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Missing Earth Crop Circle - 7973 views Missing earth crop circle showing overlapped asteroids. My original working paper. The field reports said 65 asteroids. I kept counting 64 until I spotted the two overlapped asteroids. The positions of the asteroids had to show when the event started. Only E-Ts could move two asteroids into the needed conjunction which will occur on July 16, 2024 about 16:08 UT. A time our astronomers can confirm. July 17, 2003 is the date shown by the remaining planets, the start of the 21 year countdown to our end. (4 comments)

Barbary Castle Circle - 6509 views (4 comments)

Missing Earth Crop Circle in color - 7700 views This is Lucy Pringle's photo of the Longwood-Warren = "Missing Earth" crop circle. Her web site is: www.lucypringle.co.uk . The 'conjunction is harder to see in it unless made much larger. Go to this link to see the "State of the Art" in crop circles from the Barbary Castle to the "Missing Earth" and other beautiful examples at the crop circle connector. http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/stateoftheart98.html The irrigation wheel lines are 60' apart. This was not made in one night with a board. (3 comments)

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