bad." ///I had to work it out for myself. I have: We(me and E-Ts) have given adequate warning to all of you. Its not my decision now, its your decision. The rest of you will have to decide, I have said enough./// My moral conclusion: Yes we do deserve to live after we "make it happen"; otherwise we all die at the same time. And for life to survive on Earth we have to die in under 100% lumps at a time. Its your move. We can only make it happen using the No 1st Cost List. It is the only way we can talk about this public warning of a preventable total disaster in front of all.

Dan: 20-Feb-2010 09:37:18
"Will we be honest with each other on public matters." The N1CL finds out which of us will be.

Dan: 19-Feb-2010 13:21:12
Fed raised discount rate, China sells $35 bil treasury paper, Obama pulls China's tail feathers, unemployment keeps climbing, housing is collapsing, especially in Seattle, bonds are dropping. $ up, ah the smell of a crash. Yummy!

Dan: 15-Feb-2010 12:26:16
The answer to my personal ethical question on FP. I can not let us die without a try, and neither should the E-Ts. But, this must be done first for us to succeed and obtain E-T help. "We must vote to enforce our Law upon our present and past sworn leaders, then enforce them strictly upon any of these leaders who have broken our present Laws, without exception. Confession and Finking gets you some time off, not all.". Adapt, adjust, improvise, make it happen. This goes to What Must Be Done.

Dan: 15-Feb-2010 07:43:38
Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right. Isaac Asimov

Dan: 14-Feb-2010 15:04:03
The top of Front Page is turning out very interesting. When you are a spirit that knows life is created by No First Cost XCs then, my ethical obligations are to all life, not just life on Earth. But life is local, so only an absolute margin would ever raise the question that you should put your duty and loyalty to your planet second to life on planets elsewhere. This question has been hanging over me since Christmas. Our choice is simple, we publivcly agree to enforce our Law upon leaders and govern ourselves by No First Cost or we have to be let die. A disconnection is above all, a conscious, deliberate action requiring conscious cooperation of, at a minimum, the one who knows how to do the disconnection. We have had thousands of years to grow up, and as the Maya showed, apparently only extermination eliminates Three Monkey Society leaderships from any kind of "pecking order organized" big government.

Dan: 12-Feb-2010 09:18:35
Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. Albert Einstein

Dan: 09-Feb-2010 06:22:28
Market has broken, they can not figure out who they can sell their excess debt to. beautirul fan shaped top in dailyu to day, the '8' has started. The Fed has stopped buying, they can not add to balance sheet as they zre being sured and audited. the skinning has begun. God willing.

Dan: 07-Feb-2010 11:36:37
Accountable to all life, not just life on Earth, that is the implication of discovering and showing why there is a most heinous crime in a democracy, i.e. any sworn leader tolerating, ignoring, helping, or covering up another sworn leader's crime. In a democracy we are free willed equals before the Law, just as we are in the eyes of God. Self aware civilization is based upon its citizens all knowing what the worst crime is, because it defines objectively our responsibilities to each other. By inspection, a planet or society that does not publicly choose to enforce this Law ruthlessly upon their criminal leaders once this worst crime is publicly discovered has chosen to be pathologically anti-life.

Dan: 06-Feb-2010 09:46:47
To FP, my entry thesis. "Why Democrats, especially Obama are showing by their deliberate inactions that they are consciously committing the worst crime possible in a democracy. It is each citizens fundamental civic duty to remove these heinous criminals from office and prosecute them ASAP."

Dan: 04-Feb-2010 12:15:43
Goedel showed that it took a piece of your mind = your physical base self(spirit) to think/see yourself, necessarily leaving part of yourself unseen thus proving you could always see/think something true you could not prove or predict apriori. That is obviously true, yet can easily create a way to see ourselves accurately by creatingt "Objective facts and observations = scientific observations organized logically by cause and effect. Yes we can, Goedel's proof only works for individuals who work alone = not conscious that we can lonly stay alive by exchange.

Dan: 03-Feb-2010 13:29:07
Liberty is what this is about: Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves." Henry David Thoreau

Dan: 03-Feb-2010 13:20:34
The question I answered if we prefer life to death: "All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values." Friedrich Nietzsche

Dan: 02-Feb-2010 13:17:21
Sent to: Geoff Haselhurst & Karene Howie at spaceand motion.com, "Hi, you are right, but that raises this question: a base activity, a base cause to all phenomena implies, "How does a base causal activity in a "circle based geometry universe" objectively(eye witness verified) work(show cause and effect subject to public challenges from anyone = real science), and how do we write the base equation that generates this geometry from itself, apriori; which will show us the fundamental causal edges of creating and maintaining life in our eternal universe. My name is Dan Alter. I am a scientist. I try to discover equations that describe heretofore unexplained phenomena. I have more than one under my belt. There is a base equation that describes where we are and how we can move about within our Moebius Strip Geometry universe. Writing this eq. means we can describe how we create life through exchanges between one another. It is near the tip of my tongue. You can go here http://www.no1stco stlist.com/index.p hp to the only possible public scientific internet interface. A question would be nice. I have been putting off reading about Leibniz and thus about you. Thank you, clearly and beautifully said. "

Dan: 02-Feb-2010 11:02:34
Three Monkey Society(3MS) leaders are aless than 10% of population, it is our ignorance of how they sieze control of a government and society that maintains them in existence coupled with unconscious own cost minimization. Most people are honest and want to do the right thing. The E-Ts have judged us to be ignorant savages and will let us die unless I do my job. Faint heart never won fair lady nor filled a flush.

Dan: 31-Jan-2010 05:52:06
The 2nd para Top FP starts with a question, "Why won't other sworn public leaders agree to be acfountable to All with the eitght of us?

Dan: 28-Jan-2010 14:48:34
Up until Christmas, i was pushing hard to get our astronomers to verify the asteroid conjunction(s). Now I can not make myself finish. I have a moral problem, should I do the disconnection?

Dan: 28-Jan-2010 14:32:25
Are Three Monkey Society acting consciously. The answer I am afraid is no. Our leaders are just as much Own Time Cost Minimizers as our ordinary honest citizens; BUT they have "shoving accountability for the costs of their actions onto others" down pat.

Dan: 27-Jan-2010 14:53:29
The reason that this warning of a certain objectively verifiable catastrophic danger to Earth that can be prevented has not been verified is because we are governed by a 3MS.

Dan: 27-Jan-2010 14:46:23
Why would anyone choose to be accountable to everyone else for their public words and related deeds? For choosing to do that is a moral choice, a doing and choosing between good/bad, a plus/minus good for all public words and deeds. Ergo, to promote the General Welfare. Later we can discuss the crossover between public and private, but for now Public = starting with true accessible by anyuone public record kept in continuous increasing sequence clock based upon the best and highest frequency substance available = the best clock we can make. This public recording interface for our reports and the questions, challenges, and ultimately confirmatios or rejections is a No 1st Cost List. The second thing we must have to make this an objective moral choice is the answer to a two part question: First, what is this objective measure and since moral choices take place through time, then how do we meassure it with a clock? The second part is how do we use this measure? The Objective Measure of Value Creat4d by Exchange is of course Your Time Alive In Your Body(anybody out there not normally prefer staying alove right now?) = One unit of Time Alive per unit Time as mesured by the speed of light = c. Noitce we just plugged ourselves into e=mc^. Since your Time alive is common to everything your life form does; then the real auestion is, How do we each use the 24 hours a day we all count our units of time alive with? Why JUST AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, because when you take to long to get what you need to stay alive with, you bdie. You my fellow life form, are an uncoscious Own Time Cost Minimizer, and uncoscious as we all know, is a good way to become dead quickly. I have an Objective Warnig for you to check out.

Dan: 24-Jan-2010 12:11:58
Edit top FP, added lead in to def of "objective&qu ot;. Finish with why we are a society lead by psychpaths, = we are uncivil = tolerate most heinous crime, remedy, prosecute them now.

Dan: 24-Jan-2010 01:27:15
Market is going down on increasing volume. Ain't elections wonderful. Next the filibuster goes and then, smash. The people are going to crush our Three Monkey society leaders. We will see. Our ony chance of pulling off a disconnection.

Dan: 16-Jan-2010 09:11:22
This Massachusetts senatorial election may be our precipitating event. The Republican is up 50 to 46%. Everyone is seeing it as a referendum on Dems healthcare, it is; but more fundamentally, it is on dems not enforcing accountability and the bailouts and sell outs. My oh my, will Obama and dems get religion and put some 3MS leaders in jail. Methinks so. Ain't elections wonderful. The market will despise this.

Dan: 15-Jan-2010 11:04:54
Our citizens are starting to realize accountability starts at the top. Liability must be enforced upon leaders.

Dan: 13-Jan-2010 11:09:29
Strange, I made the crucial change on FP, I changed you to I. Plus some good news on our public discourse, On gay marriage, some consrvatives are arging the 'equal protection' clause of constitution. How nice.

Dan: 11-Jan-2010 07:28:11
Eq. Start at zero, end at zero.

Dan: 04-Jan-2010 13:28:37
We either pull together, or we die together.

Dan: 24-Dec-2009 15:48:20
Space.com moved "Which two..." to Unexplained forum. Ugh!, I wish they would grow up. Bite my tongue. They asked some rational questions at least.

Dan: 23-Dec-2009 00:15:15
Posted "Which two asteroids are shown in conjunction in 'Missing Earth" to space.com in Ask the Astronomer forum.

Dan: 20-Dec-2009 07:52:08
I figured out what the E-Ts want from us to help us. It is, of course the last thing our leaders will want to do. Doing it stops the "Great Game" our Three Monkey Society leaders are playing with we little people and it surely prevents any future leaders from attacking another planet. Unless we do figure this out for ourselves and do it, no help, and we fry. Necessity demands the E-Ts act this way. We would do the exact same thing in their shoes.

Dan: 15-Dec-2009 09:15:30
This has always been about crime; what is it, how do we minimize it?

Dizfunkshunal: 12-Dec-2009 20:10:28
You still alive?

Dan: 10-Dec-2009 05:44:02
The "How To find two asteroids..." is getting better. I pray for the 2009 conjunction.

Dan: 09-Dec-2009 03:35:29
The more I think about it, the more likely the conjunction occurred on July 16, 2012. This means no second conjunction and that is more consistent with the E-Ts behavior, which is to leave the soon to be dead one in the bed at the far end of the ward and say as little as possible to them. No second conjunction = no precise when = we have to do another kind of measurement asap. Will know whether 2009 or 2012 within a day or two. The rest of you keep letting me find my own wrong predictions. I guess that is a Thank God.

Dan: 08-Dec-2009 12:03:52
Consider all the possibilities. That's what Einstein did not do, in fact he explicitly rejected the set of possibilities I am using to expand Relativity. Methinks my desire for a second conjunction blinded me to the possibility that the conjunction is for 2012. We will soon know. That will change things. We need interplanetary FTL for sure fast and we need to measure FR fast by 2010 July 16, 2010 jump. we have to tack down when within 1/2400th of a second.

Dan: 07-Dec-2009 08:58:36
All you people who knowingly tolerate people " ...who knowingly give untruthful public information." . Not very bright. By definition you cannot be a real scientist, or honest citizen.

Dan: 06-Dec-2009 11:15:02
Final title: "Which two asteroids does the Longwood-Warren, aka the "Missing Earth" crop circle show in conjunction?" . When it is an exact to scale replica of the parts of the solar system it shows., it is easy.

Dan: 01-Dec-2009 10:20:55
Figured out how to measure actual diameter of asteroids from size circle for asteroids shown in Missing earth circle. E-Ts had to have multiplied actual diameter of asteroids by some constant factor for us to see them in ME, probably about 10,000 or 2^13 to one km of diameter.

Dan: 30-Nov-2009 15:11:50
I think the second conjunction is at 6 o'clock, not 12. The BC circle turned clockwise, the ME counterclockwise. We are in the last three years of a unit of three years. so when you do a "head to toe mirror" of ME; then you still see conjunction at 9 o'clock but the 6 becomes a 12 0'clock and times arrow goes clockwise, in three 1 year jumps = last three year unit, instead of 9 which equals 3 of the E-T time units.

Dan: 28-Nov-2009 00:49:13
The "Which two asteroids in conjunction in Longwood-Warren"; article should be done by Sunday. I will follow my own directions to show them th emean of the 65 asteroids orbit.

Dan: 25-Nov-2009 01:22:50
Finishing up "Which two asteroids are used for conjunction shown in Longwood-Warren&qu ot; article, maybe a topic. Must post to space.com asap. Probably another 3-4 hours of work.

Dan: 20-Nov-2009 10:29:12
I am starting Preliminary Patent App for FTL. I must talk about how in public.

Dan: 16-Nov-2009 10:11:12
Space.com forums have been very useful. They are most unused to someone using their handles((no real names, afraid?) and quoting them when answering. The only real way to teach how to do science is by example.

Dan: 12-Nov-2009 10:40:42
A rise in the dollar will cause massive short covering as we have a 97% bearish reading on dollar. market collapses and a specific sequence of large in quick succession price changes will occur.

Dan: 08-Nov-2009 19:48:33
Aha, we have FTL. I woke up from a dream and realized how. Einstein's "missed implication" was that he did not recognize that his train example showed us "how to measure how fast we are going with respect to the speed of light". I deduced that dropping down to zero c meant we would drop down between two sides Moebius universe surface. We see E-T ships blink in and out of sight, jumping a distance between disappearance/reappearances. So the question is: How do E-Ts drop to zero c almost instantly?? I know the answer and it is patentable.

Dan: 08-Nov-2009 00:40:25
Should I write "Proof that Bush did 9-11"? Is it a distraction or a necessity? Our conservation debt is about accountability, and until we hold our leaders accountable in public, we will not cooperate to do a disconnection. We can not be fighting wars while preparing for a disconnection. No fighting between ourselves while facing a common danger. We are spirits = this is a spiritual = ethical problem. Our collective focused intent is needed. I can point out where the wormhole opening is and the moment to do the drop through it; but hitting that 'instant'; requires prayerful focus by the vast majority to work. We all share in our survival or die in disunity.

Dan: 06-Nov-2009 07:46:55
Once I rewrite a new Einstein article, I have to send the "verify conjunctions" out to astronomers. I hate the thought, it would be so nice to be wrong.

Dan: 04-Nov-2009 07:03:39
A nice rest, figured out where and why Einstein wrong. By inspection, the speed of light is our base frame of reference as it is a constant with respect to all observers, and Einstein with his own train example, the "Missed Implication" showed us how to measure our speed with respect to c.

Dan: 26-Oct-2009 20:25:00
Hits are way up. Seem to be cataloging bots.Nothing on pictures. Must start bugging astronomers next week.

Dan: 24-Oct-2009 08:30:22
The third postulate: derived from "Einstein's Missed Implication". It is required to give relativity its base reference frame.

Dan: 23-Oct-2009 10:33:08
Einstein had two postulates he rested his analysis on: c is a constant with respect to all observers; and the laws of physics stay the same in all non accelerated frames of reference. The third postulate gives us our basic frame of reference. At zero c, we drop between between two sides Moebius surface. Ergo, we sit at the boundary between where light has reached us from elsewhere/and not reached us yer. Thus we only go between two sides to where light has not reached us yet.

Dan: 20-Oct-2009 03:29:38
Eq theorem: There is a unigue non-intersecting shortest line between any two non exact opposite, not more than 90 degrees rotatioin away, opposite side pairpoints on a Moebius.

Dan: 20-Oct-2009 03:23:27
Eq marches to a 3/4 beat. How we use the unmoved mover/keeps everything separated, i.e. zero is the key, open close, stop start, its the taking turns. What takes turns?, = stop start.

Dan: 19-Oct-2009 08:41:46
Equation models the relationship between observer/actor/causer and 4-D reality. Once you answer how the actor does it with "three dimensions" that are not the the same as our 4-d dimensions; then you have the relationship eq. models. It is simple, just not obvious. Once we tie which one of the the "3-D actor Ds moves space time we have navigation with respect to the bowtie point in a Moebius universe.

Dan: 15-Oct-2009 12:55:00
Tightening up. Hits way up. Who will ask the first question?

Dan: 13-Oct-2009 06:25:14
Front page is getting there, much shorter. tada.

Dan: 03-Oct-2009 23:01:43
Took a week off from finishing final edits. Sure felt good, but if I am going to say we are short on time, I better start acting like we are.

Dan: 03-Oct-2009 22:59:44
Looks like the big crash in markets has started. The unemployment numbers are accelerating down, even though they are as usyal, lying through their teeth with the official numbers. The price of exempting anyone from liability is large, it becomes enormous when you exempt groups of people, called corporations from liability. We have (edited)ed all our savings down Coase's No Liability sinkhole.

Dan: 27-Sep-2009 07:10:41
Received an email from RedShift, said wanted to help. That is nice.

Dan: 23-Sep-2009 13:05:18
All I have to do is not push verification of Conj. and nothing will be done. No one will say, " you are not doing your duty to save everyone's life."; just me. I am becoming more curious about what is outside once we are ejected, or do we stay, I don't know. No one wants to look. Well I do, at least we will know if the conjunctions are there. It has to be a we, I can't do it myself, don't know how or have the means, it has to be some astronomers. Stick to your guns Dan, back to the editing.

Dan: 17-Sep-2009 08:18:00
figured out the coordinate system intrinsic to a Moebius with respect to the Bowtie point. Very simple in hindsight.

Dan: 17-Sep-2009 08:16:57
Making a conjunction on the axis plane and not also on the ecliptic plane at the same time is much easier.

Dan: 17-Sep-2009 08:16:03
+I should make clear, the conjunctions are on the vertical planes of the 9 & 12 o'clock axes. They do not need to be in conjunction on the plane of the ecliptic, just the axis plane at the right second.

Dan: 14-Sep-2009 08:39:13
Last detail on aiming point deduced. It is better than no window at all. 1/2400 of a second.

Dan: 10-Sep-2009 11:07:43
Both conjunctions must be "unnatural&qu ot; or we would claim coincidence. We need two because some of us are ignorant and self-serving = short-sighted.

Dan: 10-Sep-2009 07:41:25
My Redshift5 is giving inaccurate orbital info. Back to square one in verifying conjunctions. (edited).

Dan: 31-Aug-2009 21:00:49
Two discoveries on the same day, where the 2nd conjunction is, and why the circle sizes of the asteroids in the Missing Earth crop circle do not match the positions of the asteroids in the ME. The conjunction is exactly laid over the top of the 'vertical axis of our heliocentric astronomical co-ordinate system. That's when we turn into a pumpkin. Gorgeous, tick, tick, bang! With a center to center conjunction exactly on the axis line, we can get when A-M debt comes through to a micro-second. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx The second discovery is how they showed us both orbital radius and the size of each of the 65 asteroids in the ME. The circles representing the asteroids all lie on a circle = mean of their orbits; but actual asteroid orbital radii vary by up to hundreds of million kilometers from one another.xxxxxxxxxxx By dividing the actual diameter of each asteroids radius with what percentage its actual orbit is with respect to mean of the 65 orbit, you adjust size of circle representing asteroid up when asteroid is closer to Sun than mean, or down when it is outside the mean. Now that is slicker than snot. Equation to determine size of circle representing asteroid in Missing Earth is: Actual diameter in kilometers divided by(/}orbital radius percentage of mean; or Diameter/Percentage of Mean = how much adjust circle representing asteroid from one to one proportion. Two birds with one stone; actual orbital location radius and actual diameter with one circle for each asteroid.

Dan: 30-Aug-2009 04:20:28
No wonder I have been predicting a 2nd Conjuction, we could not know precisely when the WH is open.

Dan: 29-Aug-2009 08:59:46
Yes we do need the second conjunction, or another way to measure precisely when. Without it, we can not know when within the .000833 second the wormhole window is open. It a practical necessity unless we want to guess, I don't. We must know when within a microsecond. We do not have the conclusion until the E-Ts show us exactly when. The E-Ts told us what was going to happen and 'how long until' with the Barbary Castle crop circle on July 17, 1991 at about 1:45 AM GMT. They showed us an example of what was going to happen to us with the Shoemaker-Levy comet on July 16, 1998 at 20:13 GMT, exactly 3 sidereal Earth years later(leap year) and then explained the consequences of this Sun explosion with the Missing Earth crop circle which has four July 16ths in it; but the E-Ts have not shown us their conclusion, exactly when to a micro-second. It can only be shown with the 2nd conjunction = they have moved two asteroids to accomplish that = can not be natural = prove to the slow among us that we are being contacted publicly by E-Ts with a very precise warning message, and make our margin of error for the shot we have to make, smaller than the hole we have to hit.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (8-29-09 at about 15:00 PST) That would sure make it easy. The only problem with my assumption above that the E-Ts will show us precisely when, is that we can do this for ourselves by timing the 'jump' of one or both of the July 16, 2110 and 2011 Fixed Ray of our Planetary Spirit. Since the 2nd Conjunction is not necessary for proof of the message, then no 2nd C would mean we have the technology needed in our possession to do the above measurements. That would mean no time to dally. Two working interplanetary 'blinkships' would sure be nice.

Dan: 28-Aug-2009 02:39:51
Now that I have pared the E-T message to its essentials, I don't want to proceed, I want to reflect a bit, pare my words to only the essential.

Dan: 28-Aug-2009 02:37:37
"Smart people learn from their mistakes, while wise people learn from the mistakes of others." My problem is I had no others. A necessary part of being first; but some mistakes are common to all endevours, like ignoring discrepancies.

Dan: 26-Aug-2009 08:44:59
We don't need the 2nd conjunction, it was logically already there = Left hand horizontal axis of "our arbitrarily selected co-or.system". The E-Ts summation part of their warning was to tie it into our logical astronomical description system. A 2nd conjunction is redundant; and if there is one thing our warning message is not, is redundant in any part. The odds of a conjunction falling on the exact 15 sidereal year anniversary of the Shoemaker=Levy comet to the second are enormous between any pair of the 65 asteroids shown in the Missing Earth crop circle on any vector. Add the requirement that the July 16, 2009 conjunction exactly overlay the Left Axis of Our coor system is not possible naturally. Their warning is so beautifully designed, nice IQ test, now are we honest enough to accept it? Can I explain it well enough?

Dan: 25-Aug-2009 05:38:38
"Ptolemy himself, in his Almagest, points out that any model for describing the motions of the planets is merely a mathematical device, and, since there is no actual way to know which is true, the simplest model that gets the right numbers should be used;..." Wikipedia, art. on Heliocentrism. The point is a conjunction on the left horizontal axis of our "paticular selection of axis location' is not chance.

Dan: 23-Aug-2009 09:43:21
Debugging Q&A at last.

Dan: 23-Aug-2009 09:43:01
Removed this from front page. A future topic. "An objective reality is, by definition, a consensual reality. When witnesses are kept honest by Public Challenges they create truthful 'objective'; information for everyone."

Dan: 20-Aug-2009 04:12:01
On what vector from Sun are the Conjunctions? The "Missing Earth" gives the clue by showing us using our point of view through by using our coordinate system; the Left Horizontal Axis of my planetarium program. I believe the North Heliocentric view is looking down from Earth's North at the Greenwich meridian.

Dan: 19-Aug-2009 20:41:57
The E-Ts would have to modify orbits of asteroids to make them match. Ergo, I thought it possible they would have overlapping conjunctions point at Jupiter, but there is nothing close at the time Shoemaker-Levy hit. Hence, the vector chosen is the one where there are two pairs that are closest to overlapping, hence needing least modification. Thus we can see that their orbits have been modified form old orbits. As unmistakable as pointing the overlapped conjunctions at Jupiter's position on July 16, 1994.

Dan: 19-Aug-2009 04:56:59
Caught a two minute error in 2012 time. Reehecked impact time 20:13 not 20:15.

Dan: 16-Aug-2009 03:39:02
The top two purposes of the N1CL are for anyone to give free "objective" reports to all, and to SELL Goods & Services(G&S) to the rest of us, subject to Challenge by Questions From Anyone. For example, I am selling, "Running a conservation debt disconnection." to the governments and people of planet Earth. It will be a N1CL contract. My terms below.

Dan: 15-Aug-2009 01:40:56
After shortening and editing on 11th, I have not wanted to do anything. Before I could always stop, my choice; but now I suspect I will soon be hanging onto the tail of the tiger.

Dan: 12-Aug-2009 03:16:20
I am having a ball playing with the colors.

Dan: 12-Aug-2009 03:08:02
Any "No 1st Cost" based civilization of equals must have a single central place where everyone can meet to resolve their Public differences.

Dan: 11-Aug-2009 08:24:18
Neither real science, nor a civilization of equals can exist without scientists and leaders agreeing to answer Public Challenges from anyone.

Dan: 08-Aug-2009 23:44:26
Finally settled on a headline, "Why & How E-Ts Are Giving Earth A PUBLIC Warning". My salesman father taught me, "Sum up the essence of what you are selling in a headline, and your 'sales pitch' flows logically and your sale is easy.". Also, what your selling has to make your 'prospect; better off = save them time, make them money, ease their life, or don't sell to them.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'd say most of you probably don't want earth to go away on July 16, 2012. In fact, I would bet well over 95% of you would agree with that statement.

Dan: 04-Aug-2009 10:29:43
Every part of our "Warning" ; has been in public, for all or any of us to see. There are five parts, the two crop circles, and three actions Shoemaker-Levy and the two conjunctions. Every part is linked by the Earth sidereal year anniversay date of July 16th or 17th because of our leap year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx thus in public we must answer, which means not through our present structurally corrupt leadership. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx PUBLIC = everyone agrees that we have been warned by E-Ts of what will happen on July 16, 2012, unless we act together to prevent it.

Dan: 29-Jul-2009 02:33:59
Answer to question raised in 2nd MT below. "....each implies a difference that matters.". implies "With respect to what common measure?": Since our two choices are opposite ends of a common measure; ergo, 'either/or choice'. = go/no go = Exactly When. = Where. Ergo, which side of Worm Hole opening we use matters. The E-Ts have told us which side! Thank You.

Dan: 29-Jul-2009 02:23:45
No confirmation back yet from Betty Iorg at "The Astronomical League". We talked for around 30 minutes yesterday, and she agreed to verify conjunctions asap. Sent email with ME link and phone number. I was expecting a delay should the prediction be true. I know how it feels to recognize what the E-Ts are describing.

Dan: 29-Jul-2009 02:15:23
There are two possible 'at the absolute margin' conjunction overlaps: xxxx First, center to center both at full eclipse; xxxx Second, 2012 full eclipse C is centered on center of partial eclipse line of 1st C. Either implies a difference that matters. What are these differences?

Dan: 28-Jul-2009 03:31:49
Edison had over 4500 whacks at building a working light bulb, I doubt I get as many. Notice I say wrong, not mistaken predictions. Mistaken implies you already know the answer. A scientist is trying to figure out the answer, and so uses a method that reveals how much his theoretical predictions differ from reality. Ergo, if you can not show them wrong = falsify them, it ain't science. However getting to the point of making real falsifiable predictions is all imagination, fantasizing, playing, jiggling around, breaking things, making things happen, guessing until you see a line of explanation. That is what Edison did and so do I. At the end you hunch the conclusion and Joila!, discovery happens after a lot of thought and work. Persistence always wins in the end.

Dan: 28-Jul-2009 02:29:22
To have a actual civil society of equals, imposition of real accountability for leaders must begin asap. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Regarding the E-Ts, I suspect their societies already know this is how you run an honest democratic government, and they know we have to figure this out for ourselves. Another question to ask of them.

Dan: 28-Jul-2009 02:16:36
Independent verification of two conjunctions underway.

Dan: 25-Jul-2009 19:50:03
I changed prediction from 2nd C centered over July 16, 2009 overlap line TO centered over 'full eclipse' of first conjunction. That would be much more exact as atronomers can measure center to center of Full Eclipses much more precisely. We need this tacked down to a microsecond.

Dan: 25-Jul-2009 00:12:41
Have calls in to Minor Planet Center at Harvard. Roger Sudbury at MIT referred me.

Dan: 21-Jul-2009 02:01:49
Will send this email to asteonomers:xxxxxxx xx A request to confirm two Asteroid Conjunctions, both occurring on the 15 and 18 year Earth sidereal year anniversary date of the first piece(A) of Shoemaker-Levy striking Jupiter. Both pairs of Asteroids will be from the 65 largest. We have confirmed both conjunctions to within the margin of errof of RedShift's pointer. The first conjunction occurred on July 16, 2009 at about 16:42 UT, the second at about 10:59 UT July 16, 2012. Both will probably be from among the largest 50 asteroids as the 2009 C is. Since the first just occurred on July 16, 2009 at about 16:42 09 UT, we can really refine the time down to well less than a second with some want to. The Shoemaker-Levy impact time has a margin of error of about plus/minus 5 minutes. I can show you the exact vector from the Sun and will attach the link to that picture. The second will occur on the same vector exactly three sidereal years later, July 16, 2012 at 10:59 35.56 UT. The full eclipse point of the second conjunction will be exactly centered on the partial eclipse line of the first conjunction(1/2 to 6/7th) to the microsecond. You can confirm this by refining your observations of the second conjunction's two asteroids orbits. Using a heliocentric view locking on Sun with Earth to your left, the July 16, 2009 conjunction is just above the horizontal coordinate line with Sun as origin. I do not have to tell you what the probability of two Earth year sidereal anniversary overlapping conjunctions is. I am describing a zero probability natural event. What a neat falsifiable prediction. I will explain why I was able to make this prediction when you call. You will be able to get the exact times of these conjunctions a lot closer quickly, and we do need quick. Please independently verify these two conjunctions ASAP. This is very literally a matter of life and death. Dan Alter, a scientist who answers questions in public from anyone about my public assertions.

Dan: 20-Jul-2009 22:51:36
I have discovered some really neat stuff in the last few weeks. FTL here we come. I know how to do it in theory and what it takes to build and navigate a FTL ship. Private investors, not government, may inquire.

Dan: 19-Jul-2009 10:07:29
There are two possible conjunctions at exactly the same vector from the Sun on July 16, 2009 and July 16, 2012, as close as I could tell with Redshift5's pointer. The angle past Earth is the same as seen in the ME circle. It is the last prediction that confirms a theory, built on all the wrong ones you used to get there. Merde!

Dan: 19-Jul-2009 08:57:08
The E-Ts have shown us two Start symbols, the one spoke circle in the Barbary Castle and the first conjunction in Missing Earth. Ergo a circle with one continuous line inside straight or curved, does not need to touch circumference twice. Two symbols after the one spoke, maybe two touch circumference or more means next to last.

Dan: 19-Jul-2009 08:51:57
The syntax used by E-Ts in crop circles is becoming clearer. The seen and the unseen. They only show what they must as the rest is implied. We need a linguist and symbol set solver. What are the rules of the set?

Dan: 19-Jul-2009 08:48:13
The "Third Warning". Premise: When you can cause one conjunction of two asteroids, you can cause another. Ergo, a second conjunction which is a Full Eclipse, dead center = the exact micro second. The first conjunction had to be half eclipse in order to see it, the start of your last unit of time = three years.

Dan: 19-Jul-2009 08:43:39
We did get our "Third Warning", it has been there all along. What a gorgeous elegant warning ritual. It is also an IQ test to see which planetary civilizations are smart enough to figure out the ritual.

Dan: 18-Jul-2009 18:53:15
The 2012 July 16 conjunction should be as close to the vector from the Sun location of the July 16, 2009 conjunction as to make no never mind. They induced a mistaken prediction. Three years feels like an eternity now. It is not, we have a lot to do.

Dan: 17-Jul-2009 19:32:37
My Redshift5 shows a conjunction of Aneas & Myrrha asteroids on July 16, 2012 at 10:59:35 AM UT. The margin of error of my pointer width is 100,000 kilometers of orbital circumference at least. Need to check with astronomers. May be at least one other possibility.

Dan: 17-Jul-2009 07:09:21
Thank God for wrong predictions. We are so lucky I was fooled. The E-Ts did lie, in a sense, but it was needed to show the syntax of their hieroglyphs and convince us of the real date. They are using base 7 = 6 spokes in a circle when you can not use actual positional notation with the circle being the zero combined with a integer symbol beside it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxA PREDICTION follows::::: They fooled me into concluding 6 units of time = 18 years when they used the conjunction of two Asteroids on July 16, 2009, exactly to the minute 15 sidereal years after the first piece of the Shoemaker-Levy comet struck Jupiter. How elegant, how conclusive for me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ergo,if they really mean 7 units of time = 7x3 Earth sidereal years = 21 years = July 16, 2012; then there must be another conjunction of two asteroids on July 16, 2012, a leap year, three sidereal years to the second after the first July 16, 2009 asteroid conjunction. xxxxxxxxxxx I don't have to point out the utter impossibility of that happening by coincidence. Neato, I have not looked yet, out comes my RedShift 5.

Dan: 16-Jul-2009 23:23:40
Happy days, the E-Ts lied about when. My oh my, the plot thickens. This is not over, now we are left with finding out when.

Dan: 16-Jul-2009 04:54:22
What the whole E-T warning process(crop circles, abductions, and mutilations, Shoemaker-Levy comet) has exposed is our Leaderships absolute self-serving, inept, treasonous, criminal corruption. They have refused to publicly checkout a real possibly preventable "end of the world" prediction, and instead, did business with the E-Ts by letting them abduct multitudes of our people and covering up their and our interactions with E-Ts and UFOs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I wonder who could fink on them and be instantly accepted as a reliable witness against the way we hold our leaders accountable??????????????????????????? Only the E-Ts could do that. It has to come from the outside and above us.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ergo, they do something on the 16th or shortly thereafter very overt. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ergo, if we are still here after 16:32 UT the 16th then that must be the outcome. I like this hypothesis a lot.

Dan: 15-Jul-2009 14:15:41
The E-Ts misrepresent date scenario: i.e. put 3rd warning summary circle down July 16, just with date moved 3 years into future in 2012. i.e. as the 'disconnecting scientist' and I existed on Earth, then I was given info needed to do this warning, so then the rest of you could now realize our situation. We would have three years to do disconnect and E-Ts would help. Highly unlikely. Nothing in previous actions by E-Ts would suggest this is true, they are being dispassionate and why be so indirect? We certainly are not more civilized. I don't feel like this scenario will happen.I am feeling grief occasionally, and a lot of curiosity. In short, I don't have enough info to know and I want Earth to live, my family to live, more time for us.

Dan: 13-Jul-2009 21:25:41
What comes after July 16, 2009, that is the question? First alternative: E-Ts were misrepresenting date and Earth lives; I like this one; then the rest of you get to explain to me why you ignored my warning. We would still have a conservation debt that must be disconnected at a easily determined time in the future once we have the technology. For me, I get to expand and teach what I have discovered. As a betting man, right now I don't like the odds, but I have seen really long shots come in, so we will see. Why were we given a second chance? Whichever alternative advances everlasting Life in the universe will prevail.

Dan: 13-Jul-2009 21:19:23
Second alternative, the Sun explodes, then the question becomes where do our spirits go? I suspect sucked towards the light and put outside our sub Moebius "universe". We are still part of the wider universe, but fated for what? If you don't want to go outside, ask for help from your 'guardian spirits, and stay away from the light. IMHOP, once the explosion stops the opening outside will close and the light will go away also. Use this advice at your own risk.

Dan: 13-Jul-2009 07:57:29
No questions yet.

Dan: 13-Jul-2009 05:09:56
The E-Ts may have a 'hidden agenda", some wider knowledge of our situation that gives them reason to misrepresent the date predcited by their crop circles and Shoemaker-Levy comet; lets hope so. No matter your logical premises, your hold constants, one can always make a TRUE statement verified by observations that can not be proven or disproven with respect to your logical premises. Goedel showed that. It is the E-Ts date, not mine. I can only show that we have a conservation debt and that it will come back to kill us sooner or later. I can even show what measurements we could do to determine the date, after we have the needed technology; but for now, it is the E-Ts predicted date, not mine. I can come up with hypotheticals that would cause them to 'lie', but they are implausible.

Dan: 12-Jul-2009 08:23:34
My last entry on Q&A about "Ramifications of disconnection....". Now there is a tell for you, 'bargaining' the last stage before 'acceptance of death'. How reassuring.

Dan: 11-Jul-2009 07:15:34
The E-Ts get lazy just like us. I just realized and did topic about the fact they can not know the ramifications of a disconnection. No summation circ le means they have never seen one, so how could they know.

Dan: 11-Jul-2009 07:13:22
Another Congress.org and emails. I keep saying the last one and then I realize something new. My recipients must wish I would just go away, they would rather fry. Can't says as I blame them.

Dan: 11-Jul-2009 00:51:35
What comes after disconnection? Assume we succeed in disconnect or E-Ts were lying about date. A strange way to "Warn us", since a warning not understood and ignored = No Pain = No Thought = No Warning. What my family and friends have learned from trying to warn you in public is that We have No Real Public Place to scream "A hole in the dike.", and have it honestly checked out by the public officials whose sworn duty it is to verify anyone's honest warning. Visibly the costs of tolerating First Costs, nay encouraging Corporations and others to build in unnecessary frictions so a "Tax" can be collected to let you through their toll gate, is what our present governments are based upon. This can not continue under any circumstances. A successful public disconnection would if at all, only slightly speed up our collapse. A "create congestion cost = first cost" society can not survive. Thus necessity = big time pain must be felt under all circumstances = short term almost total economic collapse. Ergo, living past July 16, 2009 will expose our real problems at last fast.

Dan: 09-Jul-2009 20:06:17
The next to last Congress.org Soapbox Alert just sent. I said there are slivers of good news. They are real slivers and we are still alive with enough time to act with the right tools.

Dan: 09-Jul-2009 00:19:33
12 PM PST A call from Congress from a man who called himself Tucker Kleich. He wanted to know about the prediction, claimed to know nothing about site, but I gave him the short version and refered him to site. He asked what to do, I said tell Obama and yolur Congressman.

Dan: 08-Jul-2009 19:42:40
No questions yet. No comments, no corrections. Thank God for my "Show I can dock a 510' Naval Destroyer first crack at it." opportunity July 3, or I would be doubting this is a 'love creating life universe'.

Dan: 08-Jul-2009 19:36:23
Which of our Three Monkey Society(3MS) leaderships is going to blink first? The many E-T races or the many human 3MS governmnents. What are you all afraid of. Why are you all afraid to admit in public that you and me and everyone else is personally responsible for the future of life in our universe. Keeping life going is fun to do. Sheeesh!

Dan: 08-Jul-2009 10:34:23
Equation: I can finally start to visualize how the basic 'back to back' nature of a two sided Moebius strip works. The 'symbol' I deduced to represent that new 'mathematical operation' is in my notes. It represents how we see universe from where we sit on M surface.

Dan: 08-Jul-2009 10:25:01
Equation: It rests on this observation. A left hand and right rand Moebius are said to be mutually exclusive = no common axis of symmetry; but that can not be true because a lh & RH M share a common Bowtie Axis by inspection.

Dan: 07-Jul-2009 03:50:41
ToDo: another Congress.org and email list.

Dan: 06-Jul-2009 09:56:11
We need Repeaters badly. We don't need another crop circle that summarizes what has already been said.

Dan: 05-Jul-2009 12:23:15
Why could I dock a 510' US Naval Destroyer with only a two minute briefing on commands, first crack out of the box??:-- 1. I had an aiming point. Put the bow of my ship behind another Frigate.-- 2. I knew what my perfect sight picture was. The ship along the dock with its bow at the aiming point.-- 3. I knew and had done all steps needed to dock any size boat: A how plan. xxxxxx I went as slow as possible. I called out my orders loud and clear, and corrected and helped my Repeater. Absolutely crucial, I "steered small"; when I corrected back my first correction I used equal or smaller amounts until I had the right bearing and I learned how fast the ship reacted to my commands(nice, very fast)---((7-5-09 Kudos to my four person crew, the three kids executed my commands on the button and of course, the answer man. Outstanding!!)). When I did not know exactly how to do something like "How many engine rpms needed to slow down in reverse." I asked the Commander of the Simulator how to do it; then I ordered what he told me. I paid exact attention to the marker speeds for when to order changes in engine thrust and forward/reverse direction. xxxxxxxxxxxx In short, Have an Aiming Point, know what outcome you want, and when you are Not Sure About How, ask someone who does.xxxxxx I think this summary describes the essence of creating better scientific theory, and being a good commanding officer. Both are always adjusting their aim as conditions change while getting others to help them to achieve a common goal.

Dan: 05-Jul-2009 11:55:19
I had an extraordinary experience yesterday. We went to the Everett Naval Station and toured a frigate and then went to a simulator demonstration on docking a Destroyer. It turned out that, members of the public got to do the docking. The commander in charge of the simulator asked who wanted to be Officer On Deck?, I raised my hand, then he picked three 8-10 year olds who were respectively the Person Who repeats OOD helm orders, the helmsman, and the controller of the two engines. The helmsman and the engines controller were to repeat back the OOD's orders with an 'Aye Sir'. I have never parked a Frigate before, although I have docked a 30' sailboat and motor boats many times. We docked it from a 1000 yards out first crack out of the box. The Simulator Commander named Lieutenant Commander Daniel Straub said this had never happened before. In the context of what I am demanding, this opportunity to show my mettle in a command situation is miraculously providential. I explain how I did it in the Message above, which I did not consciously realize until afterwords. (7-05-09 I did not have time to think, I just did what needed to be done.)

Dan: 04-Jul-2009 10:27:00
Hits on Einstein article and Photo Gallery are finally going up daily. A little late, still time left. The disconnection is trivially simple with the right technology. As Arthur C. Clarke said, " An advanced enough technology must seem like magic to those at a lower state of technology.". After a little thought, I disagree> A society with lower technology can have, in fact must have to some degree rational objective science. Science is defined by its purpose, to describe how the universe works from where we sit. It is a method, it is its methods that describe real science, not the immediate technological outcomes. The actual physical mechanism of a more advanced societies technology may be 'mysterious'; but once seen done, a scientist can at least deduce a theoretical outline of "the how'. That is after all, how I deduced how to do a disconnect and how we can go FTL. With objective observations confirming FTL E-T travel must be occurring, = Long Term Gamma Blaster & the E-Ts presence will be followed by a good theory that allows the discovery of the actual technology quickly. I am afraid for us Earthlings, shortly may not include by this July 16th hence we need the E-Ts to help. Their latest crop circles are not reassuring. Thank God, the present circles do not speak for all E-Ts.

Dan: 01-Jul-2009 13:12:41
ToDo: Move 1st question above Q&A procedures. Title it" Latest Question, date. When replaced, move the replaced Question to article archive like in Denninger's The Market Ticker.

Dan: 28-Jun-2009 10:40:25
Not a single question from a stranger about anything in over four years through the N1CL. That applies to the E-Ts to. I expect they know how to use the internet if they can go FTL. Evolving self aware rational life forms takes a very long time for our Spirits to do. Our particular Moebius Strip universe, among a vast number of same geometry sibling universes, is about 13 billion years since its last doubling. Our astronomers best estimate of time from Big Bang.

Dan: 28-Jun-2009 10:08:17
Finally, it looks like a crucial wrong prediction!!! No Summation circle can only mean that most, if not all E-T races, do not know how and why our A-M debts come through, they can predict when and what by reading fixed ray length, and see the result; which means they can give me a ride to do the drop of blinkships down Wormhole on July 16. All I need to do is ask and then pray that at least one E-T race wants to see us survive. What a great plot development. Our Political leaders are completely irrelevant to the outcome. The E-Ts only need me to do disconnection as they have the technology needed. I presume they can figure out how to contact me. So lets put this on Front Page and use as e.g of "how you use wrong predictions to improve your picture of reality = theory", in On Method. Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

Dan: 28-Jun-2009 10:08:07
On picture To Do, someone else can do it. I gave directions.

Dan: 26-Jun-2009 22:41:20
An actual e-mail reply to my congress.org Soapbox. Maybe a question here is next.

Dan: 25-Jun-2009 19:50:19
ToDo: Make picture of predicted circle, the Summary of our three pieces of E-T actions describing our Sun explsosion.

Dan: 25-Jun-2009 10:48:16
I figured out the simplest possible "picture" ; for the 26th. We have the three objective published pieces of evidence, 1. The BC circle showing us being vaporized, 2. Shoemaker-Levy hitting Jupiter exactly three sidereal years after the BC circle hit the ground, and 3. the ME "Missing Earth" circle. We can combine them in one stark graphic picture of when, how, and what our end looks like. We don't need an E-T circle on the 26th; but it sure would help. We only need one Jupiter on its orbital point when stuck by S-L comet w. the 20 remaining pieces shown and a V on its limb showing where the first piece of S-L hit. We don't need to use the Sun circle at center of BC, nor the two inner concentric rings, they are redundant. All we have to do is put the "one spoke circle" part of the BC centered at Earth's location on July 16 with a ray from Sun going to its center. The "six spoke circle" and the "you are vaporized" symbol can be out between Earth's and Mar's orbital rings in the ME circle. All we have to add is Jupiter's orbital ring. That would make the circle about 460' feet in diameter, assuming the E-Ts use the Missing Earth's original diameter. They easily could go much larger.

Dan: 23-Jun-2009 06:52:04
Just submitted Soapbox alert at Congress.org. It says this: "The Greatest Sci-Fi Story Ever" 'Our problem is, it is NOT fiction' Either you and we act, or we all die. Why at the: No 1st Cost List

Dan: 22-Jun-2009 19:01:09
Obama is starting to fall fast in the Polls. He is not far away from being labeles as a liar, all talk and no do. Only on the side of the big banks and corporations. Without a 3rd warning circle or something else exogenous to wake us, soon to be moot.

Dan: 22-Jun-2009 18:57:51
I am almost done with the editing, add some citations, another Congress.org and send out the emails.

Dan: 20-Jun-2009 03:43:27
I changed the top of the Q&A intro. Hits are up, but almost all bots.

Dan: 18-Jun-2009 00:32:58
Front page is done except for minor editing. Submit to Congress.org today and start sending out the e-mail with this sugject line: "Our Sun will explode this July 16th, unless you help." Put n1cl url below and sign with my name.

Dan: 16-Jun-2009 09:39:54
On the $134 billion in bearer bonds being seized in Italy, apparently the CIA tipped off the Italians. That must make us two very angry, very rich and powerful enemies by stealing their $134 billion dollars. Obama is not very smart, as a siezure this big had to get his approval. But then the US has been trying to corral everyone on Earth's private money. That really makes a lot of enemies. When you have to borrow at least $200 billion new each month, one should strive to be nice to your lenders.

Dan: 16-Jun-2009 09:36:31
The market dropped on low volume today, A big down day tomorrow and our crash may finally be under way.

Dan: 15-Jun-2009 02:09:00
Almost done, shorter, minimal rediundancies, there are enough retellings inside.

Dan: 15-Jun-2009 01:58:16
ToDo: put in "on doing science" topic, from top Q&A: "As a scientist, purpose defines methods allowed, we seek the truth. Period. Our present so called scientific establishment and educational apparatus is most specifically designed to put Truth at the bottom of their pecking order. Proof: Not a single question from anyone who claims to be a scientist on this site or to me in person, unless I put the words in there mouths. Fascinating, a wonderful e.g. of unconscious own cost minimization in action.".

Dan: 13-Jun-2009 03:09:14
I told my wife that I could convince us to act using one side of an 8x11 = 500 words. Here goes:

Dan: 13-Jun-2009 02:48:39
My final plan to wake us up. An e-mail containing a prediction. Our E-T friends had better come through for us.

Dan: 10-Jun-2009 10:55:15
Ah! Sci-fi headline is an e.g. of 'omniscent narrator". The story must be told in first person, from where I sit and sat.

Dan: 09-Jun-2009 09:17:56
Scientific Analysis and story telling always begin from where you sit.

Dan: 09-Jun-2009 09:16:06
NO to omniscent narrator, it must be first person.

Dan: 07-Jun-2009 18:32:57
ToDo: "Set The Stage" using omniscent narrator just under Sci-Fi headline.

Dan: 07-Jun-2009 09:19:45
Equation: I can finally start to visualize how the basic 'back to back' nature of a two sided Moebius strip works. The 'symbol' I deduced to represent that new 'mathematical operation' shows directly how the equation turns and why times arrow must run in one direction for self awareness to be possible. The symbol shows left and right turns directly to the observer, but backside view reverses l/r direction of turns. Standing up or hanging upside down does not change l/r direction of turns. Equation describes our actual universe from where we sit. When we all sit on the surface of a Moebius, then there is only one objective common point of reference for all observers sitting on surface of a Moebius = us. The eq. describes how we logically can deduce where we sit on our Moebius surface from where ever we sit, and how all the basic forces of our universe interact to make life possible.

Dan: 04-Jun-2009 20:20:06
On "Setting the Stage", it is really about us and our pathological refusal to answer disagreements. When I grew up all the larger dept. stores had 'Complaint Windows'; they disappeared in the 60s. Try complaining to a large corporation about anything and you you soon find yourself in 'phone answering machine hell'. Bad news is to be ignored. Any smart businessman knows that complaints and (edited)es from customers are the most valuable information they can get. That way you catch problems while they are small.

Dan: 01-Jun-2009 21:34:41
ToDo: To plot topic: "Setting the Stage", My two gut feelings about E-Ts from 1992 when I recognized what the Barbary Castle circle was. First, this was a very old ritual. Second, they did not know how to do a disconnection = they did not have "the base GUT equation". They knew it could be done, but not how.(I always immediately said to myself, "Nah, how could they not know?". Now I have an idea why they may not have eq. = a 3MS by inspection, is unconscious of its blinders. With telepathy, these 'blinders' would be reinforced.) A reason for not doing disconnections for a planet and thus over time not remembering how, is that for example we life forms on Earth have sucked out an immense quantity of hydrogen from the Sun to maintain local conservation here on Earth which has destabilized the Sun. It would look like a permanent small black hole at the center of Sun (confirmed in a published article in Science News). Thus the Sun is much further along in its 'main sequence' lifetime than if it was a lifeless solar system. Ergo, why save a planet soon to die anyway, destabilizing the natural order of things. Should we survive, I suspect the 'secret' would be lost again in the fullness of eternity. Ergo, we figure out mechanism(done), ask E-Ts for needed ships and do the disconnection(an asking yet to done by our leaders), save Earth for a bit, and then start looking for a new home planet that does not contain advanced life forms(that will be fun).

Dan: 01-Jun-2009 10:00:25
Paranoia from no replies.

Dan: 01-Jun-2009 09:59:45
ToDo: List interface management. We need test routines for all common actiions done daily when they have not been invoked during the day.

Dan: 01-Jun-2009 09:58:06
Topic reply notifications still work.

Dan: 31-May-2009 22:56:48
The real question for out Story: "Outsiders(E- Ts) warn us, but why with ritual hieroglyphs? ". According to the abductees and ex-military witnesses who say our government talks with them, which means they understand and can speak English. I can understand them not wanting to waste the meat and our genes if there is no hope for us; so why the warning circles and Shoemaker-Levy comet? Remember an abductee says, "You don't have the right to do this to me.", answer; "Yes we do.". Ergo, they are ethical and WE ARE NOT. We by inspection, have no agreed upon public standard of morality, ethics, right and wrong, and we are constantly murdering one another to prove we don't. Hence my demonstrating why Coase's Theorem was mistaken is the key, as my demonstration showed what moral code we must enforce between us to maximize the Q of G&S XCed = "objective moral code and why.". Ergo, we are owed a third crop circle warning. They can not tell us what to do, we have to figure this out for ourselves.

Dan: 31-May-2009 06:36:56
Warnings come in threes. The E-Ts last crop circle warning, it has to be a humdinger, at least 600' plus across. I had always wondered about Missing Earth circle being seen June 26th, 22 days before July 17, 1995. It did not fit with the sidereal anniversary date of the Barbary Castle being placed down, but with leap years, the third warning circle appearing on June 26, 2009 is exactly 21 days before = 3 weeks before July 16, 2009 and the E-Ts like 3 a lot.

Dan: 30-May-2009 19:11:29
Will we be awakened by my final prediction that the E-Ts will put down the third & last warning crop circle on June 26th? I expect a combination of the Barbary Castle plus Missing Earth & Jupiter showing Shoemaker-Levy striking it. Maybe S-L Jupiter and Jupiter on July 16th. Positions of all planets should show July 16th date except S-L Jupiter. To be continued below.

Dan: 30-May-2009 09:06:16
The ?; "Why the ritual hierglyphs by the E-Ts? The answer is they want us to publicly agree to be ethical. They can not tell to, we have to fugure it out for ourselves. They are forcing the question upon us. We agree to seek the truth in public or all die. A perfectly sensible position to take on there part and mine

Dan: 29-May-2009 08:55:33
The actual mechanics of disconnecting our A-M conservtion debt is the easy part now. We hit the Wormhole opening at the appointed time and drop the two blinkships. It will work or it won't. We are stuck with my deductions of how this works. It would be nice to be able to ask the E-Ts, but I suspect they will not or can not help with the exact details, probably can not. Disconnections are rare. The details are persnickity. Anywasy, I sure would like the E-Ts to answer some of my questions.

Dan: 28-May-2009 06:07:58
The lack of feedback is hard; but in writing the final 'story' and having to go through my many versions, I find myself getting surly. I just realized I hate what the story says as much as everyone else. Summing up chronologically how I figured it out has been quite uncomfortable. It sure would be nice if the E-Ts were lying about the date in the ME crop circle.

Dan: 26-May-2009 09:43:32
I changed my mind on my hypothesis below. The E-Ts do know how to do a disconnect and they are very ethically trying to wake us up to the realities of creating, maintaining, and expanding life in our universe. It is always best to start with a wrong prediction, when you change it, you have a much better idea of why you are right.

Dan: 25-May-2009 19:02:45
My first gut feeling back in 1992 about whether or not the E=Ts knew how to do a disconnection was NO! I argued with myself about that, but always came back to that feeling. They are using ritual hieroglyphs Since doing a 'disconnect' is so rare, why would they remember, how could they remember? They do know it can be done, but its details are so persnickity, actually having the precise recipe handed down for millenia, or literally millions of years seems unlikely. . Second problem, even after saving a planet from its A-M debt, it does not have long to live. Sucking out that volume of hydrogen from the center of a sun implies it must be much further along its Main sequence progression than normal. I don't know how long Earth would have, but I suspect thousands, not millions of years.

Dan: 22-May-2009 13:35:38
Nailed the basic geometric relationship between "Where I sit" and the Whole of our Moebius geometry universe. We have navigation. Now all I have to do is describe what objective measurements verifies, "How we measure where we are at", with respect to the Bowtie point(axis) of our Moebius geometry universe. An observation confirms an imagination.

Dan: 22-May-2009 10:08:05
I wonder when I will get my first question from a stranger. I'd say the over and under is 30 days to go. One of you will flinch because I am not going away.

Dan: 22-May-2009 10:05:19
Last night saw base relationship that defines Moebius eq. You need to mirror the here where you(I) sit to the whole and then define this relationship, e.g. like similar triangles where one is small(where you sit) and the other is large = circle based geometry universe w respect to Bowtie point of M. Further one must precisely describe the propeties and strength of the Repulsive force that is causing our universe to expand at an increasing rate. Luckily, i discovered all of those properties some time ago and now I can relate them to h & h-bar using the radius of any circle. Now my alligator mouth had better spit out that equation shortly.

Dan: 22-May-2009 09:50:20
todo: Set up investment page. Since WOU units are loans to List repaid by 5% of stipulated gross revenues in perpetuity, is it called an investment or a loan?

Dan: 22-May-2009 09:48:47
Yetch! I put in propeller submission and leave in an extra No 1st Cost List. Oh well, thats what rushing gets you.

Dan: 21-May-2009 11:21:39
From here on, I will write a headline = topic title here, put either in my forum or community forums and then put Topic Title as headline at top Q&A. We can start with the torture consequence topic.

Dan: 19-May-2009 22:03:37
As a scientist raised a Catholic(left when I was 14), I have always had trouble with the word 'faith'. Definition: Faith is the substance of hope a. "Substance: Lit. Greek: "a standing under". As a scientist I have faith that the universe is causally ordered. My theory literally rests upon the premise of a 'First Causal Action", an act of creation. Everything I have learned in my now 34 years of doing science has confirmed our universe is 'rational';, but also vast and strange in some ways beyond imagination. So I conclude I do have faith that the rest of you will decide to act and help save our planet. How else could it be?, only the Perils of Pauline suffice for this situation.

Dan: 19-May-2009 21:50:01
Should we fry, I confess curiosity as to where our spirits will be ejected to in the universe. The analogue to a seed pod bursting is hard to resist. You people who claim to be Christians should be glad to know you really have a objectively real soul that does live on between lives. Christ had one basic message, "Talks cheap, deeds speak." James 2:16 to 26. "Faith is not justified by words alone, a faith without deeds is dead.". Judging by the certain reasonably high percentage of self proclaimed Christians who have read this warning, there are a lot of people with a dead faith.

Dan: 19-May-2009 21:35:31
Saying "progress"; feels better. I have been belly aching about my lack of feedback. I must admit, while the deduction that we 'spirits' must create a conservation debt in order to trot bodies around is slick, I could really handle no Sun explosion this July 16th. But unless the E-Ts are lying about the date, or going to save us because we are so sweet(why the crop circle warning ritual then?, and we are not sweet), then the published scientific evidence conclusively confirms the prediction.

Dan: 19-May-2009 21:25:56
Better description of what I am trying to do: "See Message Tree for my comments on progress in getting help to prevent our "conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M)&q uot; from hitting Sun.".

Dan: 19-May-2009 11:13:35
"comments on our situation.". From where I sit, the no feedback, the no questions has been the hardest part for me. Science is a communal endeavour. It takes at least two of us to make it work. Objective facts are facts we each agree we see. An agreement is a social contract. I do not know how many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of you know about this A-M debt prediction, but not biting the bullet and confronting this danger as free willed spirits means Earth dies and almost all of us with it, as apparently the E-Ts will take a few of us with them when the last ones leave. Some of the E-Ts, of course, must help us when asked. The Disclosure Project is a reputable organization which has witnesses who will swear our government has been in secret contact with some of the E-T races since at least 1954. The E-Ts act towards us like we would treat ignorant savages. I am in the process of asking these organizations and people who claim they have proof of our governments E-T contacts to help. We will see.

Dan: 18-May-2009 07:26:00
A scientist lives off of the "fallacy of the excluded middle". Existing theories are always incomplete. It usually takes many years before you find the 'discrepancies' in a good theory. We need to speed up the process.

Dan: 18-May-2009 01:06:17
Its funny, my job as a scientist is to use my wrong predictions to make theories better. Ergo, observe a little, guess a hypothesis, and throw some s--- up on the wall and measure what sticks. I am an inveterate predictor. But for my Sun Explodes prediction I never once asked any obvious questions like, "What would be the radiation signature of these explosions?". Didn't matter, the data always jumped up and bit me on the end of the nose and I would say, 'Oh s---, I didn't want to know that." I always wanted dis-confirming data. Anyway I call this list of evidence my 'Oh s--- list.". Recapitulating this story of discovery and confirmation has been uncomfortable for me. I am almost up to the Maraschino cherry right up on top of my s--- data sundae. It was a really, "Oh, I did not want to know that.". What a gorgeous conclusive piece of confirming data. At the rate I am going, I will take another week to finish.

Dan: 17-May-2009 01:10:16
Strange anomaly. Perfect curves in arctic ocean ice. Showed up 5-13-2009. Real or some kind of measurement artifact?? Check cryosphere today link in Climate Disruption article.

Dan: 16-May-2009 11:00:00
ToDo: topic in my forum. 'Science Must Work Like Poker'. Both are Show & Tell done in front of all participants, in Public. We don't take your word on a showdown. It is "objective" = all participants agree they can see the cards(measurements). Every player is an equal. Its rules and procedures treat everyone alike, smart, dumb, drunk, sober, aces always beat kings. A scientist's 'win' is to perfectly describe how our universe works in terms of 'objective measures of cause and effect'. Period. In science, the factual data, the factual measurements and observations always trump theory. "Just the facts, mam, just the facts." Jack Webb, Dragnet. Like poker, scientific pots are 'questions & disagreements' about 'logical and observational discrepancies to how well the present set of theories describe reality. Thus wrong predictions are what we must use to improve theories by using our imagination, intuition, experience, gut feelings, and above all, public "negative feedback" to improve our always provisional theories. Only evidence and data, not appeals to authority must always decide In Theory; but sadly, not in prior nor present practice. Thus to prevent the self-serving(unconscious own cost minimizing) defenders of existing theory from blocking dissent, a N1CL is required to objectively seek the truth about how ourselves and our universe work.

Dan: 16-May-2009 04:51:33
New topic on fruits of US torture.

Dan: 15-May-2009 08:46:25
The strongest confirmation that we have a conservation debt is the absolute refusal of any you to ask a question or comment. Since anyone can register and use the community forums for free, it is amazing . What an example of own cost minimization in action. Total denial, but for sure, you all know in your bones you are tied to our A-M debt because you are. Since my premise is that you are own life time alive maximizers, lets hope your survival instincts prevail. Reminds of the old Jack Benny joke, "Your money or your life." as the robber pokes him with a gun, Jack thinks and thinks, 'Your money or your life." says the robber, "Give me a minute, I'm thinking, I'm thinking.". I suspect his is a close call for most of you, especially our leaders, acknowledge responsibility out loud to the rest of us, we are in trouble, they probably would rather die. We will see.

Dan: 14-May-2009 08:07:15
Added first Public Question.

Dan: 13-May-2009 04:03:46
ToDo, Set up Public Questions from members only page. First question: I formally ask any group of life loving E-Ts to provide me and any helpers needed a ride to Earth's orbit on other side of our sun with two blinkships, two spirit scopes with appropriate sensory triggers to drop 'blinkships' down to zero c with respect to c on this coming July 16th to help we Earth people to disconnect Earth's conservation debt made of Anti-Matter. The location of the blinkships is crucial.

Dan: 13-May-2009 03:57:39
Outstanding, I just figured out the last details of how the Wormhole opens at our end to let A-M debt jump through. It generates a Geometric Theorem for Moebius and puts a objective testable observation to verify the Theorem. In addition it tells us which way our Moebius Universes surface twists away from us. An absolute precondition for successful FTL. All we need for the disconnection is TWO blinkships, two spirit-scopes, and a ride to other side of Sun from the E-Ts on July 16th.

Dan: 11-May-2009 10:34:58
I have always tried to tell you everything material to doing this disconnection until now. I am withholding some material questions that only the E-Ts can answer. I do not trust our leaders to relay them properly. I demand to ask them myself in person. Everyones life rides upon doing this right.

Dan: 10-May-2009 11:01:39
The die is cast.

Dan: 09-May-2009 21:59:36
No questions yet.

Dan: 09-May-2009 09:43:05
Ask and you shall receive. We (I) have to ask.

Dan: 08-May-2009 12:10:50
The logical implication is We must have a conservation debt made of anti-matter for Life to exist.

Dan: 08-May-2009 12:09:12
In writing "Theory & Evidence..." topic, I realized that this story has reached a natural summary point. Up to February 10, 1992 when I talked to Gerard hawkins about his article 'Geometric Harvest' in the February 1, 1992 Science News, I had no evidence of any kind, just showing how and why Coase was wrong and the logical implications of my demonstration.

Dan: 08-May-2009 10:17:48
Bonds are selling off sharply. Bernanke had to buy 7 billion to try and hold them. The scam is about over

Dan: 07-May-2009 10:53:50
What defines a crime? This is about Crime and Punishment". Coase's question was really about how do we scientifically define crime.

Dan: 07-May-2009 07:53:37
Spreading the word compulsively to people the last few days.

Dan: 05-May-2009 12:51:10
Top FP almost done.

Dan: 05-May-2009 01:33:10
It is time to finish front page.

Dan: 05-May-2009 01:32:32
Christ commanded us to act and he showed us that to love God and to Love your neighbor as yourself is to act as you would have your neighbor act towards you. In short, Deeds speak, talks cheap.

Dan: 05-May-2009 01:29:51
Compassion = Love for all life plus wise action from where you are at.

Dan: 03-May-2009 09:49:54
A headline sums up our situation and the rest of you will respond. ""Thank Others For Your Life'".

Dan: 03-May-2009 09:45:52
My father told me, say it in a headline. Until you can, it is hard to sell.

Dan: 01-May-2009 21:59:26
It has taken me awhile to figure out how to get a response from the "rest of us". I think I may have it, the one action our Three Monkey Society Leaders absolutely hate to talk about along with most of you. Fast immeditate legal accountability for leaders who commit felonies.

Dan: 29-Apr-2009 11:42:37
I have always posited that the witnesses and reports by members of the Disclosure Project and others implied we had 'blink ships' that we could use for the disconnection of our conservation debt. The trouble is, we must have a real FTL ship to go to the other side of the Sun, implying E-T help. There is no chance they would leave us with such a ship. Ask and you shall receive. I am so asking you E-Ts to help. Earth and its people are worthe saving.

Dan: 28-Apr-2009 22:57:13
On swine flu, it is very strange that it is virulent in Mexico, yet mild elsewhere. Four virus strains combined can only mean manufactured, an impossible natural combination. A two stage virus would first cause a mild infection, then after sensitizing immune system turn virulent. That would explain what we see. TEST: Go see if the people in Mexico with virulent version report mild flu like symptoms 2 to 6 weeks before virulent infection. We shall see.

Dan: 27-Apr-2009 09:31:52
ToDo: On the July 16th Sun explodes date. There has been been no change in the evidence. It clearly is out of my hands, but I will go through one more round of notifying leaders after my Q&A module is installed.

Dan: 25-Apr-2009 00:27:16
The E-Ts have all the information I describe below. I assume with interstellar space travel they can use an internet. Again you E-Ts have an ethical obligation to help when asked by a planet that can describe the circumstances of its A-M debt accurately as I am. We don't need to use our local politicians for this disconnection do we. The people of Earth deserve to live longer as we are growing up.

Dan: 25-Apr-2009 00:19:04
Measuring where the exact center of end of Fixed Ray(FR) is simple. Once you can see the exact distance from end of FR to actual Earth orbit at its location, probably about 90', = 1 four billionth of Earths's orbital radius; then go half that distance into end of FR at ithe center of its width; hit the opening with the 'blink ship' at the precise time deduced from the time shown in Missing Earth crop ciurcle. The opening appears about 27 minutes before ME time; as ME shows when Earth is struck by Ray from A-M debt impact on Sun.

Dan: 25-Apr-2009 00:05:37
1/5000th of a second is how long our window lasts for dropping the 'blink ship" into the precise center of the 'wormhole at the end of the Fixed Ray of our Planetary Spirit line. A virtual eternity of h-bar units. With a 'spirit scope' we can see the exact dimensions of the end of the FR.

Dan: 24-Apr-2009 11:06:30
I have been talking to the wrong people. The old "fallacy of the excluded middle". Our Earth leaders are not the only ones WE can ask to provide the necessaries of doing the disconnection. It is, after all, the E-Ts who confirmed my theoretical prediction and told us when. So our E-T (friends, I posit), "Don't you have an ethical obligation; nay a command to help when a real Earth scientist shows he knows your game?". My existence means we Earth people are not savages after all: DISCONNECTION NEEDS: We need a "blink ship", a spirit scope, a ride to the Fixed Ray end of our Planetary Spirit Line on the other side of the Sun and back, or at least the ship to do it with; and finally the third crop circle warning: Start with a copy of Missing Earth, put the one spoke circle from the Barbary castle where Earth will be when the ray from Sun hits us, show the ray, leave Sun alone at center except any signes of rexplosion, leave asteroids with conjunction from ME, then put Jupitor where it should be with any moons we can see so there relative positions can show the time, then show a "v" for the explosion from the first piece of Shoemaker-Levy on Jupitor's limb, as we saw this explosion from Earth, then show remaining 20 pieces of Shoemaker-Levy exactly. Three weeks before July 16th is June 25th.

Dan: 21-Apr-2009 23:21:55
Added Q&A to top of all relevant pages despite procedures not being installed. I can do the final edit now.

Dan: 21-Apr-2009 22:56:28
The Market rallies a little today on Gietheners assertion we need to buy stock in banks we already own. No acknowledgment of bad debt means we are going down to below 3000 on Dow.

Dan: 21-Apr-2009 10:46:18
By definition, God has eternal consciousness; since we are copies; so do we.

Dan: 19-Apr-2009 11:40:00
No question yet.

Dan: 17-Apr-2009 21:47:35
Our Anti-Matter(A-M debt still exists for sure. The evidence for when has not changed, this July 16th, the sun explodes and we fry. Given I have figured out how and when to disconnect our A-M debt, and we do have the technology I assert the US govt keeps secret, we have a good chance at surviving; BUT it is no longer up to me, it is up to the rest of you. My responsibility for warning you after discovering the danger has been discharged. End of the world warnings are not the what we invented the List for. It was invented as the foundation for doing real objective science and the foundation for real democratic self-government that ensures Liberty and Justice For All. In short, a government of equals. Our Three Monkey Society(3MS) leaders never answer public disagreements or prosecute each other for breaking the Law legally except at the point of "caught with your pants down on videotape" necessity. I am going to start talking about the other things I know about locally and at other levels of government.

Dan: 15-Apr-2009 22:39:02
People are starting to digest that spending our tax dollars on bailing out the "criminal banks' who caused this mess is not going to create real work or real goods & services, just continuing the looting at the expense of real goods & services production = massive unemployment. Wowsers ain't 3MS suits wonderful.

Dan: 15-Apr-2009 00:38:17
Retail sales down, housing dow, why would they expect us to borrow from them to pay high interest and prices. Our 3MS suits spend our tax dollars on themselves only and and expect an economic recovery. Blind selfishness is an accurate description of them.

Dan: 13-Apr-2009 04:28:35
Thse big gap opens mean that only the big insiders are holding market. Obama is going to be a one termer. He is a true Three Monkey Society suit.

Dan: 11-Apr-2009 08:40:00
But like the coyote dancing in thin air and a bird flies over, loses a feather, and the coyote watches the feather hit his nose. Zoom, you know in which direction.

Dan: 11-Apr-2009 08:37:59
There is a very bizzare pattern in the DJ, last five opens have been on big gaps, 97 is the smallest. Must check diff bet Friday last and Monday open. Indicates small group passing money backnforth, can only work to the upside.

Dan: 09-Apr-2009 18:03:28
Please stop being Unconscious Own Time Cost Minimizers, and start being consciously accountable for the time costs you cause others.

Dan: 09-Apr-2009 17:47:08
On economy, we get price increases very soon which means interest rates start rising and then crunch, 45-90 days with sooner rather than later the probability. Our suits are oozing self-satisfaction as they impoverish the bottom half plus of our citizenry. God created us in his own image, so the bottom half can wake up and kick back politically using the N1CL to organize. More pain is required.

Dan: 09-Apr-2009 17:42:37
ToDo: On the July 16th Sun explodes date. There has been been no change in the evidence. It clearly is out of my hands, but I will go through one more round of notifying leaders after my Q&A module is installed. I really wish this was not up to the E_Ts, but unless they help in awakening us to our due date, or, God willing, they have 'lied' about the date, we would have more time to act, although 17.5 years of warnings on my part combined with their, I must admit, minimal input is clearly not enough warning, given the unconscious state of our society.

Dan: 09-Apr-2009 17:37:03
The best or worst part of building this site was finding out how truly unconscious we are as a society. As equals, you are a basic copy of God as I am, one would think some of you would have more curiosity.

Dan: 09-Apr-2009 17:33:23
No question yet.

Dan: 08-Apr-2009 03:44:29
There is just the NOW that we create, consciously or unconsciously. So the terms of our future existence is always at least partly up to us. The partly part reflects that crap happens unexpectedly.

Dan: 08-Apr-2009 03:40:09
While Russia and France are open about out UFOs and E-T visitors, the US is totally covering up our contacts and knowledge. Why, I think just a 3MS(three monkey society leaders in action, just plain stupidity).

Dan: 08-Apr-2009 03:37:55
I have not given up on our A-M debt disconnection, and maybe the E-Ts are just setting us up for the real date, giving us a "trial run"; but that would imply they are going to talk to us in public. Seems a long shot.

Dan: 08-Apr-2009 03:35:42
Spring, the season of false hope for Obama and us. He is such a suit, bails out our rich class, our oligarchs while ignoring workers, e.g money for job retraining has run out. Retraining money is chump change in the context of what he is giving to bail out our big banking thieves. I truly hope he is just another ignorant suit.

Dan: 06-Apr-2009 05:46:17
And eating one another necessarily leads to love thy neighbor as thyself. We can only survive by living by exchange, paid XC.

Dan: 05-Apr-2009 22:05:01
Absolute precondition for complex life on a planet. "Life forms have to eat one another to stay alive." The only question is "how much?". The answer, as little as possible.

Dan: 05-Apr-2009 22:03:24
Creating and maintaining life on a planet is a hard fascinating "game".

Dan: 05-Apr-2009 22:02:08
God must have Free Will = we have free will. God likes the last word, so do we. Ergo we are very young, very ignorant co-creators. Egual in potential powers, and above all egual in responsibiolity to CREATE OUR FUTURE EXISTENCE ON EARTH.

Dan: 05-Apr-2009 21:58:56
Genesis 1:27 Genesis 1:27-28 (New International Version) 27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. verse 28 28 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."

Dan: 05-Apr-2009 21:55:20
"you got me." Why and how the first Moebius showed up and the initial background conditions existed, is a question I can not answer. For a later day.

Dan: 04-Apr-2009 09:42:05
Evolution is objective scientific proof of active creation by "I work to create more time alive for myself and others.", i.e. base copies of the first Moebius spirit. Since i can show scientifically how we "spirits' ;' do this starting with a single initial Moebius strip of radius 1, we are copies of "the first objective cause'". Why and how that happened, you got me.

Dan: 04-Apr-2009 01:38:38
"Are we copies of the first creator?" is an objective scientific question. I believe the first line in Genesis is, "God created us in his own image." Better go look at a bible.

Dan: 04-Apr-2009 01:36:17
The Headline: Are we copies of "God, the creator"? I can say this a little tighter, but we do create our own future existence, by inspection in the eternal present, the now.

Dan: 03-Apr-2009 04:40:24
ToDo: I have known from the beginning of this warning that it was "The Headline" and a '100 word Abstract" and a 400 word definitions and explanation, i.e. one side of a 8x11 to make us act in time. I've got the headline. A question.

Dan: 03-Apr-2009 00:32:11
Market may be reaching its bear rally top. Very overbought and they are acting as if throwing 12 trillion dollars to the theiving banks who caused this mess will fix everything. aAin't Three Monkey Societies wonderful.

Dan: 02-Apr-2009 01:45:41
Feedback is wonderful.

Susan1: 01-Apr-2009 23:45:17
Hi Dan The site is looking very good and definately getting user friendly. Susan

Dan: 30-Mar-2009 11:06:25
"Leaders Accountable To All" party. Once we have a N1CL, this becomes real fast. The only way we can see to it no one is above the Lasw, a society of political equals, public equals; the agree ing to answer questions from anyone is the only real way we can show by deed, we are not above the Law, but that we are accountable to all as a citizen and as a leader.

Dan: 29-Mar-2009 21:59:53
"Hold Our Leaders Accountable" party.

Dan: 29-Mar-2009 03:05:23
Accountable to All Leaders party.

Dan: 29-Mar-2009 03:04:03
We don't need a violent revolution, we need a new political party, the Accountable leaders party.

Dan: 29-Mar-2009 02:55:20
Unless we citizens insist our leaders answer questions from anyone about what they say in public, we can nbot survive as a civil society. Inevitably our Three monkey society leaders will drive us to extictiinction.

Dan: 26-Mar-2009 10:04:52
Answering negative feedbck is the one thing a civil person or society can do to show they are actually civilized.

Dan: 25-Mar-2009 21:00:58
Obama's latest plan, more cash for trash. The dems are repeating Hoover's mistake; trying to save the banks who caused this mess. We need to eliminate both these political parties.

Dan: 24-Mar-2009 17:40:36
No feedback yet.

Dan: 24-Mar-2009 17:39:20
spiouls = souls

Dan: 24-Mar-2009 17:38:54
The evidence we are spirits, spiouls, is overwhelming, but the implications of this can not be scientifically discussed seems crazy to me. Being own cost minimizers is not sufficient answer.

Dan: 23-Mar-2009 10:32:13
The good news is that the universe teems with life.

Dan: 23-Mar-2009 10:31:31
Someone asked me, "What are our odds of stopping our conservation debt?"; I answered, "Fifty/fifty, we either will or we won't.". Its a little longer thanb that. Long-term Gamma Blasters, the term used to describe the subset of Gamma Blasts used until I talked to the leading astrophysicists in the field during February 1992. LTGBs come from all over the sky at the rate of one a week. In a billion years that is 52 billion life beariing planets that die. Since a disconnection is only required a minimum of three times for one complete cut of a Moebius; and most planets by far never reach a state of technological proficiency to do a disconnect, our real odds are less than fifty/fifty. You can do the math yourselves.

Dan: 23-Mar-2009 10:20:32
The N1CL is a political interface used to make sure our leaders work for us. With it we can take control of both political parties and get our liberties and rights back which means our health and wealth to.

Dan: 22-Mar-2009 06:10:18

Dan: 21-Mar-2009 09:06:22
Obama is shucking and juving on Jay Lenoi when the country is screaming for accountbility. A tough guy. He is going to get most of the blame for this not Bush. I am afraid he is a tyro, a child, and not a man.

Dan: 19-Mar-2009 06:38:44
time to sing a death song for us.

Dan: 18-Mar-2009 22:04:45
The democratic house thinks they do not need to recind their automatic pay raises. God forbid they have to vote on them.

Dan: 18-Mar-2009 10:40:44
Holding our leaders accountable FIRST is the only way a civilization of equals can exist.

Dan: 18-Mar-2009 01:01:43
Lokks like the straight up last rally, 1987 was 11 days , this might be longer by a few days.

Dan: 16-Mar-2009 00:06:27
Just learned of a neat leding indicator of market. Garbage collection totals. They go down in recession and started down early 2007.

Dan: 16-Mar-2009 00:03:27
Given the 'kiss of death' endorsement of market by Obama and the extreme overbought state of market, we may have the "rollover&quo t; Monday. The real crash. This no pullback is extremely unhealthy. We will see.

Dan: 14-Mar-2009 12:14:50
Market looks like last rally before crash in 1987, straight up with no daily pullback. Probably a 38% retracement = of the 9150 last roll over. = 7600. Amazing try by our thieiving leaders.

Dan: 12-Mar-2009 22:22:52
Rear rally is for real, about 50% = 850 on Dow, 7500 maybe a little stronger.

Dan: 11-Mar-2009 10:36:21
We got Whoosh rally, if it pullsback and dinishes up, it will last for awhile maybe 1050 1100 on S&P. But this initial rally is too strong and the real situation is getting worse exxponetially. Also bonds took big 1.25% hit. I don't think they can get the rally Elliot wave predicts. If it does not colse higher tomorrow, then this rally is a bull trap.

Dan: 10-Mar-2009 16:39:42
Huge volatility intraday in yesterdays market, well over 20 changes in direction during the day. Either big bear market whoosh rally coming or a break.

Dan: 08-Mar-2009 21:21:19
No question yet.

Dan: 07-Mar-2009 09:12:06
Employment report is bogus, the BlS is assuming the creation of 128,000 new small business of 1-5 persons, otherwise the number would have been 900.000 job losses. How many of you have noticed the massive increase in new small businesses?

Dan: 05-Mar-2009 14:04:17
Neat rally today in market. Fed refuses to release outstanding loans by bailed out bank for fear of panic. What a guarantor of a panic. The derivative exposure must be in the many trillions.

Dan: 03-Mar-2009 13:52:39
I figured out the key geometric relationship that defines Planck's constant(h-bar) relationship to a circle based geometry based universe. It is a 'straight edge' demonstration. linking the large 45 degree ABC quarter circle triangle with A at center, B the horizontal end, and C the vertical end WITH the small 45 degree triangle A'B'C� 39; reached by subdividing the vertical radius AC half at a time until AC/AB returns to equalling 1. AC/AB will decrease until its smallest in the sub-division just prior the the h-bar subdivision. All previous sub-divisions will be found to relate directly to all the remaining fundamental constants we have discovered.

Dan: 03-Mar-2009 07:36:14
Market is starting final collapse. All the money is being used to buy bad paper. Wehn you don't bankrupt bad lenders and borrowers and socialize their mistakes economy collapses. Maximizing 1st costs is sure expensive for an exchanged based society

Dan: 02-Mar-2009 08:48:15
Did 9-11 topic. No questions.

Dan: 01-Mar-2009 00:14:35
On 9-11, for it not to be a demolition job, then the top of building stareted down before lower floors. There are plenty of videos that fan show us if this is true or not. Demolition job means top and lower flowwrs started dropping simultaneously. That is how gravity works.

Dan: 28-Feb-2009 01:05:36
Two new topics, "Why total loans by banks are contracting so fast?" & "How to measure incontrovertibly if (-11 was a demolition job?" Very simple to do.

Dan: 28-Feb-2009 01:03:08
Headline "Are You..." installed. Hits about a thousand a dsy.

Dan: 26-Feb-2009 13:50:10
A new headline, "Are You As Good As our Word" that is the purpose of the N1CL, find out who keeps their word. How else can a civil society work?

Dan: 25-Feb-2009 09:12:02
The bots are back.

Anonymous: 25-Feb-2009 05:01:54
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Anonymous: 24-Feb-2009 08:43:18
Obama and the democrats all like they are in cahoots with the CRIMINALS who stole their depositers monies. Boy with have a p-olitical problem. We must enforce our laws on leader thieves before we can get out of this mess. Accountability begins by NO MORE BAILOUTS to anyone with assets. No job, shelter, we help, but not until.

Dan: 23-Feb-2009 09:04:04
We only need a minimum wage job, medical, and social security and then we don't need to bail anyone out. Wonderful when you do better.

Dan: 23-Feb-2009 09:02:42
Our bailed out establisjment and middle classes, notice not one mention of poor people getting anything, or we have a minimum social safety net of job, medicine and social securtity. My oh my, we are so entitiled.

Dan: 22-Feb-2009 00:04:27
No question yet.

Dan: 21-Feb-2009 10:26:16
Three days before the porn bots found a non registration required site.

Dan: 17-Feb-2009 14:30:04
Above all, the 'Blink Ship' can not touch the sides of the WH. Ergo, a straight shot from end to end.

Dan: 17-Feb-2009 14:27:46
There is a moment a few seconds before our A-M conservation debt comes through the wormhole when there ixists a precisely straighgt line between the two ends. A necessary condition for success.

Dan: 17-Feb-2009 14:25:26
II can see the final geometry of the 'disconnectio n hole'. An aiming point and how to frame it dead center with a sight picture.. It is very persnickity.

Anonymous: 15-Feb-2009 06:52:33
How to measure the common good? That would mean we all used the same mesure of value.

Dan: 14-Feb-2009 14:46:12
Front page is really coming together.

Anonymous: 13-Feb-2009 23:34:44
A scientist lives in their imagination weaveing causal pattern from a kaleidoscope of abservations.

Anonymous: 13-Feb-2009 03:12:51
A African message tree was where people would leave messages in their language that only they could understand because they knew what the references in the message meant. In short, private messages in public.

Anonymous: 13-Feb-2009 03:11:48
A African message tree was where people would leave messages in their language that only they could understand because they6 knew what the references in the message meant. In short, private messages in public.

Dan: 13-Feb-2009 03:10:57
Congress is insane to do this. No one is to be held accountable apparently.

Dan: 13-Feb-2009 02:33:18
Now we are supposed to make peoples mortgage payments for them. Who are these priveleged people to be?

Dan: 12-Feb-2009 09:55:04
No questions yet.

Dan: 06-Feb-2009 13:05:01
Its(b) relationship with c the speed of light will let us describe how all physics laws work with respect to ourselves, the "self-observi ng actor".

Dan: 06-Feb-2009 13:02:22
Let b denote "speed between two sides of Moebius surface.

Dan: 05-Feb-2009 06:06:00
I figured out how speed between two sides of Moebius surface must vary with distance, i.e. entanglement. Very Happy Very Happy

Dan: 05-Feb-2009 06:02:54
No questions yet.

Dan: 29-Jan-2009 13:07:24
No questions yet.

Dan: 17-Jan-2009 22:20:16
Submit e|Phi article for checking . Found a clearer way to express question and a mistake.

Dan: 16-Jan-2009 13:05:59
Still not a question.

Dan: 15-Jan-2009 11:53:56
Making people register to use sure stopped the porn bots.

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No soft porn, we will delete you.

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Dan: 10-Jan-2009 23:35:00
Posted "Where on earth's orbit...?" question to several physics sites.

Dan: 10-Jan-2009 23:34:17
The porn comments are slowing down.

Dan: 09-Jan-2009 01:23:10
Still not a question from a stranger.

Dan: 09-Jan-2009 01:22:43
Once we have a 'captcha' ; requirement for logon, that should slow the porn bots up.

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Dan: 06-Jan-2009 22:35:41
I will not delete anything but obviousd porn. URLs could be a code which only the parties have the key to.

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Dan: 06-Jan-2009 07:24:00
Deleted the porn stories, It is free space so the bots will win. probably.

Dan: 05-Jan-2009 14:44:12
Lets see how long the bad soft pron lasts.

stacks: 05-Jan-2009 09:14:38
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Dan: 04-Jan-2009 16:23:36
always the disabled links

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Dan: 03-Jan-2009 10:16:11
Life forms without a moral code, nor do they read directions. All 'free lunches are exploited.

Anonymous: 03-Jan-2009 10:14:51
They sure like to put in a disabled link ro what? I am nor looking.

Dan: 03-Jan-2009 10:13:48
No questions yet.

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field_other: 27-Dec-2008 11:49:40
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Dan: 27-Dec-2008 07:49:08
Changed Front page headline.

Dan: 27-Dec-2008 06:34:59
Happy Holidays

Brendan: 25-Dec-2008 11:09:27

Dan: 24-Dec-2008 15:13:08
No questions today.

Dan: 23-Dec-2008 14:04:06
Daone with abstract. Added to News and Home Operations.

Dan: 22-Dec-2008 05:22:08
No questions yet.

Dan: 20-Dec-2008 15:31:56
I received this message from OpEdnews .com with no explanation, "You have been banned from registering at OpEdNews." Fascinating, I posted an article about Sun exploding and I get banned> I sent email asking Whu? What will be their reply?d

Dan: 20-Dec-2008 07:54:04
Added Prevention para to Front page

Dan: 18-Dec-2008 08:48:26
Q&A ready to install.

Dan: 17-Dec-2008 15:17:20
Still no responses, I will have to push harder.

Dan: 16-Dec-2008 05:26:41
Still not a single question. What a good job our "leaders" ; do in suppressing dissent.

Dan: 15-Dec-2008 11:54:00
We disabled live links, The Message,Tree is for known only to the parties identifiable messages, or anything else you want to say that does not trigger our dirty word editor.

Dan: 13-Dec-2008 12:27:58
This message tree is for locating each other from anywhere we are,. All you need is shared info known only to each other.

Dan: 12-Dec-2008 22:33:58
No response yet. It is strange to live in a completely unconscious society. The List was not intended to make that measurement; but it, of course, is implied. Without a conscious mechanism for "Public Disagreement" public self-awareness is not possible. Societies just bounce from one oncoming crisis to the next. Without Disagreement, there can be no institutional memory of "what was actually done" to solve a problem. hence the continuous decline and fall of 'empires' ;. I would dearly love to know how the startraveling E-T societies solved this problem, or if they did. A N1CL does not exist in the E-T societies visiting us I predict. make a good sized bet on that.

Dan: 12-Dec-2008 12:43:25
No live links is nice. This message tree is for locating each other from anywhere we are,. All you need is shared info known only to each other.

Dan: 12-Dec-2008 07:08:05
ino = info

Dan: 12-Dec-2008 07:06:34
No live links is nice. This message tree is for locating each other from anywhere we are,. All you need is shared known only to ino about each other.

mm: 11-Dec-2008 08:03:29
i just viewed your 1st page and really find it improved; thus it goes without sayinbg that i like it! Laughing

Dan: 10-Dec-2008 07:12:11
no, just my typing $ proofreading

Anonymous: 10-Dec-2008 07:11:26
your spelloing is bad

Dan: 09-Dec-2008 05:58:25
Unless you can put people to that "public question" = existence of a List used properly. What am I not doing right yet?

Dan: 09-Dec-2008 05:56:51
perdonsl gain = personal gain. Spell checker does not work in this window.

Dan: 09-Dec-2008 05:55:18
Putting "Finding the truth for all", before short term perdonsl gain. That is the question, those kind of people seem in short supply right now.

Dan: 09-Dec-2008 05:51:54
academis = academics

Dan: 08-Dec-2008 12:00:19
When have academis ever admitted they were wrong about any theory they espouse? Examples please.

Anonymous: 08-Dec-2008 05:07:08
planet wide verified news?

Dan: 07-Dec-2008 03:20:15
Submitted task

Daniel: 07-Dec-2008 03:01:58
Its to hard to log in

Dan: 05-Dec-2008 10:19:15
No, its called paid exchange. When you live by XC then you better take care of the people who produce what you consume.

Anonymous: 05-Dec-2008 00:29:07
"The good of ALL" isn't that socialism?

Dan: 04-Dec-2008 15:25:50
It is true.

Anonymous: 04-Dec-2008 10:57:30
What if its true?

Anonymous: 03-Dec-2008 08:25:38
Why would anyone believe this prediction?

Anonymous: 02-Dec-2008 08:40:13
Starting a war is easy, getting out of one is not.

Dan: 01-Dec-2008 04:05:43
That is why we fight them.

Dizfunkshunal: 30-Nov-2008 06:32:04
War is easy!!!

Dan: 29-Nov-2008 06:33:22
Peace is not easy.

Dan: 29-Nov-2008 06:23:04
i love to eat peaces

Peaches: 27-Nov-2008 11:20:50
Meet me at the cream

Dan: 27-Nov-2008 02:49:21
Still no questions from a stranger. Amazing the denial going on.

Dan: 27-Nov-2008 02:34:41
It took at least three days for Barcelona to show up in google search.

Anonymous: 26-Nov-2008 09:04:01
good weather.

Dan: 26-Nov-2008 09:03:46
Yes it is and I must make additions.

mm: 26-Nov-2008 07:33:49
very nice photo gallery

Anonymous: 26-Nov-2008 07:32:12
How's the weather in Bellingham?

Anonymous: 26-Nov-2008 07:31:21
who knows of a good natural comlpte vitamin?

Dan: 25-Nov-2008 10:20:07
So people don't advertise.

Anonymous: 25-Nov-2008 05:09:29
Why no links?

Dan: 24-Nov-2008 10:38:15
I should have quit when I was ahead.

Dan: 24-Nov-2008 10:37:23
does not watch consciously and publicly WATCH its basic climate,

Dan: 24-Nov-2008 10:36:38
How strange a spaceship = planet that does not watch consciously and publicly its basic climate, ecosystem measurements and above all, look vo9r differences from the mean. Very dumb is kind.

Dan: 24-Nov-2008 10:33:25
No snow yet above Arctic circle. Sea Ice anomaly below mean only 400,000 kms below mean. Arctic ocean is freezing hard and fast. What is normal snow fall by this time of the year?

Dan: 24-Nov-2008 10:24:27
A African message tree was where people would leave messages in their language that only they could understand because they6 knew what the references in the message meant. In short, private messages in -public.

Anonymous: 24-Nov-2008 10:19:00
This is better than Shout Block

Dan: 23-Nov-2008 17:45:59
They do, but a Message Tree means that only the people who know the handles can understand the msg.

Anonymous: 23-Nov-2008 12:48:28
life would be easier if people actually would write what they mean to say!

Anonymous: 23-Nov-2008 12:45:19
it would be nice if this were understandable!!!! !!!

John in Spain: 23-Nov-2008 12:11:34
search using either box for Barcelona does not work

Dan: 23-Nov-2008 09:13:47
vaporized is more accurate

Sue: 23-Nov-2008 08:21:28
Fried? vaporized seems quicker and less painful.

Dan: 22-Nov-2008 06:24:22
New Front Page headline, lets see if being fried gets their attention.

Dan: 22-Nov-2008 06:15:53
The new exclusive message tree search engine by google is to slow, We need within a few seconds of entry.

Dizfunkshunal: 22-Nov-2008 02:41:39
Linkage fixed

xcv: 21-Nov-2008 20:50:44
Lets hope he is wrong

Sue: 21-Nov-2008 20:48:59
linls do not work like they said

Name: 21-Nov-2008 11:05:11
name box is now working.

Anonymous: 21-Nov-2008 03:03:02
We need to put in any name we like instead of Anonymous or N1CL handle.

Anonymous: 20-Nov-2008 23:39:35
Why no name block?

John in Spain: 20-Nov-2008 08:52:33
Sue, meet me in Barcelona on 22nd at our place.

Dan: 19-Nov-2008 21:26:00
You can use unique handles to talk with anyone. e.g Sweetie 123, lets meet a 2 PM on the 22nd at our usual. Arcimededes

Anonymous: 19-Nov-2008 21:20:39
E,g Hi John, I am stuck in Lima, Peru lost cell. Register as Lost in Peru on N1CL and send me Dan a number in PM system

Anonymous: 19-Nov-2008 21:14:51
Search is not fast enough, must have its own search engine.

Diz: 19-Nov-2008 20:57:01
no that is what FAQ is for

Diz: 19-Nov-2008 20:56:35
See me post no login first

Dan: 19-Nov-2008 20:53:32
We need to add an entry in Forum Info to explain how Message Tree works. Just above.

Dizfunkshunal: 19-Nov-2008 20:52:43
See it works

Dizfunkshunal: 19-Nov-2008 20:49:31
Do you see this. Hay Dan LOOK HERE!

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Dan: "We can ignore reality, but we can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." MilwaukeeMark ZeroHedge
10-Nov-2020 09:30:35
Dan: 'Do you realize that a "No sex until you pass 4 semesters of Calculus Rule" would ensure civilization on this planet for the next million years, and colonization of nearby planets!" by Pete4Hegemon WND James Dobson Sex Ed article pushing teaching sexual abstinence in schools 2020-09-19. Brilliant, true, and very funny.
20-Sep-2020 05:18:43
Dan: 'Its(journalisms) core purpose, the only thing that really makes it matter or have worth, is reporting what is true, or at least what evidence reveals." Glenn Greenwald via The Inercept
06-Sep-2020 00:22:48
Dan: "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. Men may not get all they pay for in this world; but they must pay for all they get." - Frederick Douglass
22-Aug-2020 08:34:44
Dan: "I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." -John Bernard Books- The Shootist
15-Aug-2020 21:07:45
Dan: A political observation: All voters lives matter regardless of their skin color.
07-Aug-2020 17:03:38
Dan: "If you can't question it. It is not science." comment by New Darwin The Sordid History Of Science, Zero Hedge July 19, 2020
20-Jul-2020 01:26:41
Dan: "the key component to civilization is civility and I don’t see much of that anymore." George Critch July 17 2020 Caitlan Johnstone .com comment.
18-Jul-2020 07:17:00
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